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Grayson county humane society

213 east lake drive
Leitchfield, KY 42754
Visit Website

User Reviews (24)

  • 1. A wonderful place!

    by: honeybee8200

    I have Humane Societies and rescues that are closer to me but I choose to support the Grayson County Humane Society. The people there do everything in their power to adopt out pets.


    Wonderful volunteers, great pets



  • 2. Working hard to help pets!

    by: bcoo

    The Grayson County Humane Society voluntarily runs the Leitchfield Animal Shelter. They are a small group of 10 or fewer volunteers. In addition to cleaning the shelter, caring for the pets there and fundraising to keep the shelter operational, they also take animals from outside the city limits into their own homes or work with the pet(s)' current caretaker to find a safe and loving new home for each pet.\r\n\r\nSince the group is so small, there is a limit to the number of pets they can help outside the shelter but they do all they can to help a pet in need.\r\n\r\nThrough their volunteers the Grayson Co Humane Society has assisted approximately 100 dogs/puppies and 50 cats/kittens outside the city limits each year. This is in addition to the 700- 900pets that they care for at the city shelter each year.\r\n\r\n


    Works very hard to save each pet.


    Have very few volunteers

  • 3. they overcame a fire!

    by: fsems08

    The staff and volunteers at Grayson County have over come alot over the years, about 4 years ago a fire destroyed their shelter, killing most of the animals. Our shelter took in most of the ones left. They have since rebuilt their shelter and are still very dedicated to helping the animals.


    dedicated to helping the animals


    small community with limited funds

  • 4. Kudos to our neighbor

    by: Rowyna

    This shelter is sort of a neighbor shelter to the one I live near and volunteer at. I have heard/read on petfinder many stories about how this shelter that has a much smaller support base than even our own has always made its best effort to find the right home for an animal and keep eligible animals much longer when other county shelters would eutanize an animal. Several years ago this poor organization was the victim of arson and lost half of their animals in the blaze. The majority of the animal survivors came to our shelter in the hours after the trajedy and stayed with us until they were adopted or found foster homes. The people of this shleter did not give up. They rebuilt their facility and continue to staff it with dedicated and extremely caring people. Kudos to a team that struggles everyday like most of us shelters do to do the best they can for the animals that come into their care though they and we never seem to have the resources to do all that we would wish to be able to do.


    Extremely caring and dedicated staff.


    Smaller town can'rt always provide them with the monetary support they need.

  • 5. Awesome people!

    by: lilmommamia

    I have never visited this shelter but I donate to them whenever I can. I also try to get a bunch of other people to donate to them as well! I really love what they do here in trying their hardest to get these animals into good homes. I would like one day to meet the wonderful people who volunteer here. They mean the world to a lot of animals :)


    Deeply cares about the animals


    Lacks the funding they need!

  • 6. They work hard for the animals.

    by: IResQK9sNKy

    This shelter has overcome many obstacles including a devastating fire to come back and be a force for the animals in Grayson Co. The staff is nice and genuinely care for the pets they work with.


    They work hard for the animals.


    Non found.

  • 7. Great helpful staff at this shelter

    by: westclan50

    I found my dog (Honey) on line thru Petfinder and started the process of adopting. It took several emails back and forth but was worth it in the end. Since we adopted Honey we have found she has epilepsy but she is worth it. Only has a seizure every couple weeks on the average. She is such a loving dog, I can't imagine not having her in my life.\r\nThe staff worked hard to get her spayed and ready to go. Had about a 4 hour drive to pick her up and they made sure I knew I could give her back if things didn't work out, with other pets or anything. We got a collar and small bag of pet food with her as well.\r\nShe went around and said goodbye to all the staff, she loved them so much it was hard to see it.\r\n\r\n


    great staff, clean facility


    application process slows the time

  • 8. Grayson County Humane Society - The little engine that could!

    by: Krazykats

    Although I don't volunteer, I have sponsored several Grayson cats, and have had the immense satisfaction of seeing them go to loving, forever homes. I have had contact with other shelters, and I can truly say the volunteers at Grayson go way above and beyond the call of duty. Each cat and dog in the shelter is treated like family, and lack for nothing - except their own home. But until they do find that forever home, Grayson is about as good as it gets! Because Grayson is in a rural area where the adoption rates are low, the volunteers give up their weekends and transport their furry charges to rescues in several states, using their own vehicles, and paying all out-of-pocket expenses themselves. The dedication and commitment of the volunteers is truly inspiring, and inspires people like me to want to do more to help.


