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Humane Society of Missouri

1201 Macklind Avenue
Saint Louis, MO 63110

User Reviews (19)

  • 1. Great

    by: aomanda

    I stopped by the Chesterfield branch of the Humane Society of Missouri this afternoon. The staff were very friendly and the facility was amazing. Great!


    Great facility



  • 2. love

    by: fuslugger00

    This is an amazing place with an amazing goal





  • 3. love it

    by: lulubell369

    it is a amazing place i can go in their without crying


    loveing enviroment



  • 4. snip program

    by: sweetladee

    they have a program called the snip program. you can get your pets spayed or neutered for $29. there is a waiting list but that is a good price!


    good place for animals


    lots of animals

  • 5. Great Services & Great Gift Shop!

    by: ModRocky

    HSMO does great work! They have a terrific veterinary facility and have a lot of animals to choose from. Not only do rescue but they also have low cost spay/neuter programs and a wonderful education programs.\n\nStop by their gift shop (in the shelter) sometime-its like a small pet store with neat animal-themed gifts as well! It's also tax-free and the proceeds go to help the animals there.


    Well organized and lots of animals to choose from


    sometimes get very busy

  • 6. If you are looking for a pet start here!

    by: jbaker03

    After weeks of frustration, my daughter and I found this location to be easy to work with and to have helpful people who care about finding homes for the animals.\r\n\r\nWhen adult daughter finished medical school she wanted to adopt a dog. She began her search on line before she moved back here. We visited almost every adoption organization in this area. Even though we have had dogs for years we ran into walls--requirements to attend training, requirements for vet recommendations, 3 and 4 page froms to fill out before we could look at the dogs, places that didn't return emails or phone calls. We felt like many of the organizations didn't want to place animals.\r\n\r\nAfter that experience, the Humane Society of St. Louis was a pleasure. The staff was welcoming. We were able to look at the dogs before filling out forms. The form we filled out after we found a dog we were interested in was'nt onerous. We were encouraged to spend as much time as we needed to with the dog to make a decision, even though others were waiting to see the same dog.\r\n\r\nWe found a great expereince and a great dog! Next time I will look here first.


    Veiwing pets was easy



  • 7. I Hope They Become a No-Kill Shelter

    by: puddinpie

    I hope one day they can help even more animals by becoming a no-kill shelter


    They help many animals


    They're not a no-kill shelter yet

  • 8. Selecting a companion

    by: arj244

    They really took the time to actually find out if I could take care of an animal and to find the right one for me.


    Helpful Staff


    Wait time

  • 9. Reality

    by: Bennyboy

    In my opinion we should support all shelters...but this is not always true, 70% of people do not even know where their local shelter is. It is a disaster when millions of animals are euthanized every year in shelters and nobody cares, this is reality..The truth is in order for any place to change to being no kill, it to EDUCATE PEOPLE FIRST...How do you think the pet population got of hand? People do not always educate themselves about pets, are not aware of costs, behavior, the commitement and responsibility they bring. Litters and litters are turned in daily, why? unwanted, mother was not spayed, if we could educate and spread the word, we would not have to resort to euthansia, the pet population would be lowered and pets easier to place...Understand that shelters always try to do the best they can, we honestly CARE, our goal is always and will always set a humane way to treat animals and I hope through growth, education, and knowledge will help to resolve this disaster...until then this is the reality...people made it this way.




    not enough staff

  • 10. I see the good they do.

    by: cagaal

    I support this shelter for what they do and expect them to adopt the no kill rule in the future. I highly recommend them for pet healthcare, adoptions, vet services, gift shopping, and fundraising. This is why it is so important for Stray Rescue to win a shelter makeover. We need the shelter for animals subjected to the kill rule. I think all shelters in Missouri can work together to a common rule.


    Ability to rescue in large quantities


    Need to be no kill!!!

  • 11. Rescue


    I would hope that they are doing the best possible for the animals. It is a shame it is a kill shelter and they can't find homes for all the animals.


    Kill shelter



  • 12. What a Shame

    by: chrisbr

    I wish I could give this shelter a better review because they do a few things right. However, I fostered and then adopted an animal brought back from MS after Katrina. Every encounter I had (4 of them) with the staff was problematic for one reason or another--appointments before the vet came in, couldn't find my animal (for 15 minutes!) after surgery when I came to pick her up, loooong waits, etc. The worst example was their total indifference to a gentlement who was distraught and had been waiting at least 30 minutes to talk to someone about a lost dog. A supervisor looked right at him, told him he had to wait and walked away (because she didn't work the counter!)


