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Fried's cat shelter

509 highway 212
Michigan city, IN 46360
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User Reviews (13)

  • 1. Helping our four legged friends!!!!!!!

    by: mom2many

    They do all they can given their limited resources, like any other rescue or shelter. I don't know of any rescue that doesn't have the animals best interests at heart. Sometimes, though, do to limited resources tough decisions have to be made. If resources were limitless, there would be more happy stories to tell then time to tell them.


    good work!!!!!!!



  • 2. Caring staff

    by: wavesagain

    This is a wonderful no-kill cat shelter in Northwest Indiana. The staff is very caring and really love the cats. Fried's Cat Shelter is always struggling for funds. I write that as a "con" because lack of funds prevents them from doing a 100% job. The building is older and they could sure use funds to update it and help care for the cats. If you want a lovable cat to take home, use Fried's!


    Very caring staff


    always lacking funds to improve

  • 3. Special Needs Cats

    by: PatBrowning

    What a rare atmosphere. The staff is awesome, knowledgeable. Cage-free loving home for cats. The cats are well cared for and the shelter is extremely clean and well cared for.


    Room for special needs cats, FIV+, etc.



  • 4. Fried's really cares about cats

    by: MollyKitty3

    I have been taking supply donations to Fried's for some time now. The staff is great and very knowledgeable. I had been having trouble getting drops into my cat's ears and a staff member showed me a great way to get the job done. When visiters go to Fried's they can visit with the kitties, which means going into the living quarters and having hundreds of kitties wanting to shower them with love. I appreciate the fact that Fried's is a no cage shelter so the kitties can move around and do what cats do. Fried's is a great place to adopt a cat. I would take them all home if I coud!


    No kill- need I say more!


    a bit crowded, but each and every kitty is cared for

  • 5. So many cats, so little time...

    by: juliesmith2019

    This organization provides a wonderful service to the cat loving community of Northwest Indiana. No one wants to see a stray or feral cat left to fend for itself or be killed. It is comforting to know that at Fried's, the staff will do everything within their power to care for needy cats and that the cats there will not be killed. They put so much of their funds into the care, feeding and cleaning of the shelter, they could very well use a make-over of their facility.


    The cats get to interact with one another and socialize


    So many to choose from, you want to take them all home!

  • 6. fried's cat shelter deserves help

    by: smason

    the people at fried's obviously care about the cats.\r\nthey are proud of their shelter and the work that they do. I hear so many bad "jokes" about cats,\r\nit's nice to see a place that devotes it's care just\r\nto cats. they definately deserve a makeover.


    cares for every cat, no matter what



  • 7. A Wonderful Place!!

    by: ts1031

    My family adopted our first cat from there. This cat was the most friendliest companion. He would lay on my chest and nuzzle my chin. Though we had to send him back to Frieds after a couple of years because my son is allergic to cats. I was heart broken to have to return him and still miss him dearly. I know he is well cared for and safe at Frieds. If any shelter deserves this it is Frieds!




    In need of remodling

  • 8. Caring

    by: atmos86

    The owners of this shelter care about cats so much they deserve a makeover! Since they are a no-kill shelter it can be a little crowded at times, but I thank God shelters like this exist!




    Not enough ppl to adopt their cats :(

  • 9. Fried's remains a wonderful shelter

    by: Bittersweethalo

    I had my first experience with Fried's back when I was in elementary school. We got one of our best cats there named Gizmo and she was with us for many years. Fried's is a wonderful place to visit. Everyone there is so friendly and the cats are absolutely a joy to interact with. Last year we got another cat that we named Chloe for our almost 6-year-old daughter. Chloe is yet another gentle and wonderful cat. The cats from Fried's seem to have the best personalities. I will always go to Fried's before anywhere else in the future when deciding to adopt another cat. The cats are already updated on their shots and neutered or spayed when you adopt them.


    Many friendly cats to choose from


    Not being able to take them all home :(

  • 10. A Port in the Storm for Cats

    by: kshadbar

    I was fortunate to meet the founders of Fried's Cat Shelter, Hans and Lucille Fried, many years ago. The current staff has continued to operate the shelter as Hans and Lucille wished - the cats have a "port in the storm" where love and caring prevails.


    The staff is marvelous with the cats; they love them all and give individual attention, even though the shelter is usually filled to capacity



  • 11. A good large facility

    by: budjen

    A wonderful place to adopt a cat--they truly care about the animals--one of the earliest no-kill shelters


    A wonderful no-kill shelter


    Only that they do need money to do an even better job.

  • 12. Fried's Cat Shelter, Michigan City, IN

    by: Speed1953

    Fried's is a no-kill cat shelter in Northeast Indiana.....not far from Chicago AND South Bend.\r\n\r\nThey were founded by an extraordinary couple many years ago.....and has been able to continue due to volunteers and contributions since their founders died years ago.\r\n\r\nThey take in people pets' who can no longer care for their own pets due to age, disability and death.\r\n\r\nThey place is CLEAN....they put out an informative newsletter, complete with dedications and memorials for other people's pets.\r\n\r\nThis is a class facility that is very, VERY worthy of being included in the ZOOTOO project.\r\n\r\nDo all you can to support them in this effort. TELL YOUR FRIENDS !


    a no-kill shelter


    an older facility, can always use updating

  • 13. A No-Kill Sheter

    by: shee

    An excellent place to go to find kitties


    Over 350 cats and kittens to choose from