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Humane society of eastern oregon - pet rescue

1844 nw geer road
Hermiston , OR 97838

User Reviews (8)

  • 1. Very pleased with a rescue & Mitch

    by: djwhite1

    We adopted a red Border Collie via Mitch and the shelter back in March 2005. We had many questions asked of Mitch before the match was made in having Megan join our family in April 05. We have nothing but high praise in how Mitch answered a host of questions and concerns we had before this adoption was completed. Many emails and phone calls later, Megan quickly became a member of the family. Mitch and her family even drove a good distance to meet us half way and transfer Megan to us. \r\n\r\nMegan is still with us and is sitting by me as I compose this response. We would deal with Mitch again, as we found her to be a very upfront type person.\r\n\r\nMegan would give Mitch two paws up! \r\n\r\nWe also give her two thumbs up!


    Excellent results working with Mitch & Shelter



  • 2. Thank you for helping our SammyJoe

    by: ztT4MP64552115

    This Shelter kept SammyJoe Alive, fed, warm and with companionship until we could find him, adopt him and bring him home to his family. \r\nSammy knew some basic obedience which means someone was working with him daily. SammyJoe had a few behavior problems but what teenager doesn't? However, the shelter was willing to continue to work with SammyJoe and that allowed us to be able to find Sammy and bring him home. Not everyone would be willing to do this.\r\nSammyJoe's adoption was smooth with as much information as the shelter had on my street urchin and with helpfulness and kindness, SammyJoe was ushered into his new life. \r\nHe is in training to be a Nursery dog, a big job with lots of rules but SammyJoe is doing just fine.


    The shelter showed kindness and mercy to a little guy down on his luck.


    SammyJoe is great, I can't see the downside

  • 3. If the rescued animals could speak

    by: ztT4MP80477879

    The abandoned, neglected, abused and lost animals living in the 3 counties that Pet Rescue serves are lucky to have Mitch. If they could speak, they would thank her and the staff at Pet Rescue. Mitch is the manager of Pet Rescue and she goes to insane levels to rescue animals and bring them back to health. The woman is one of those natural animal people, like Ceasar Milan, she has animals complete respect and love because they know she feels the same for them.\r\n\r\nBut Mitch is just one person. She can't be in 3 places at once and usually where she is is racing off in her truck to rescue an animal-night and day! I'm sure she would much rather be able to stay in the shelter and give love to the animals, answer all the customers questions and organize fund raising events for the shelter. If that was the case, that would mean no animals in the 3 counties she serves were lost or being neglected or abused, not in need of rescue. That would be awesome!\r\n\r\nThe shelter has extremely limited funds and must depend mainly on volunteers that Mitch can't always supervise because she is out getting an animal out of a bad place. Volunteers are hard to find, especially in a small community like Hermiston. Places like Portland have far more volunteers in their shelters because they have a much bigger population to draw from. There can't always be someone there to clean a new poo-pile in a kennel when so many other things need to be done first with so very few people to do it.\r\n\r\nAlthough I live in Portland, I have been to Pet Rescue several times and I've never noticed "an overwhelming odor" coming anywhere near the place. Yes, you will see an occasional poo in a kennel. Would you rather Mitch stay and scoop-poop or rescue a scared dog running down I-84? Yes, you will see some horribly thin, scruffy, sad dogs in the shelter, that's why they are there! Someone did that to those dogs, they have been very recently rescued and Mitch and her staff will do all they can to bring them back to health, if possible.\r\n\r\nThis brings me to the complaints about "customer service." Folks, the animals come first-period. Frankly, I think I would be hard pressed not to want to actually murder some of the people Mitch has to deal with for what they do to animals! And not all the people coming to adopt animals at the shelter are coming with loving intentions. People want to come and find another dog to add to their "back-yard" breeding program or to use as "bait" to train fighting dogs or to use in fights or to sell for scientific testing.\r\n\r\nThe workers at the shelter see all customers with this in the back of their minds, needing to filter the people with bad intentions from the people who truly want to rescue a pet. People with bad intentions know this and will come in with "their" kids to try and BS their way into getting a dog that they have nothing but bad intentions for.\r\n\r\nMitch and her staff have to deal with a lot of cruel people and when you love animals as much as they do and are constantly exposed to people wanting only to hurt animals...a person can get bitter towards people. You have to be a strong person with a strong personality to survive and protect the animals in the rescuer world. The animals come first at the shelter, the customers come second and personally I think that is a very good thing.\r\n\r\nIf I didn't live so far away, I would be volunteering at the shelter myself. I wish all these people griping and complaining would get off their soap boxes and help at the shelter instead of undermining the hard work that goes on there by scaring people into thinking Pet Rescue is a bad place for animals.\r\n\r\nIf the rescued animals could speak, they would thank Mitch and the people at Pet Rescue.\r\n\r\n


    The animal's needs are priority #1


    As with all rescuers, they need more help and funding.

