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Hinkson Woods Conservation Area

2500 Chapel Hill Road
Columbia, MO 65203

User Reviews (9)

  • 1. Nice trail, leash off dog park, lake in the same area

    by: ozy

    This is a very nice conservation area right in the middle of city of Columbia. It is strategically located, accessible via the MKT trail and situated right next to the Twin Lake park which also contains Columbia's larget fenced-in dog park and a large lake where your dogs can swim. The MKT trail is the local's favorite for walking, biking, and jogging. It goes for more than 5 miles within the city limit, and continues on beyond.


    Located right next to Twin Lake dog park and MKT trail



  • 2. HInkson Woods-dog park

    by: lauriewpan1

    Kudos to Columbia for having a dog park like this and addressing issues to improve on its safety and success. THe fence across the back residential side is a great addition along with the trees that were planted on the lake's edge.


    twin lakes part


    dogs can swim around fencing

  • 3. Twin Lakes dog park

    by: CJStrawn

    Great place to take your dog on a sunny afternoon. This place sees lots of traffic, so the area around the main entrance is lacking grass and can be somewhat muddy. I usually try to go in the back (east) entrance where there is a little less doggie traffic. Lake is great for dogs who like the water (which mine does)!


    Nice space plus a lake


    Can be muddy and crowded near entrance

  • 4. Great Place

    by: jackie09

    Twin Lakes dog park is great! I have taken my dog there for 2 years and the only complaint I have is that many pet owners do not pick up after their dogs. They supply bags for peoples' use. Why not use them?


    spacious, clean



  • 5. Good place to play

    by: cmw6v8

    My dog likes Capen Park better, only because there are more trails and obstacles, and it's more like "wilderness." Twin Lakes is close to my house via the trail, and I like to run her down there, let her play and run back. It's more of a workout for me than it is for her...


    Spacious, clean


    Not enough room for a vizsla

  • 6. Love it!

    by: gabbygale17

    I love this park. It is cleaner than others so my dog can have fun and he is not automatically dirty as soon as he steps in thepark.


    open,, lots of room


    not completely fenced in

  • 7. Twin Lakes is fantastic

    by: matt2626

    The best part about Twin Lakes (besides the lake, of course) is that there is a ton of space. Unfortunately, most people crowd in the area by the gates, but if you get past them you have a lot of great space to play with or train your pup. People are usually really friendly. There are doggy bags readily available (though like any park, some people don't use them). Would be nice to have more trash cans though.


    Lots of space


    Crowds by the entrance

  • 8. Fun Place!

    by: mollyfolly

    I have taken dogs here for years. Refuse bags are provided, so the place is very clean. There is a lot of space and the dogs are not crowded. I live up the hill from the park, but I have never heard any commotion; the dogs are too busy doing happy dog things. The large lake is dangerous during the winter, though. Several dogs have run out onto thin ice and fallen through. I always keep my dog on a lead when there is ice on the lake. The park was more aesthetically pleasing before the double chain link gates were added gates were added, but the addition was necessary to protect the nearby swimming area.


    Easy access to water for swimming dogs


    The double lock gates

  • 9. Twin Lakes Dog Park

    by: claygirlsings

    My dog absolutely loved the Twin Lakes Dog Park. It's fenced on every side except where the lake is, so it's very secure (I've never seen a dog even try to swim all the way across the lake). There's always friendly dogs there, but it's never over crowded. Our dog loved to fetch balls or sticks in the lake. The lake is a bit stinky, so it's always a good idea to get a good bath after visiting. Great place to burn off extra energy!


    Lake that dogs can swim in


    lots of geese droppings