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Hinsdale humane society

22 north elm street
Hinsdale, IL 60521
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User Reviews (15)

  • 1. questionable

    by: jschlapi

    I went there twice to adopt, and I'm not exactly sure what the real story was - I was given several stories as to why the dogs I was interested in could not be adopted by me. I got the feeling there was more to the story, but the staff was not letting me in on it. Needless to say, I adopted elsewhere.




    unfriendly staff

  • 2. needs improvment

    by: BillyButler

    This is a high kill shelter, that could find other shelters to take the animals when their time is up. But they don't! Unfriendly staff.These animals deserve more.When you adopt from there you have really saved a life.




    high kill

  • 3. Very strict adaptions policy

    by: strohl6

    My cat was taken to Hinsdale humane society (Bob) when he was picked up by the police. Bob is a very social little boy, but sometimes people don't want Bob at their house. Bob had to spend the night there, and I was able to pick him up the next day. They took good care of him.


    Seem to care about the animals.


    very selective to whom they will adapt too.

  • 4. Not too fond of this place

    by: dccclark

    This is a very clean facility, but they do not seem to care a lot about socilaizing and exercising dogs. Their kill rate is way too high for very adoptable dogs.


    Very clean facility


    High kill and little compassion

  • 5. don't judge a book by it's cover

    by: cathybutler1

    although this is a clean place, it is high kill and the animals are not taken out to exercise enough


    clean, piped in music


    high kill unfriendly staff

  • 6. Pleasant experience.

    by: cherrylee

    I visited this shelter eight years ago with my sister when she wanted to adopt a cat. She had stopped by another shelter in the area but they were closed. The adoption counselor was patient and courteous, and she went home with a little kitten who is now a big, beautiful girl.


    Convenient hours open for business.



  • 7. Good

    by: blackie1

    They were very knowledgeable, the screening process seemed thorough, and they were able to make suggestions on possible pets based on my application. I would go back there


    good staff, knowledgeable



  • 8. I got my cat from here

    by: zevonianfish

    I had a good experience adopting Charlie at this shelter. The adoption process was a bit excessive, but I guess it is good that they are being careful. It was very clean and pleasant.


    Nice staff, clean facility


    Adoption process kind of drawn out

  • 9. Needs to do more

    by: Bellacat3

    I was a volunteer at the Hinsdale Humane Society when I was still in highschool. I also adopted my first two cats from the shelter back in 1999. I enjoy visiting the shelter because the staff keeps it very clean and odor free. However, I wish that they would save more animals. The less than perfect pets often don't make it out the front doors. They really need a behavior-modification program to work with shy cats and unruly dogs. And what is with all the empty kennel runs?? The shelter has room for over 20 plus dogs but you rarely see more than 5 dogs listed on their website.


    Clean facility, well-maintained, animals enjoy lots of volunteer interaction


    needs a behavior-modification program, better volunteer management

  • 10. Good adoption experience

    by: mrosser25

    We adopted our first cat from here back when I was a kid. We had to stop in a few times to make the right decision as we had just recently lost our other two cats and we wanted to make sure we were making the right decision. The staff was very patient and matched us to the perfect kitten. The only downside was that he was not yet neutered and we had to use their vet all the way out in Naperville to get that done...I'm not sure if they still do that or not. All in all, it was a great adoption experience


    nice facility, good staff



  • 11. Good adoption experience

    by: LaraH

    The staff really seem to care about the pets here. They are taken care of quite well. The animals seem very happy and friendly. We adopted our dog here over 1.5 years ago and were very happy.


    Very clean. Pets were well taken care of.


    Wouldn't take a lost puppy we found because we were from Chicago.

  • 12. clean!

    by: dannicobb

    This place was kept in very good condition, the staff seemed very knowledgable.




    Fairly small.

  • 13. very well kept

    by: kimcobb

    Tis facility is kept very clean, and the animals seems to be well cared for. The staff all seems knowlegable and eager to help.


    nice staff



  • 14. great place

    by: Cate

    We got some of our family dogs here over the years and it is a great place. Well-kept, clean and with a nice selection of dogs. I recommend it to people in the Chicago area.


    great place



  • 15. Very clean and neat shelter

    by: foxflower

    I went with a friend looking to adopt a dog at this facility and I was very surprised to see how extremely clean this facility was. It had great facilities for the dogs and allowed potential adopters to spend individual time with the dog they were looking at.\n\nI thought this was a great facility and recommend it highly for anyone looking for a dog in this area.


    Extremely clean ...nice dog facilities