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Gene C. Reid Park Off-leash Area

900 S. Randolph Way
Tucson, AZ

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Good park

    by: Lissa182

    This park is a great place to take your dog for some play time. We have a big yard at home, but we take Matti to Reid Park's dog park for socialization and she just loves it. The gates are new and work well. The people are usually very friendly and, especially in the small dog area, keep a close watch on their dogs. It's harder in the big dog area b/c it's so big to keep track of your dog, but the space is nice. There are covered picnic tables in the large dog area, and a picnic table and benches in the small dog area. There are lots of big trees for shade, which is very nice for warm Tucson days.


    large park, nice fencing


    losing grass fast!

  • 2. Brady loves it there!!

    by: sassyaz

    We love taking our dog Brady to the "big dog" area for fresh air and socializing. He loves to run and mingle and we have met and chatted with some great parents there. We do all need to remember that this is a public park and should all do our park to clean up after ourselves and our pets!


    It has everything you and your best friend need for socializing and exercise.


    some parents forget that we all need to take care of the park

  • 3. I loved this place

    by: Tyrizzle

    I went to this park with a friend and was really surprised. The park I'd beento before was near the YMCA on Magee this park is way better. I told my mom about it


    Very shady


    ground was really wet

  • 4. Miko's playground

    by: nvrstr8

    I love this park especially for my smaller dogs. So far my dogs the smallest being 5lbs aren't able to get out of this park. Also when there are Hawks overhead there is a lot of tree cover to stay under till they part. My small dogs are just starting to get use to the doggie fountains, As long as I just let the water trickle out and they can't see the stream they'll use it. My biggest problem with any parks is that uninformed dog owners use them. You know them, Puppies who are too young, dogs that aren't vaccinated, or worse contagious. I think there should be random checks for licenses at the very least.


    Safe for small dogs


    no way of keeping unsafe dogs out

  • 5. love it

    by: paws4acause

    I love this place. Our dogs enjoy playing and drinkinf from there doggy fountain. There enclosed niced with iron. Tow gates so dogs cant get out. There are trees and picnic table/benches and a ramada. There are two areas one for big dogs and one for small dogs. They both are good size. Ther are alway lots of tennis balls for them to play with. Its just a nice place


    nice place



  • 6. reid park renovations

    by: kenyacat

    For any one in the tucson area I encourage you to go and check out the new improved park. We went the other day and it was great. They still have the two seperate areas for big and small dogs but now there is grass and more covered seating for the owners to enjoy. I noticed that there was no longer buckets of water instead they installed a new water fountain for both human and k9. I liked this a lot better no more puddles of mud. My dogs were having such a good time I could not get them to leave.


    new park