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Houston spca

900 portway drive
Houston, TX 77024
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User Reviews (9)

  • 1. REVIEW

    by: petcrazed

    this had alot of area, it was spacoius. Htye have a variety of animals, and my school is currently raising toys to donate to them.




    some dogs are named and so new owners don't get the joy of naming the animal.

  • 2. Good Facility

    by: nmorrisontx

    I went with my brother when he adopted a young lab a couple years ago. The process was very efficient and the center considered that he had two young daughter and limited the type of dog that could be considered. I also took a dying baby racoon to the center to be euthanized. I was grateful to find someone to put the animal out of its misery.


    Clean and professional


    None noted

  • 3. This shelter made me become involved in animal rescue

    by: LaborOfLove

    I adopted my first Lab from here and the rest is history. I became involved in lab rescue and now run a shelter in Northern New York. The Houston SPCA was my inspiration to become a better person and to do something rather than just talk about it. I love this shelter.


    Beautiful Building - caring staff and great volunteers



  • 4. compassion unlimited

    by: horseboy

    if one wants a pet this is the place to go. the people will try to match the pets and people based on capatabilty and the animlas there know how to appreciate a good home. the animlas are current on shots and are healthy and usually stronger than over bread pure breeds.


    freindly people, clean facilites,animals first


    not enough room or people to take care of the ever increasing demands

  • 5. HSPCA

    by: rabbitgirl

    This place is very good. They have all sorts of animals. You should go to this place.


    very popular


    kill animals if not adopted

  • 6. Great place

    by: sissy4no1

    This place is great, very knowledgeable staff, and lots of animals to choose from. I have adopted 2 dogs from here and have had a lot of luck with both!


    Lots of animals to choose from


    If you bring a pet you already have, you have to leave them in the car until you're ready for them to meet their potential new playmate.

  • 7. Good clean facility

    by: mooredr3

    I lived in Houston and I have been in this shelter. There are a lot of animals to choose from and the people or friendly. Thanks for all you do for the animals!!


    Caring Friendly Staff



  • 8. Houston SPCA - a wonderful facility

    by: Adria

    We adopted our dog from the Houston SPCA and had a wonderful experience. The volunteers and staff were helpful and attentive. We love our dog and will continue to adopt dogs from this shelter in the future. They take great care and pride in taking care of the animals in the shelter and keep them clean, in clean cages, walked, and loved! I am now a proud volunteer at the shelter and would recommend the HSPCA to everyone!


    Clean facility, friendly and knowledgeable staff



  • 9. Great Shelter

    by: jmrudnick

    Great facility with many animals too choose from. They only put animals to sleep that are too ill, dangerous or too wild. They help you adopt a pet that is right for your situation - not a big dog for a little apartment! I am going to be volunteering for the Houston SPCA because I think that it would be fun to help animals and people be Happy Together!


    Clean facility and knowledgable Staff


    Too many animals to chose from