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Grindstone Nature Area

2011 Old 63 South
Columbia, MO 65201

User Reviews (22)

  • 1. It's the best!

    by: hamberry

    Hamster and I love this place. We go several times a week when I'm not working. With what seems like miles and miles of trails, he and I can each get all the exercise we want (I bet he goes 5 miles for every 1 I go). We meet a few other dogs each time, and he loves to socialize for a few minutes, but there are long periods when he can just run and sniff on his own without having to mind his manners. And I can say hi to the owners and walk on, or stop to chat a minute if I want. The trails are naturally maintained except for the main two or three, which are mowed wide but still just dirt. Plant and animal life is wonderful. Photography opportunities are plentiful.


    Lots of space and freedom, never too many other dogs.


    The on-leash trail through the middle of it. Not much of a con.

  • 2. Grindstone/Capen great for dogs

    by: cjiveson

    My dogs love Grindstone/Capen. It is where we usually take them in the winter months for off leash runs.


    diverse terrain: woods, creeks, trails and meadow


    can be VERY muddy

  • 3. For a nice off-leash walk

    by: dogsrsuper

    This park is fun when you want to get exercise at the same time as your dog. You just stand around at the other off leash parks, but this one lets you move too. There is a nice trail (I don't know how long) to follow. The dogs have a blast trying to sniff everything while they keep up with you. There is even a shady creek for the dogs to jump into as well. Dogs encounter other off-leash dogs as you walk, but they don't really get to play with each other. For that reason, it is fun to meet a friend with their dogs and go on a walk together at Grindstone.


    walking trail, creek to jump in



  • 4. park

    by: baileyworld

    I haven't tried out this park, I worrie because my pet is not under voice control, so I worrie he might get into traffic.


    dog park



  • 5. Space to run and explore

    by: djes7770

    Grindstone is a wonderful place for my dogs to get some real exercise. One stays right by my daughter as she walks the trails while the other runs off to explore (but checks in often). It's such a beautiful park, an enjoyable time for everyone. Nice people, too.


    great area for excercising dogs and people


    Dog needs grooming after almost every visit

  • 6. Fun!

    by: llt92870

    There is so much room for my dog to have fun. She loves to explore!


    Lots of room


    Bathtime afterwards

  • 7. Off-lead dogs on main trail

    by: krwhite

    The trail that connects the park is one of my favorite areas to run with my dogs. I have had several issues with dogs however who are off-lead on the main trail where they are supposed to be leashed. With 200 acres of trails, why let them loose close to the main trail? We have been bothered enough times on the main trail where my dogs are on lead, that I have been choosing other places to run with them. It is a great place to take your dogs, but all pet owners should be responsible and follow the leash rule for the safety of everyone involved. Being interrupted by any dog, friendly or not, is not a pleasant experience for a person trying to enjoy a run with his/her dogs!


    Lots of area to run


    loose dogs on trail

  • 8. Great Scenery

    by: TristaHeller

    Grindstone is a great place to take your pets. There are good trails as well as a creek which the dogs really seem to enjoy.


    Great trails, creek


    None that I can think of.

  • 9. our favorite in-town park

    by: TrusMary

    My dogs and I love this place. We go every week at least once. This is a good place to go for a walk or run with your dogs, where they can run and play with other dogs. We much prefer this to the parks that have just a big open space with dozens of dogs. There are a lot of dogs sometimes, but since everyone is walking the trails it doesn't get over-whelming. The trails are varied enough that this is good for when I only have time for a quick 30 min. romp or I can go further for a 1.5 hr hike. Really great when evening daylight is minimal. Some spots do get very muddy, though. Not a big deal, I just wear the "hiking" clothes.


    off-leash, close to home, multiple trails


    so popular that it gets very muddy

  • 10. Mixed feelings

    by: mlbehrens1

    We really enjoy walking the trails at this park and the space for my boys to get some exercise. Unfortunately, the creek is extremely dirty and I cannot let my boys get in it. My boys live to swim and it isn't much fun for them or me when they want to get into the water and they cannot be allowed. The creek has runoff from one of the local Walmarts and MODOT stations. There has been an effort to clean the area, but it is still a mess. There have been adults who have almost died from the bacteria in this water. For that reason, I would not suggest going to this park if your dog is a big swimmer.


    Decent walking trail


    Dirty creek

  • 11. still pretty good place

    by: maedke

    Grindstone is still a great place to go. Still, I have been walking dogs out there since I was a child. For maybe close to 26 years if not more and it has gone in a direction that takes away from that out-in-the-woods feeling. You can't just let your dogs out anymore. There are now benches and bridges and signs. There's gravel now too that runs through a part of the park that use to be so beautiful before they widened and graveled it. If "caught" with dogs not on a leash in this area, it's becoming increasingly likely that you will get chewed out. As you can see, I became spoiled by the way the park use to be. Nonetheless, it is still very nice. The upside is that the city has incorporated beautiful native plants!! I love the wildflowers. There are also some fragrant non-natives that smell so good. I just hope the city doesn't change anything else!!!


    still lots of room to get some exercise


    has become less "primitive" with all the benches, gravel, etc.

