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Humane society of south mississippi

2615 25th ave 13756 washington avenue
Gulfport, MS 39501
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User Reviews (13)

  • 1. HUGE Disaster!

    by: toriej

    I've been going to the humane society for the past two weeks looking for a new pet. I found the volunteers to be rude and more concerned with their conversations than getting anyone adopted. When I asked to hold an animal they treated me (very obviously because they do not try to hide what they think) like I had interrupted and was taking time away from their precious day of doing nothing but playing with the occasional puppy and of course gossiping. They also were eager to go home even though the shelter had two hours left to be open. I felt like I was expected to make a decision right then. Sorry I need more than five minutes to decide if I’m going to get along with this animal for the rest of its life. That is the point right? They don’t want to see them back? Then be happy not rude! There are always more puppies and I’m not sure why anyone would opt to go there with a staff like that when you could get a free puppy from the paper. The animal’s life really is in their hands. Anyway we went back on a Saturday to try our luck again. After all it isn’t the animals’ fault the people don’t care. We held two lab mix puppies. They were sweet but very tired. We almost adopted one but I decided to make a few more rounds in the puppy room. Shortly after that some (finally) hushed pound workers come in behind us and took the puppies and start whispering words like tests, infected, outbreak, and parvo. They didn’t make us leave they didn’t tell us anything. We would ask they would say ‘uhh they are sick. You should wash ur clothes before you let your dogs see you.” So people are going from cage to cage as the staff puts a quarantine (VERY SLOWLY) on the puppy room. It was more than an hour and a half later that I decided on the animals of my choice and they finally shut down the puppy room because it is possible every dog in there is infected and will most likely have to be killed. They still told us everything would go like normal. The animal would be fixed Monday and we would pick it up on Tuesday or Wednesday. Monday rolls around we get a missed call. We call them back nothing. Again nothing. And again. Finally on Tuesday they answer when we brought up we couldn’t get ahold of them their attitude was one of what-do-you-want-me-to-do-about-it. (Be polite? I don’t know.) We got ahold of the clinic where we asked where our dog was they said they didn’t know. We told them they were supposed to be fixed yesterday and to look for them.. They said there are no dogs in the clinic only paperwork and finally that our dogs were placed under a quarantine and would be so for 2 weeks. We could exchange them if we want like they were a shirt not soon to be parts of the family. They also let slip that they (get this) DO NOT TEST FOR THE DEADLY PARVO. THEY SIMPLY WATCH TO SEE IF ANYONE LOOKS SICK. BECAUSE THAT IS SOOOOOOOOOOOO SCIENTIFIC. They are putting every one of the dogs in danger with their stupidity. Maybe it’s an excuse to do a clean sweep of the place. I think its disgusting the level of unprofessionalism. If you can’t afford it don’t be open. It would never be allowed if they couldn’t afford food to let them starve. Ironically we had asked if there was anywhere we could take the lab mix puppies to set them down and play with them (like most pet stores have?) , to see if they were too aggressive or if they were too afraid of us, they said no because they were so young that they could catch parvo. Little did we know they already had. My thoughts on that subject it’s called bleach.. Clean the place. It’s been done before. Okay so the 2 weeks is almost up and we call to see when they will be allowed home to have the girl tell us they were adopted. That turned out to be a mistake but it was no mistake when she said we would have to wait another week plus because there had been another outbreak in the quarantine room. Since parvo isn’t airborne the outbreak is most likely due to the lack of hand washing. She said they would be ready on the first ( Almost a month after I bought them) and that they would be fixed and ready to go. After we got off the phone we looked the first is on a Sunday. We called AGAIN they said no they would NOT be ready or fixed. They would be fixed on Monday and then we could get them on the 4th (of July) you guessed it they are not open. Finally they said they would pushed our puppies up so they could go home on Tuesday. They are done hearing from us. They remembered our phone number. My issue is that puppies grow so fast I wanted to get them home before they get any bigger so my dogs would get used to them while he’s still smaller. Doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. We have everything ready but no puppies. I guess I’ve seen too many episodes of Animal Cops to think that they would I don’t know TEST THE DOG FOR A LIFE THREATING DESEASE???!!! The idea of putting sick dogs into general population is so absurd to me I thought someone had made a huge mistake and was in huge trouble since most of them will have to be killed. Maybe they thought we’ll just wait to see the test results later. I’m sure they are fine. Nope they didn’t think at all. Somewhere in there recently the little girl told us they do test and that these outbreaks never happen. In the same conversation she said last month they had 4 in a row. Sounds like never to me. Again it isn’t the dogs or cats fault that they got put in there or that the people could care less if they get a good home so yes go down there pay their ever rising prices and save a life but do not expect to feel comfortable while doing so you will be rushed and in the way and will have about 100 ideas on how to improve the way they do things but oh well until a better one comes along its all we have. On second thought the next time I go looking for a pet I’m going to another city’s humane society. I just feel so sorry for the unfortunate animals that find their way to this shelter. I plan on seeing something be changed.


    Has sweet animals.


    RUDE staff!

  • 2. The best dogs ever!

    by: CindyK96

    Of the seven dogs I now own, six of them came from the Humane Society of South Mississippi. They have been the best companions I have ever had, and I am 50 years old. I have never had one problem. Over the last 15 years living on the coast, I have adopted more than 20 animals from this shelter. Today, they have a beautiful facility, and provide wonderful loving care to all of our homeless animals. They are no longer on Washington Avenue. They are located on Hwy 49, north of the beach, on the west side.


    The staff know their stuff


    Too Many too love

  • 3. Great shelter

    by: KGoff21

    The workers are so helpful and amazing people that really know a lot thats what makes this such an amazing shelter





  • 4. Great Society

    by: lwethern

    We got our dog here about 3 years ago and they had a good selection. They were very clean and knowledgeable of their dogs. I would go their again and suggest everyone to go here when looking for a dog.


    knowledgeble, clean


    far away

  • 5. Nice place

    by: HotVet

    The animals have large cages and look happy. This place is very clean and the staff is awesome!


    lots of room



  • 6. Great Shelter

    by: BuyLowSellHigh

    This is a great shelter. Very clean and you can tell the animals are well taken care of. But it is a kill shelter sadly.


    Great Place


    They Kill Dogs and Cats

  • 7. Great store

    by: HollyHu

    They have a great 2nd hand store with lots of items at great prices. The animals look great in there large cages.


    lots of items for sale


    hours could be longer

  • 8. Great Shelter

    by: LindaSuzz

    The adoption girl was great. She found the perfect match for my aunt. Very clean.





  • 9. great low cost spay

    by: PaigeHuper

    A friend of mine found 2 dogs and I talked her into having them fixed. We found this place and paid next to nothing comparied to reg. vets.




    long drive

  • 10. Wow, great place

    by: KekeDojo

    What a great modern shelter. Visiting this place is a great motivator to win the shelter makeover contest. All of the animals look well taken care of and have lots of room.


    Huge & clean



  • 11. A beautiful recovery

    by: kcovey26

    HSSM is a beautiful shelter inside. They have lovely whimsical art that really draws you in.\r\n\r\nKudos to their Executive Director who was thrust into the job after Hurricane Katrina and has done a marvelous job for the shelter and community.


    lovely shelter, easy to find location


    town still recoverying from Katrina

  • 12. Owner

    by: bashoemaker

    The is a wonderful shelter with a a brand new surgical program and a resale store to raise money.


    The is a new facility with a great spay/neuter program




    by: sharongreen33