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Franklin county animal shelter

550 industry road
Farmington, ME 04938
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User Reviews (16)

  • 1. Compassionate and Caring

    by: bikernurse

    My 1st Akita was rescued and felt that we could give back for having such a wonderful dog by helping others. Have been a $ supporter, going to events and taking items they need to them often. They do a wonderful job it's just too bad that humans aren't more reponsible with neutering and realizing that a pet is a life-long commitment.


    staff caring, animals well cared for


    That I can't take them all home with me

  • 2. a great shelter

    by: mymainecoon

    This is a wonderful shelter where the staff really care and are able to help you choose the right pet. The animals are well cared for and as comfortable as is possible while they wait for their new homes.


    The animals are very well cared for



  • 3. Great animal shelter

    by: elfquest1120

    this is a very nice shelter where the people really care about the animals. the staff is friendly and always ready to help and answer questions. They work hard to keep everything clean and do a good job at it. they are always looking to improve the shelter to make it nicer for all the animals that go through there.


    very nice people who are knowledgeable and helpful


    can't think of any

  • 4. I love this place

    by: Eileensfamily

    I've been to this shelter many times and have always left feeling good. I've adopted 2 cats from there and had wonderful success with them. \nI have also visited other shelters and not found the friendly staff that Franklin County Animal Shelter has. \nGood job.


    Friendly, knowledgeable staff. Clean, healthy pets


    Not open long enough hours

  • 5. The best choice in Franklin County

    by: kathishrews

    I have dealt with the animal shelter since 1986 and have found them to be so very helpful. They checked on the dog I first adopted from them in 1986 and were so helpful in finding me just the right type of dog that I wanted in 1995. I have found them to be very clean and caring. This place is the best kept secret in the county! They give superior care to the animals and truly go out of their way to work with you. It took me 3 years to find the dog I wanted and they put up with me coming in to look for those years without pressuring me at all. They receive all types of dogs and some of them are from conditions that are less than optimal. They are kind and gentle with the creatures they receive and you can rest assured the animal you adopt will have been looked after by people who are experts in giving the medical, psychological, and emotional care the animal needs. You will adopt a pet who is used to love and attention. Top notch place!


    The staff is so helpful and patient.


    Could use some new people on the board!

  • 6. great place

    by: Melba17

    I got two of the best friends I have ever had from this shelter. Treasure and Bridget, both small white terriers, came from this shelter. I fell in love the second I walked in. Treasure left me way too soon, but Bridget has been with me for 13 years and is still going strong. My sister also recently adopted her dog Sam from here. I try to stop in when I can to visit with the animals and take dogs for a walk. This shelter is good about researching people before approving an adoption. At first I was concerned that this would decreased the animals adopted, but I now realize that it is more important to make sure animals that are adopted are going to good, safe homes. I am grateful that there is a shelter in my area to care for these animals and I urge everyone to stop in. You never know; your best friend could be waiting for you!!


    friendly staff, relaxed atmosphere for animals, convenient location


    Small facility with a lot of animals

  • 7. My son loves to visit!!

    by: panda6

    I got my dog Sam at the shelter 2 years ago. He is a wonderful dog!! When we went to find a dog my son (who was 3 at the time) loved going into the kitten room. He is now five and is always asking to go to the shelter and play with the animals. We try to bring some goodies with us and take at least one dog out for a walk. It is a great place for my son to learn compassion and responsibility. The staff is always cheerful and know the names of all the cats! (How do they know them all??)


    friendly, knowledgeable staff! clean facility


    dogs are overcrowded sometimes

  • 8. Maine Shelters Finally Being Recognized

    by: mags

    Maine is a beautiful place to live and raise healthy pets, offering plenty of room to roam however...this State has a history of economic woes especially if compared to other New England States (yet, we have one of the overall highest tax burdens in the nation !?!). We hope to encourage any financial help toward upgrading our local shelters, and let the shelter staff know that their hard work HAS been noticed...we are very lucky we have good souls like Carina to help care & speak for our furry friends...It's time to show our support for the good deeds being done at the Franklin County Animal Shelter.


    Heads & Hearts Definately in the Right Place


    Funding for Shelters Commonly Overlooked Especially in Rural Areas

  • 9. Voluteering

    by: deblin

    I recently started bringing my granddaughter here to do some voluteer work a few hours a week. She absolutely loves it. The staff is friendly and caring. Hopelully, we'll be able to continue doing this for a long time to come. I know it will be a rewarding experience for both of us. The Foster and Feral Programs are great ideas.


    The staff


    The only thing I can think of is they need more funding

  • 10. good shelter

    by: blond1819

    I've never been there but my nana adopted her kitty from there after her's died of old age. She has been so happy since she got Licorice.





  • 11. Great Shelter

    by: ckarina46

    It'd be even better if I was still there ;)


    Caring people


    Lack of funds

  • 12. nice shelter

    by: hymcheng

    A good friend of mine adopted her dog and two of her cats at the Franklin County shelter. Although I've never gone there myself, I have heard from my friend that this is a good place to adopt a new friend. (Of course, since then, I've convinced her to visit CWA and she has ABSOLUTELY fallen in love with CWA, adopting from there her other three kitties)!





  • 13. Great shelter

    by: vickeybicky01

    I personally have not visited this shelter, but a friend of mine, who HAS visited the shelter, tells me that it's a great place where many animals are saved from the outside. She also said that the staff were kind, experienced, and gentle towards the animals.


    Great service



  • 14. Great place to go

    by: pourlepiano

    This is a great place to go if you are looking for a pet. FCAS is run by some great people who care for the animals. They are also very knowledgeable.


    Very responsible



  • 15. adoption ideas

    by: tamedtigress

    I love all the new ideas for the promotional adoptions. The Martin Luther King J.R. day where all cat adoptions were free was amazing. Many cats found great homes because of this. Keep up on the great ideas.


    more animals adopted



  • 16. Great Animal Shelter!

    by: PattiCat

    I have a great deal of respect for the people running and working at the Franklin County Animal Shelter in Farmington, Maine. I love to visit there just to visit with the kitties and the doggies. My friend and I love to walk the dogs, too. If I could, I would bring all of them home with me! \r\nI used to find it sad to visit shelters, but here the cats are allowed run run and play with one another and seem very happy. They also have an opportunity to become socialized with other pets and people. It is always an enjoyable time to visit them. \r\nThe dogs could use a little more space. Their kennels are small. However, there are some outside large kennels and the dogs are alternately let outside for the fresh air and to run. There are also volunteers who come to walk the dogs and the shelter has a nice wooded path where the dogs can go walking. \r\nThis is one of my very favorite shelters. They deserve a lot of credit for taking excellent care of these animals and taking great steps to do everything they can to find loving homes for the animals. They advertise, also. The dogs and cats receive great vet care as well.\r\nI trapped a feral cat and her kittens where I work. The kittens were able to be placed in homes, but the mother needed socialization. I already have four cats of my own. I immediately brought the mother cat to the shelter. They took her in with open arms. Although they couldn't keep her and put her up for adoption, they had her vet checked, spayed, etc., and she was returned to me. She is now in a great home in New Vineyard with 3 like cats and getting to be a tame indoor house cat. She's adorable and alive, healthy and having a second chance on live, all because of this shelter.


    Caring, Friendly & Knowledgeable Staff, Great Care for Animals, Clean, F


    Rural location so some people may not visit.