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Humane society of fulton county

P.o. box 701
Canton, IL 61520
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. My first adoption was from here

    by: echabra

    My first animal adopted from a shelter came from HSFC. I was an out-of-state adopter, so I communicated with the staff only through email during the week prior to picking up Gage. They were extremely helpful and willing to wait (on a Saturday) for us to make the 4.5 hour drive from Central Indiana. Gage was a staff favorite, and we were thanked multiple times for adopting him. He was scheduled to be euthanized only a few days later had we not adopted him. Gage was adopted a little over 2 years ago. Since then, I've started volunteering at my local shelter and have adopted 12 more shelter pets, fostered at least 16, and sent hundreds of others to rescues and forever homes. Thanks HSFC for making my first adoption a positive experience... you lit a fire in me that has helped save over 400 animals in Central Indiana!


    Caring Staff


    Obvious lack of space and funds

  • 2. Volunteers that care

    by: illini3456

    I have spoke with people at this shelter before and I know they have the bests interest of the animals in mind. They work hard to find a home for them before the animals have to be euthanized. They are definitely improving their situation.


    Volunteers care


    They do euthanize animals

  • 3. Expanding and growing shelter

    by: TeresaKline

    Fulton County is a group of very hardworking volunteers that drive all over IL.to other rescues delivering cats and dogs to save them from certain death and drive loads of 10 or more cats at a time to meet a transport that takes them to APL in Springfield Il.to have them spayed/neutered.These are wonderful hardworking caring people.


    Staff are very hard workers


    Unable to keep animals for very long due to room

  • 4. in praise of rescues

    by: SandyReedy

    i live in fulton county, but volunteer with my daughters group, pets without parents. i know one of the volunteers, and know she is a dedicated animal lover. i feel bad that they euthanize feral cats, since we have a feral cat program that works. it is a lot of trouble and expense, but most of these cats are healthy, and can earn their keep on a farm. also, the kittens can be rehabilitated, and become loving pets


    dedicated people


    no feral cat program

  • 5. Nice people

    by: carrieemoore

    I have worked with Fulton County in the past. They are very caring people who do the best they can for the pets in their area. I'm thrilled to learn they have a new facility. Anything to help make their rescue efforts a little easier.





  • 6. Making a difference

    by: tdudis

    Great volunteers. Now facilitating spay/neuter for the community. They have a tough county.


    Brand new shelter