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Humane society serving clark county

5201 urbana road
Springfield, OH 45502
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User Reviews (18)

  • 1. Horrible Experience

    by: LookAtTheLove

    I came in and filled out adoption paperwork for a dog that I had fallen in love with. I couldn't take him home immediately because I was on my way to work. I came back later that day at 4:40pm (20 minutes BEFORE they're supposed to close) and they already had the doors locked. A group of the staff came out and I tried to explain. They just continued to say that they close at 5pm. This was on a Saturday and because they are closed Sunday my poor dog had to spend another day and night in the kennel. I was extremely disappointed that no one on staff couldn't take a few moments to help me or an animal. Overall, not a good experience!!


    Animals getting adopted


    Very unhelpful staff

  • 2. Would recomment to anyone who need an addition to their family


    This shelter is a great animal shelter considering the resources that they currently have, which is going to fall even next year. I have adopted (2) of my most beloved pets from this shelter and donate to them on a regular basis, whether it be kitty litter, bleach or whatever it is that they may be needing for that week.....I wish that I could do more and I guess this is something else that I can do to help benefit this local shelter. Hope this review helps and I would recommend anyone that wants to find a great addition to their family, to visit the Clark County Humane Society..


    they have lots of animals to choose from


    not enough resources sometimes for what they actually need to operate

  • 3. This shelter

    by: bxnybaby

    I visit this shelter on a regular basis, and have found that it does need some work. the trailers for food should be larger and the facility does need a make over. I would help if it was larger to accomadate the animals comming in. The best part of the work done at the shelter is that they have been involved in a P.E.T.S. Program were they take animals from the shelter to a prison to be trained and are adopted by the public fully trained. This is an amazing program that Krissi Hawke runs as the Shelter Coordinator. nI feel that this shelter does need some work but right now they are doing an amazing job.


    The staff


    To small

  • 4. Very good vet office

    by: kittybinion

    I have a good friend who uses this vet and can't say enoug good about them,


    Good vet


    Far for me

  • 5. Doing the best they can

    by: lablover60

    They do the best they can running a clean shelter with lots of animals coming in. Wish the public would get behind them and help make their job better.


    Kind hearted


    Need spay/neuter program

  • 6. Great shelter

    by: beaglemutz

    I recently visited this shelter and took a tour. The shelter is neat and clean. The puppies are kept separate from the dogs and they have a nice cat/kitten area. It is easy to find on St. Rt. 68. The staff are friendly and attentive. Great place to go to adopt if you live in this area.


    easy to find, great staff


    shelter is a little small for what they need

  • 7. Nice Neighbors

    by: gpeyton2001

    The Humane Society Serving Clark County neighbors Madison County. So we try and help each other out from time to time.\n\nTheir shelter is not a huge shelter, but they do their best at placing as many animals as possible. They work with rescues and do adoption events.\n\nLove having neighbors like that.


    nice friendly staff


    always full

  • 8. Shelter is my neighbor

    by: peytonplace2001

    Humane Society Serving Clark County is the neighbor to the county I live in. I like to go over there when I have time to see what dogs they have so I can tell all my friends. They are not a huge shelter, but make do with what they have. \n\nThe staff is always friendly to me and we usually are laughing by the time I leave.\n\nI only wish they had the area and funds to get all the animals spayed and neutered before leaving for their homes. They do offer a rebate for folks who do spay/neuter. But again, they do what they can with the little bit they have.


    nice staff, nice dogs, nice shelter


    don't spay/neuter all animals


    by: makenna






  • 10. Helping animals = great

    by: hbomba

    Any animal shelter that is willing to take in homeless, hurt, and stray animals is A-Okay in my book! Thanks for all the important work you do day in and day out.


    Help animals in need


    Not one!

  • 11. A place with heart

    by: roni

    You are wonderful. I respect all you do. Keep up the good work!


    caring staff



  • 12. THe SHelter

    by: Cassers24

    The times I've been in the Humane Society here in Clark County has left an impression on me. The workers/staff are very friendly and knowledgable.


    Great People Working there,decent location


    small facility

  • 13. This has always been my favorite!!

    by: peachy0716

    Wish I could get everyone to adopt from this Humane Society. This organization of staffers and volunteers alike wish only the best for our animal friends. They're pretty nice to humans, too.


    Nurturing and empathetic staffers


    Needs more funds for improvements

  • 14. Could use some upgrades!

    by: briarwood

    This group of staff and volunteers gets an A+ for heart! They have successfully reduced the euthenasia rate drastically. They get as many out to the rescue groups as they can, they actively participate in PetSmarts shelter adoption program, are visible in many community activities, and have active fundraisers annually. The shelter is a better place with them there and they try to do their best by the animals. However, they could definitely use some expansion areas. It would be nice to have a place for isolation where those being brought in would not have an opportunity to spread parvo to the others already there. There is also a lot of talk in the community about having a low cost spay/neuter facility and the shelter is willing to accomodate that if we can build enough space for it to happen. We look forward to the improvements that the future will bring!


    Lots of heart, reducing animal euthenasias


    Need more room to expand

  • 15. Super shelter!

    by: sdbc

    This is a great place to adopt a pet! Everybody wants to help you find the right pet for you. The cats are so cute!


    A lot of really awesome animals!


    They need more room for cats!

  • 16. Animal Planet encapsulated

    by: dherman716

    I've visited this facility several times and always enjoyed the staff's warmth and enthusiasm. Compassion and professionalism are two qualities constantly displayed by these employees. Kudos for a job well done. Even Ellen DeGeneres would love you guys!


    Wonderful management and caring staff


    Needs more funding

  • 17. A furry little heaven

    by: JohnCabot

    This shelter had a very inviting and homey feeling to it when I visited. The staff were very warm and friendly. The organization and efficiency of this shelter far exceeded that of any I have visited in Texas. The animals were clean and very loving, I got the impression that these people really cared about the animals in their care.


    Great staff! Animals were well taken care of.


    Needs more funding.

  • 18. Really trying

    by: StephieK

    Everyone there really cares about the animals and are trying their hardest to get them adopted. I've gotten 1 of my 3 dogs from them, and if I had more room, I'd get more.


    Only local real shelter


    need more room