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Humane society of port jervis/deerpark inc.

202 route 209
Port jervis, NY 12771
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User Reviews (13)

  • 1. do not pay attention to animals and do not take responsibility

    by: phoenix99

    I adopted from this shelter 4 yrs ago everything was great and fine. I adopted my dog but when my mom picked him up and dropped him off at my job for a grooming which they said would be ok everything turned around. first off the dog was filthy and matted, they did not clean him his enntire stay there prior to adoption but did perform surgery on him while he was filthy. When i originally came to see him prior to adoption they were keeping him in a cat cage and he is a mini poodle about 17 lbs at the time he had no room. so I washed him and during the wash i noticed the stiches from his neuturing had popped the neuturing was at least 2 month to 3 months prior and they swore the dog was all healed but the incision was completly opened and inflamed the dog had been so dirty and his skin was so blackened by the dirt you couldn't see it until it was washed, they couldn't even tell what color the dog was. I called them and they said it wasn't their problem and that the incision would close just fine on its own (even though it clearly had a risk of being infected) it tool me over an hour of arguing they refused to take the dog back and fix their mistake they insisted it was my fault even though i had just picked up the dog nearly 3 hrs prior it took me threatening to go to the press with this for them to agree to give the dog medical attention. two weeks later he was fine. but whats even worse is that i worked at a grooming salon and have seen over 6 cases where dogs were adopted from this shelter and the same thing occured with these dogs and the owners didn't know it until the dogs were washed because they were all so filthy, and yes they played the same game with the other owners.


    i got the dog of a lifetime and love him with all my heart


    they did not want to take responsibilty when it was needed

  • 2. Shelter

    by: jflieger

    Our shelter has great people who truly love these animals. They have lots of community supporters who appreciate there dedication and try to assist even in these difficult financial times.


    Great staff and volunteers


    needs updating and expansion

  • 3. Great shelter in need of help

    by: KimmieMc

    I think it is a small shelter trying to build itself up and is in need of help. Their staff seem to love the animals and are willing to what they can for them, but have a small facility and could use a makeover. The adoption process is lengthy, but I guess that is good so they can make sure the animal is going to a good home. I feel they can be very judgemental, that if you have other pets, mostlikely you will not be able to adopt a new one, or you can be judged on your income and appearence. Hopefully this has changed since I have not been there in about a year.




    Judgemental staff

  • 4. great shelter

    by: sheila060664

    This is a wonderful shelter, i hope that anyone in orange county would consider adopting here.





  • 5. great shelter

    by: dJ1220

    The people at the shelter was never nice to us.





  • 6. very nice

    by: Britchany

    I got my dog Jackson from here. They took all the information from us and they made sure he was going to a good home. but when we weren't aloud to keep him anymore because we were not spending enough time with him, they took him back and they made sure to keep in touch with us until he got a new home. They are wonderful people and it would be amazing if they got a makeover. they try to do so much for the animals in their shelters.





  • 7. Great shelter

    by: karriekorin

    This is a great shelter. They love their animals and will do anything to help them. They have a variety of creative fundraisers throughout the year to help meet the needs of their animals.\n\nThe staff is dedicated and experienced--wonderful people all around.


    Kind and Caring


    Like all shelters funding can be tight

  • 8. Great Place

    by: pugslyboscobella

    I got my dog, a Pit Bull Terrier, from them 10 years ago and he is the sweetest dog! My family has also adopted other dogs and cats from them over the years. This is the nicest animal shelter that I've ever been to.


    Animals are very well cared for and staff is friendly and helpful


    There are none

  • 9. Great shelter!

    by: ashlie706

    I'm in the process of adopting a GREAT dog from there right now. He's being neutered today, and coming home tomorrow. I've adopted animals from this shelter before and will continue to go back in the future.


    The staff is very knowlegable and passionate about all of the animals there.


    I can't think of any!

  • 10. port jervis humane society

    by: ztT4MP88269855

    i have been to many shelters in the area and i have to say that this the best kept that i have seen. The staff are fantastic with the public and also the animals that they care for. If you are looking to adopt a little sweetie I would strongly recommend going to this shelter to be matched with the perfect pet.


    very well kept shelter



  • 11. This shelter is fantastic!

    by: moonlightjourney

    This is one of the ver best animal shelters around. The staff is kind, compassionate and great at matching the right pet for the right home. The pets get attention above and beyond just basic care. The pets are lucky to wind up here because everything possible is done to find them forever homes.


    Great & caring staff!



  • 12. Wonderful shelter!

    by: melmarsum

    I volunteer at this shelter. It always amazes me how many great pets come through the doors.


    Clean and well run


    Too many great animals in need of homes

  • 13. Great shelter

    by: BruceSr

    I got my dog Heidi from this shelter. She's a great dog! My daughter works there part time. Reasonable rates as all animals are neutered/spayed before they leave


    friendly staff, clean rooms


    Things appear outdated