    Utterly dedicated volunteers, clean, all vetting up-to-date


    Totally dependent on donations - no help from county!

  • 9. awesome people!

    by: houndpound

    The volunteers here are awesome! always going above and beyond to save as many lives as possible!


    good people


    too full :(

  • 10. Great shelter

    by: Koronin

    These are wonderful volunteers who do so much for the animals in their care. Keep up the great work!


    Great staff


    not enough help

  • 11. Great Shelter.

    by: Chatterboxxes12

    This shelter is very caring. They love and take care of their animals and they have the best staff. Although these animals would like homes they are still well taken care of.


    Love for the animals



  • 12. This is a wonderful place.

    by: DeAnna

    You can tell these people really put their hearts into the animals. They do all kinds of fund raisers and take care of the animals so well. If I go to look for a cat or dog I will definetly go here to find one.





  • 13. Very Loving

    by: Rach

    This is the most loving shelter I have ever been to. They seem so caring toward their animals and they don't just let them go home with anyone. They seem to take good care of them and they keep the shelter very clean for all the kitties and dogs that have to live there.


    Helpful staff.



  • 14. Wonderful people, wonderful pets

    by: toniacita

    I live in Chicago, so how did I get involved with a shelter in Kentucky? A friend who volunteered there asked if I could help out and take a kitten, since they were overcrowded.\r\n\r\nI said yes, and a shelter volunteer picked out a kitten for me, and even though it was a snowy January, she drove all the way from Kentucky to deliver "Miranda" to her new home in Chicago.\r\n\r\nThe Grayson Co. people go to ANY lengths to find homes for their animals. I've never seen such dedication to the animals. What other shelter will keep a dog for a year, hoping (and succeeding) to find it a new "forever home"? Grayson County does.\r\n\r\nI try to do what I can, and I know my donations go to help the animals, not pay for glossy brochures or expense accounts.\r\n\r\nI can't recommend this place enough!


    Amazing people


    That it's too far from my home for me to do more

  • 15. We Try Harder . . .

    by: pearlsy

    If you are old enough to remember the old Avis commercial, it said, "We try harder." I often think this applies to our group of volunteers at this shelter. I have volunteered here since the Grayson County Humane Society took over the Leitchfield Animal Shelter. The city provides the building and basic utilities and we do the rest. Never did I imagine what all I would learn and be doing the first day I arrived to walk a few dogs and clean a few cat cages. I have to say that this is the most fulfilling thing I have ever done. \r\nWe have gone through so much over the past few years, and we often throw our hands up and say, "This is it, we can't do this anymore," but we've weathered every crisis and get stronger each day, it seems.\r\nThe volunteers here care for each animal, know them well, love them all. Our mission is to give them the best of care and safety until we can find them homes. In addition, we provide low-cost spay/neuter opportunities to the citizens of Grayson County in hopes of lowering the homeless animal population in the whole county, not just Leitchfield. While we do not have the resources to have a vet, we do provide this opportunity at least once per month for those people who just cannot afford the regular vetting fees. And while we can only admit animals from the city of Leitchfield (due to our agreement with the city), we usually help over 100 county animals each year by finding rescues for them.\r\nWe clean and maintain the shelter, we care for the animals, we screen and counsel adopters, we do fundraisers for those vet bills that are not covered by adoption or rescue, we find rescues, we transport an hour away for better veterinarian care, we transport our animals everywhere in hopes of them finding the best homes through rescue (and we are amazed at the families they do find this way).\r\nSo as the Avis commercial goes, "We try harder," but we also rely on the wonderful help of those who also believe in our mission.


