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Healthy pet animal rehabilitation & wellness center

800 route 519
Eighty four, PA 15330

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. Great Results

    by: ceeteecee

    I currently have two canines under the care of Healthy Pet. They receive hydrotherapy and massage, etc. One canine has had hip surgery and the other has had cruciate surgery and both suffer from arthritis. The results of being under Healthy Pet's care is absolutely wonderful. Both canines are now ambulating much better and need less and less pain medication. The canines enjoy their therapy so much they run into the building and don't want to leave!


    Wonderful therapist who is very knowledgeable. Proven results.


    I really do not have a con.

  • 2. I highly recommend Healthy Pet!

    by: LaurenS

    Healthy Pet was recommended to me by a friend who takes her dog there. Then I looked on zootoo and saw all the positive reviews, so I decided to take my dog for a consultation. Sammi is beginning to show signs of lower lumber and hip arthritis. I want her quality of life to be as good as possible, so I will be taking her to see Robin at Healthy Pets once a month. Robin is a certified animal chiropractor, and she offers hydrotherapy, heat massage, and ultrasound in addition to other therepeutic apparatuses and techniques to improve the physical health of dogs. It's literally physical therapy for dogs! I am so impressed with Robin's knowledge of dog healthcare, her kindness, and her honesty. I believe that she is very trustworthy and will not try to rip anyone off- she certainly didn't try to rip me off by saying that Sammi needs to come in twice a week or something, but recommended that once a month should be good enough as long as I do my part to take care of her at home. Robin taught me how to do home heat treatment and massage for Sammi's hips. Finally, I think it's wonderful that Robin charges by the hour only- she will not charge extra for certain therapies- every therapy and technique is included in her reasonable hourly rate. I highly recommend Healthy Pet for anyone who wants to improve their dog's well being and quality of life!


    Robin is an amazing, kind, and knowledgable woman


    none so far

  • 3. A wonderful facility

    by: jeansexauer

    I take my dog Roxy to Robin and she has been doing really well. Roxy loves going there and doesn't seem to want to leave. Robin has helped several of the dogs from WAHS and most recently a poor dog names Honey who seems to have head trauma injury but has also been diagnosed with a low positive test result for distemper. Robin gave Honey 2 free appointments to see if she could help her; but now we have to retest Honey for the distemper before we do anymore therapy. I know Honey felt much better with that extra special treatment from Robin.


    Very knowledgeable about animals injuries and sickness'



  • 4. A comfortable end to a rewarding life

    by: rxlady

    I had an elderly (14yr) border collie mix, Kodi. He gave us many years of love and friendship. He was a "farm" boy and would run for an hour daily just to investigate. As he got older, he slowed down to the point that I decided it was time to euthanize him due to lack of quality of life. I had scheduled an appointement, and the day before it was to happen, our local newspapaer did an article on Robin's clinic. It was an answer to my prayers. Robin evaluated Kodi, and did massage and therapy on him for the next two months. He was able to hold his tail in the air, and was able to walk the perimeter of our 2 acre yard once again. Her love and caring attitude gave him his self esteem again, and you could see in his eyes, that he felt like a dog again. Sadly, he passed away, but Robin gave him a few extra months at a quality he had lost\r\n


    Robin, Robin, Robin !!!


    Wish I had found her sooner

  • 5. Hope

    by: coolace

    I have to agree with Rxlady. Robin was a ray of hope at a time when all hope had been given up. She will always be in my thoughts and prayers for the peace that she not only gave our pet but also to us. Thank you.


    Caring, knowledgeab le