  • 4. Great place to adopt a pet

    by: ztT4MP57206886

    We visited this shelter several times when we were looking for a dog. They staff was great and they responded to emails immediately. We wanted a small dog and the Tri-Cities shelters had very few so we looked quite often in Hermiston and several came available although I was surprised at the fee since they were coming from a shelter, sometimes the prices was close to that of a breeder. Overall though, I highly recommend this shelter and to encourage people to adopt animals from shelters rather than go to breeders!


    Selection of dogs in various sizes and breeds


    They charge a LOT for small dogs

  • 5. SAD

    by: ztT4MP18751216

    We found a dog there on petfinder.com and went to check her out and felt so bad for her we couldn't help but take her, The place was so dark and cold there were 2 other dogs in with her who kept atacking her and the cage they were in was filthy. We had to give her a bath as soon as she got home the next day we took her to the vet and she had kennel cough worms and an infection which so all together we ended up paying almost $500.00 for a mixed breed mutt at that price I could have gotten a pure bred and papered dog by someone who truly takes care of the animals they take in. I love the dog we got but if they want to run a Humane soceity and charge what they do they need to start being a little more Humane to there animals they take in and not make them sleep in urine and poop.


    The fact that they are trying.


    They're not doing a good enough job.


    by: ztT4MP23471790

    The Hermiston Humane Society is in poor conditions! It does smell really bad! It is very cold in there! The area is damp and cold. The dogs are starving for attention! They go crazy when you walk in the shelter! The dogs more than likely never get out of their cages or go for walks or get any attention! Do they really want to find homes for these animals or just make money? Have you seen the adoption fee on these dogs, WOW! You can get a full breed for cheaper than their price. It's no wonder the place is full of dogs all the time! I thought that a Humane Society was in the business of finding unwanted pets a home!





  • 7. Pet Rescue is Needed!

    by: hopper172

    I have been to Pet Rescue in Hermiston many times. Mitch and her family are very active in Pet Rescue and have made many improvements. Mitch does not give up! I suppose I could call her "stubborn":-) I will give an example; There was a German Shepherd that was there, he was an older dog, had been injured-pretty badly. He had a laceration on his head. The poor guy laid by Mitch for about 3 days while she treated him. Eventually Mitch got the old guy healed up and found him a home. This was not a short process! There are so moany other stories, would take a couple days. I have a cat and 2 dogs from Pet Rescue. One evening October 2006 my old horse was choking, I had never seen that before and wasn't sure what was going on, so I called Mitch and she helped me immensely. Mitch is a very knowledgeable person. I respect what her and her family have done, are doing with Pet Rescue. If you are looking for a pet, I highly recommend looking there first! There are so many animals that need homes. Thanks Mitch!!!


    Knowledgeable, no-nonsense staff


    Needs more room to house all the animals. Needs more staff.

  • 8. Compassionate shelter in Hermiston

    by: Roman

    I met Mitch and her crew in 2005 after I found a homeless black shorthair cat in the local WalMart parking lot.I was unfortunately on business in Hermiston staying in a hotel whith no opportunity to rescue the cat myself.\r\nIt was probably around 10.30 pm by the time I found the phonenumber of the Humane Society of Eastern Oregon.Mitch was so nice to answer her phone that late at night and to open her shelter for me that night. I was very happy to see how much everybody at the shelter cared for these animals.Everybody in her family actively works and helps in and around the shelter.Great People-if you are in the area you have to stop by and say hello to Mitch&Crew.\r\nPlease support her shelter-without her many animals in hermiston and surrounding areas wouldn'd have a chance.\r\nTHank you Mitch


    Super friendly, compassionate crew-highly recommended