  • 12. Good for dogs to run!

    by: cveile

    We love to go on a nice walk on the trail and then step off to the dog park for a bit... It's a true treat for our dogs and ourselves!!! I wish there were more small dogs for them to play with, but they still have a good time!


    Great exercise for pet and owner!


    Lots of big dogs...

  • 13. Nice area for pets to play!

    by: sveile

    Compared to the Garth Park, this park has a lot more bigger dogs that go there. I have two smaller dogs so sometimes this can be overwhelming for them.. However, it's a really nice and clean park and people seem to take care of it really well!!


    Clean and pet friendly


    Lots of big dogs!

  • 14. Best nature in town

    by: krazykate

    We love this park!!! When living in town, we had no fence for our yard. Grindstone allowed the dogs to run and get the exercise they needed. After a long 45min walk/run, a nice dip in the creek was great. We enjoy watching the seasons change with the different trees and lots of wild flowers. If we were early enough in the morning or there at dusk, we were able to watch other wild life...or chase wild life up trees :) We realy enjoyed going a set times because we would frequently run into other dog friends and their owners that were fun to run around with for a little while.


    off lease allowed, creek for swimming, meeting other dogs on the trail


    muddy when ground is wet

  • 15. Fun for dogs

    by: ilurvecats

    This park is a lot of fun for dogs and for their human companions. There is plenty of acreage for them to run on.


    very spacious


    can't think of any

  • 16. great nature park

    by: ccbb

    great place to explore


    nice area



  • 17. If you want to get some exercise too

    by: jeg4k4

    This is a nice big park where my dogs can run. There are open areas and trails through the woods and it's right in town - I can drive there in less than 10 minutes. It's great if I just want to walk with my dogs or if I want to trail run with them. There are also gravel paths too though that skirt the park and are not meant for dogs off leash. Occassionally, I have had runins with people who didn't have control of their pet and/or were in an area that was not a leash-free zone.


    big park right in town, off leash areas


    people in wrong place off leash

  • 18. It's ok

    by: PuppyFashionista

    This is the least congested of all of the dog parks in town. You have to go off trail though in order for the dogs to be off leash. I ended up getting lost the last time we were there. I personally prefer Twin Lakes.




    Not Fenced In

  • 19. Perfect for High Energy Dogs!

    by: cmw6v8

    200 Acres!! Enough said. Perfect for highly active dogs who LOVE. TO. RUN! Trees and trails, creeks and rocks--there is so much for a dog to do here. We usually take Penny here at least twice a week for at least an hour at a time. It's the easiest way for her to get her exercise, and I enjoy walking/running the trails too. Since it's off leash and it's such a huge area, it can be difficult to keep track of your dog, especially with other dogs running around. Still, we never have too many problems and it's the best off-leash area in Columbia.


    200 acres


    200 acres

  • 20. Lots of Off Leash Fun

    by: csullivan

    This is my go-to park because of the off leash areas and the trails. There are trails that are flat and well-worn and others that are off the beaten path and offer a bit more elevation and exercise for you and your animal. Either way, this park provides a winning outing.


    Off leash area


    Not the most scenic area in the area

  • 21. Our favorite dog park

    by: matt2626

    Garth Nature Area has the best off-leash area for dogs that like to lounge in the water. While Twin Lakes is also good, our dogs have an easier time getting in and out of the water at Garth. Fewer large rocks.


    Great little pond. Excellent fence. Great areas for leash walking nearby.


    Sometimes muddy.

  • 22. Grindstone is the best!

    by: BRC65203

    Grindstone is a 200 acre off-leash park. It has lots of trails so both you and your dog will get exercise. There are two creeks that go through the park - Hinkson and Grindstone. Grindstone is the cleaner of the two. There is a gravel trail on the edge of the park that connects to the MKT trail--dogs must be leashed on this trail. The downside to Grindstone is that the City allows bow-hunting for deer 4 months of the year. Make sure your dog wears an orange collar or coat if you think they will run in the woods. The hunters tend to be there very early in the a.m. or late afternoon, early evening. They are required to attend an city-sponsored orientation and they are informed that Grindstone is a multi-use park used by hikers, runners, and dogs. You will rarely encounter them--they tend to stay deep in the woods-- but please be aware of their possible presence during that 4 month period.


    200 acres - lots of trails


    Bow hunting for deer is allowed Sept. 15 - Jan. 15