    Rescue Services


    Staff attitude, bureaucracy, unwillingness to rehab or even house many of their animals

  • 13. Fantastic Service & They Love Your Pet As Their Own!

    by: jeremyjennandozzie

    We had to take Ozzie Bear in to be seen by the vet due to his itchy skin...the colder weather has been ruff (get it ruff?? haha) on him. \r\n\r\nWe did not have to wait long with out and appointment. The staff (from receptionist to the Dr.) were just so welcoming and friendly; they kept Ozzie at ease during the entire visit. They quickly diagnosed his ailment, suggested treatment (nothing was over the top expensive or unnecessary), treated him (after our consent), and scheduled a follow up.\r\n\r\nThis is the fourth time we have taken Ozzie to see them and we will continue to go back; they ROCK!!


    Clean, Friendly, Knowledgeable, Caring, Great Location


    None to Date

  • 14. Don't go here! Go to the APA of Missouri!

    by: Janee02

    I will never step foot in this place again! When looking for new kittens, my family entered the facility and were not helped at all. We were told to fill out forms before we could talk to a representative, but once we filled them out, we couldn't find anyone to talk to. It was like all of the service vanished. Although I understand that we went on a Saturday, and they were understandably busy but we waited for almost an hour for help and never got it. When we asked the receptionists, they were snotty and said just wait for help without doing anything to get someone to us. All the other people I saw there were also waiting for help but no one ever showed up. \r\n\r\nAlso, from reading other reviews here, I was astonished at the kil rate and the excessive money this place has and doesn't use it to the animals advantage. When we left, we went over to the Animal Protection Association off of Hanley (not very far from the Humane Society) where we got the opposite: good staff, no wait period, no-kill facility, and very clean. \r\n\r\nI would never recommend the Humane Society to ANYONE, and would probably deter anyone from it if asked!\r\n




    No service, kill rate very high, high prices, rude staff, dumb staff

  • 15. Nice place

    by: shadowgirl22

    I've adopted two cat's from there. One of my cat's got sick about 3 weeks after adopting. I took him back for a visit & they treated him for no charge. The staff was very nice & helpful.


    Nice clean place & would adopt an animal from their again.



  • 16. pleasant suprise

    by: CassieRose

    I was very nervous about taking my kittens to the Humane Society. I was always told to go to a private vet. I also knew that I was not in the best financial situation when I first got my kittens, so I took the risk with a very very watchful eye and took them to get some routine shots. I was pleasantly suprised. I was greeted with a very caring staff. I was welcomed in with my kittens to the clean exam room where they let me stay with my kitties while they gave them thier shots etc. The staff is there because the CARE and want to be there, and NOT because they are being paid big bucks. These are TRUE animal lovers in my eyes.\r\n\r\nI have since been going to the St. Louis Humane Society since and have always been very pleased. \r\n\r\nThey even kept my kitten for an extra day without charging me extra just to make sure she was going ok after I took her in for an illness she had. \r\n\r\nThe gift shop is great too. I really love this place.


    They all really cared about my kitties. It wasn't just a job to them.


    People seem to be scared of taking there pets to the Humane Society.

  • 17. great animals come from here

    by: luv4paws

    I have adopted 3 animals here in the past 2 years (a puppy, an adult dog, and a kitten), every animal I have adopted has been great!


    awesome animals


    helpful staff but not well informed

  • 18. Thank you

    by: frankelk

    Thank you for my dog. He is the love of my life!


    Detailed adoption process


    A lot of dogs and not enough staff to clean, walk, etc

  • 19. Bleh.

    by: rhancock

    When on the quest to adopt a cat that would fit well into our home, we went here first because the evening hours make it pretty easy. when you walk in, it looks more like a mall than an animal shelter. there is a cutsie little pet supply shop and the adoption area is kind of blocked off from the surrender area (i guess so as not to ruin the mood?). even though the hours were nice, there weren't really enough adoption counselors to go around. We waited over an hour (and it wasn't that crowded) and by the time someone was able to help us, it was almost closing time. The adoption counselor didn't really seem to know the animals that well and had no idea which cats would be good with other animals, just kind of sat and made it clear it was up to us to figure it out. The St. Louis Pound (though it seems to have a scarier reputation) on Gasconade had workers who were much much much more helpful, even though they weren't designated as "adoption counselors" and were actually supposed to be feeding animals and cleaning cages. They knew all of the animals very well and were able to tell us a lot about temperments.\r\n\r\nAlso, the false sense of security people seem to get about the place disturbs me. It is a kill-shelter. Your dog or cat most likely will NOT find a new home here, even if it is a cutsie little puppy or kitten. My family knew a man who decided he didn't have time for his young dog anymore, surrendered it to the humane society, had second thoughts and went back early in the morning the next day to find that his friend had already been put to sleep, and hadn't even been given the change to find the loving home he thought it would. It's sad.\r\n\r\nSince they have so much funding, I like that they are able to put a lot into animal welfare issues. But you have to wonder: Rescues like Stray Rescue do so much with so much less funding. Maybe the HSMO should put a little bit less into architectual cosmetics, and a little bit more into the animals.


    convenient hours


    high kill shelter, staff aren't the most helpful