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Hills Pet Nutrition Dog Park

Old Cave Mill Rd
Bowling Green, KY 42101

User Reviews (10)

  • 1. Nice Park

    by: yarngirl900

    This is a great place to let my dogs run!! They've always had a great time, and since the park has installed benches and some trees, it's even better.


    Lots of room


    Needs better watering facilities

  • 2. Love the dog park, not the people

    by: Goldfishie85

    I love to take my dogs to the dog park so they can run and play and meet other dogs. The facility itself is awesome, and you couldn't ask for more! \r\n\r\nThere is one downfall though, recently there have been some very irresponsible dog owners who bring their dogs out there and don't control them. My dogs run and play, and the worst thing they dog is maybe jump on you if they get excited. Other people's dogs have bit, attacked, or held down my dogs and other dogs right in front of me. I keep taking them back out there in hopes that maybe the same people won't keep coming back, but unfortunatley they do and then there are always at least one person who's not fixed dog gets too aggressive and attacks another dog. With all that humping out there with not fixed dogs, its surprizing that puppies don't come out of the whole mix. I just wish people would be more responsible and not bring their dogs who they know are going to attack others or are not fixed and start fights or could make more unwanted dogs. \r\n\r\nThe last thing I have to say is I am tired of people telling me they are scared of my pitty mix being out there or other people's pits. Just becuase they are pits doesn't mean they are going to attack anyone. I freakin hate stupid people.


    My dogs can exercise and play with other dogs!


    Other owners are not responsible enough

  • 3. Fun at Bark Park

    by: ztT4MP26711571

    Kept hearing about the dog park from my neice who's at Western. Decided to take our two goldens to visit (even though we live an hour away). They loved it. Went two different times the same day. Everyone was so very nice and the dogs had a ball playing. Also got to see a lot of breeds I'd only read about. The next time we go to Bowling Green, we'll be taking the goldens for another visit.


    BIG nice area for dogs to play.


    No place for people to sit.

  • 4. Great Socialization

    by: Wickland

    I take Jackson here all the time, he loves it. We always thought that he didn't get along with other dogs, but he really does enjoy running and playing with all the other animals.





  • 5. Great Place

    by: Krista

    I actually live a few blocks from the park and I think that it is great. I don't take my little ones too often, but I do take my neighbors two big dogs there to run and socialize.


    Dogs love it



  • 6. Love Love Love

    by: mandaj255

    I am in love with this park. I have only been able to bring my puppy there a few times and every time has been awesome. I am just as excited to go home and bring her to the park and she is to go. I love the fact the fenced in areas are so large, even if a dog doesn't want to play with the group they can still play over to the side away from other dogs.


    Friendly people


    occassional bad dog

  • 7. very nice

    by: dsimmons

    very nice park, my dogs love





  • 8. Nice park!

    by: IResQK9sNKy

    This park is a great place to spend time with your pet! The double-gate safety entrance is nice, you don't have to worry about your pet escaping while someone else is coming in our going out. Lots of room for your dog to run, very clean ... a great place for dogs and their people!


    A nice safe place for your pets to run!


    None found.

  • 9. Nice place for dogs!

    by: Hareball

    The BG Parks Dept, the city, and Hill's Pet Nutrition worked hard getting this park open. It is such a great park, and it is so nice driving by seeing the people and the dogs having so much fun. Bowling Green needed this! Thank you!


    very roomy


    hopeful to get more things

  • 10. Great Park!

    by: cwoosley18

    I think this park is really great for all dog breeds! They have something for all sizes. If your dog's shy it wouldn't be a good idea to take him or her their because of the exposure to other animals.


    Great for all Dogs!!


    If your dogs shy he or she would'nt like it!