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Humane league of lancaster county

2195 lincoln highway east
Lancaster, PA 17602
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User Reviews (18)


    by: jbPA

    I was horrified to find out that a friendly stray I brought to the shelter was killed within hours of arrival. The girl at the desk told me to call back in 2 days and by then it was too late for this poor kitty. I'd made it obviously clear that I was a concerned citizen who wanted to find a good home for this little guy we named "Mike." She should have been honest with me. Instead she lied about their practices. If she had told me the truth, I would have never let those butchers touch this little guy. DO NOT SUPPORT THIS CRUEL AND DISHONEST PLACE. IMAGINE WHAT OTHER HORRIBLE THINGS THEY ARE DOING THAT ARE NOT BEING REPORTED.





  • 2. Very nice shelter

    by: isntitgreyt

    This is a very nice updated shelter with very helpful staff. It's clean and a nice place to visit.


    Helpful staff, clean facility, updated facility


    get in and out of parking lot

  • 3. My Review

    by: Spotz8

    I went to the shelter once, to look for a dog. I did not find a dog there but i did like what I saw. All the animals looked healthy and the staff were nice. Everything was clean and kept up. The kennels where the bigger sized dogs, were well sized. Although the smaller dogs were in small kennels and I personally think they could have been a little bigger. Well that is my review, I hope that some people will read this and go see the place themselves.


    friendly staff, dogs looked very healthy


    I think that the shelter was a bit small

  • 4. Very Nice Shelter

    by: Hobbitinacyclone

    This shelter is great! I've been there a few times and they are really nice there. I love the cat socialization rooms. I talked to the staff and someone built the cat trees they have in there. They are really cool and I so wish I could build something like that for my pets! I like that there was lots of critters there and lots of kennels. \r\n\r\nThey had a neat system of classifying dog moods and bnehaviors. \r\n


    Staff and Animals



  • 5. They do there job well!

    by: jennabee25

    These guys do a great job with our furry friends that need homes. Every dog gets a towel and toy when they arrive. They always need donations of towels, toys, food, treats, and volunteers.


    Feral Cat Spay/Neuter Day, take care of dogs rescued from puppy mills


    On a busy highway, can be tough to get to because of traffic

  • 6. My friends adopted her pet from HLLC.

    by: Pugslee

    My friends Kelly,she adopted her prince from HLLC. He a great cat! She got him before she had her daughter and now the baby is 6 months and apollo gets along with her just great. Not once has he tried to get in the crib or in her face. I would recommend everyone to adopted there pet from HLLC.


    I think it was kinda small facility.


    They have lots a beautiful animals to pick from.

  • 7. Very good

    by: PsychologyCat

    I've helped by volunteering here, and I can tell that the staff all care about what they are doing. The animals might not have the prettyest of facilities, but they are loved.


    The staff and volunteers care about the animals a lot



  • 8. Great place to adopt a pet

    by: halfpint1174

    The Humane League of Lancaster County does fantastic work! They work with rescues too. Their staff is very friendly and knowledgeable, and customer service is better than any other shelter I've been to. Not only are they a great place to adopt from, but they also help the community with their Trap, Neuter,Return program for feral cats.


    friendly, knowledgeable staff, very clean



  • 9. Adopt a pet here!

    by: cap911979

    I adopted our first cat, Midnight, and our second ferret, Oompa Loompa at the Humane League when I began to volunteer there about a year ago. I help out on event committees and enjoy giving some of my time for the benefit of the animals. Give an animal at the Humane League a second chance in a loving home. I'm so glad I did, twice!


    Great animals, knowledgeable and friendly staff.


    They need a new shelter - let's help!

  • 10. Look no further for your next pet!

    by: nitwitmeg

    the humane league of lancaster county was the previous home of both of my dogs, charlotte and lulu. the staff is fabulous and are serious about finding the right homes for their animals - their application process is thorough so they are sure to find a suitable home for their tenants. i am so thankful that they were there to take my girls in, or i never would have been lucky enough to adopt them. i point all of my friends interested in a new pet to the humane league, and i'll never go anywhere else again when i am ready for another pet!


    staff loves their animals, serious about finding right homes


    the only con is that more people don't go here first to find their next family member!

  • 11. "A Great Place to Find a Friend"

    by: antha13

    I have been a volunteer here for over two years and I am continually amazed at the care and expertise that is available to the animals there. Check them out!


    friendly staff, questions answered promptly


    phone line is often busy

  • 12. Great at What They Do

    by: AnimalLover22

    This shelter is a great place, all around. Everytime I find an animal on the street the 1st thing I think aout is if it's a stray I know one place that will welcome it with open arms. My mother-in-law owns 3 cats from the shelter and they are great!


    Clean and Friendly


    Nothing at all

  • 13. Excellent!!!

    by: sophieshuman

    Two of my three cats have come from the Lancaster Humane League and they are fantastic!


    The staff is very helpful, knowledgeable, and truly love the animals in their care (they sell Science Diet pet food very cheap)


    After only one day there, my cat caught an infection

  • 14. good shelter

    by: magicglitter

    my sister has gotten all of her pets from this shelter... when i found a stray that i was unable to care for they were very nice about taking her in... it was really hard to give her up, but they let me know that she would be given to a good home.





  • 15. Love this place

    by: blacklablover

    This place is awsome i love it a volunteer here and probally wouldn't go any else if i had to chose between 2 they help out so many animals and are loveing to the all and have their best interst in mind.


    this place is so awsome i love it


    it needs to help more animals although can't we all?

  • 16. Beautiful Shelter

    by: theranddav

    This is a beautiful shelter. The animals look to be in great shape! The dogs are all rated on how well they are trained and what they are being taught in the shelter. The cat house is beautiful. Just a great shelter with a knowledgable staff!


    Animals are well cared for



  • 17. Fun Fun

    by: HaloNIN

    This was a very fun shelter to work at with lots of fun staff and interesting people! The cat colonies are neat and something that not a lot of shelters have anymore. The seperate cat and dog buildings are awesome and a great idea.


    Clean and pleasant environment, Separate Cat and Dog building, Great Staff (that I can remember)


    They never answer their phones :(

  • 18. Good place to adopt!

    by: valliesong

    All dogs are temperament tested to ensure a good fit with the home. Cats are FelV/FIV tested. A great variety of pets available including dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, and more. Adoption fees are reasonable and the application process is friendly.\r\n\r\nI would recommend this shelter to anyone in driving distance. They also have a website available at http://www.humaneleague.com.


    Temperament testing for dogs. FelV/FIV testing for cats. Vaccinations, microchipping, and spay/neuter covered with adoption fee and provided at shelter.


    Location can be difficult to access due to traffic. Can be understaffed at times.