    Wonderful animals and volunteers


    Too few adoptions, long timers need homes

  • 16. Love is the key

    by: Chatterboxxes

    This is the most loving shelter I have ever been in. I have volunteered there before and it is so clean. All the animals are well taken care and so are their medical needs. There are so many loving animals here wanting to find great homes. Please help these wonderful animals and adopt a shelter pet.


    Very Clean


    Not enough room.

  • 17. Heart and Soul

    by: NYMare

    The people who run the website and post for this shelter care so much about the aminals that their compassion reaches out and grabs me in NY. I can't help wanting to try to help them any way I can. I love their animals because I feel the love they feel for them when they describe them....they are all heart and soul.





  • 18. Happy homes for happy, healthy animals.

    by: Cougarette

    I love this shelter. I voluteer here in my spare time, when I'm not doing homework. Everything is clean, the animals are socialized and fed well. All their medical needs are well taken care of. I would recommend this to anyone wanting to adopt a pet or anyone who can't keep a stray, and needs to find it a home.


    Wonderful conditions for the animals.


    Running out of space.

  • 19. They help a lot of people

    by: lindaf

    The Humane Society has helped our family find affordable spay/neuter and affordable medical care for our pets and stray pets we have found. They have neuter clinics once or twice a month and they help people find groups for fixing barn or feral cats. Volunteers will come out to your home to see your pets.


    They help all they can


    they are a really small group

  • 20. Grayson rocks

    by: larue816

    These people really care about the animals they are saving. I am not from anywhere near this shelter, and I still support what they are doing. These animals deserve a shelter makeover. Lets make it happen!


    great shelter with a heart of gold.



  • 21. Happy with our new baby!!

    by: Billie77

    I like this shelter as I feel they do a lot for the pets they house. I was very happy to adopt our little Dori from them, she has been a wonderful addition to our home. \r\n\r\nIf I could only say one thing it would be that they should keep potential pet parents more in the loop during the adoption process.


    They have many pets to choose from


    they were a bit slow on letting us know what was going on with our pet adoption

  • 22. Visit your local Humane Society

    by: tpuente

    The shelter is eager to help you find the perfect pet for your home. They truly love the pets they help and don't want to place them in a home where the pets will be unhappy or unkept. The shelter is very clean. The only negatives are the shelter is small and has limited hours but this is because of the limited number of volunteers and money coming into the shelter. They are truly a blessing to the unwanted animals in the county but need your help!


    Staff love the animals


    too small and limited hours

  • 23. Beautiful souls saved!

    by: kiyah232

    I have adopted 3 cats from Grayson and they are WONDERFUL! The staff was amazing and the cats were VERY healthy! Please come and volunteer or adopt!


    Wonderful animals and staff



  • 24. Small Town, Small Group, BIG Effort

    by: bcoo

    I have volunteered here for three years now. This is an open admission city shelter. It used to be very high kill with few rescues and virtually no adoptions. We clean the shelter, meet adopters, work with city workers who act as animal control officers, drive pets to vetting and rescue, perform all fundraising, list all pets on petfinder, are members of many internet rescue groups, assist with low-cost spay/neuter clinics and finding low cost spay/neuter, assist county residents with pet problems and perform community awareness activities with only 8 to 10 volunteers. Our city allows us to use their property and maintains the property. All other monies and services are our responsibility. Just cleaning the shelter and caring for the animals takes 30 man hours a day split between 4 to 6 volunteers. About half of our volunteers also drive multi-state transports and work tirelessly through phone and internet contacts to obtain rescue for the animals in our care. We work very hard not to have to euthanize for space. All pets, regardless of their injury or infirmity, are given the best possible chance to find a home. Please consider volunteering here. The pets would benefit from your love, attention and efforts.


    The shelter staff attempts to save each and every animal that comes through it's doors.


    Located in a very rural area without a lot of local support, this shelter has very few volunteers to assist it in fulfilling it's mission.