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Franklin county animal control

1731 alum creek dr.
Columbus, OH 43207
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User Reviews (14)

  • 1. Good animal a shelter

    by: monacat

    I like this place, they really care about the animals and they really try to get the animals adopted. The last thing they want is to euthanize any animals..they really do care.


    These people care about the animals


    They euthanize

  • 2. A kind heart

    by: lablover60

    I have been at the shelter when dogs come in. They are fed watered and givien some love. If there is any chance for adoption, the dog is given that chance. They deal with the problem, they didn't create it. Keep up the good work


    Have been there and saw what they do



  • 3. I adopted from here

    by: AbbyScott

    Fatty was adopted from here. She was just a tiny puppy way back then. This is the biggest shelter in Ohio in terms of Intake. The staff do their best to get animals adopted and into rescue. They need a new building and are getting one - I think they are looking at plans now.


    open lots of hours, great staff


    overcrowded, older building

  • 4. These people work so hard

    by: kzalmon

    they try sooooooooo hard to save every animal at that shelter, but there's just too many coming in at a constant flow.. sad


    great employees and volunteers


    there'll never be a shortage of irresponsible, heartless people

  • 5. shelter

    by: CathyBeaver

    my son lives in franklin county. the 2 ''forever'' dogs our family has adopted, came from our local shelter. if our son and his wife ever choose to adopt an animal i hope that they come here.


    good to know where they are



  • 6. Great Shelter

    by: ModelATruck

    Thats says it all, the people at this shelter as well as others do the best they can with multiple dogs, little money and lukewarm support from the public


    They deal with idiots everyday


    The idiots have dogs

  • 7. Nice shelter, great people

    by: NoSolo

    The folks at Franklin really care about their wards.


    Doing a great job with what they have.


    Always seems like it is busy.

  • 8. many,many dogs

    by: beesh3art

    the animal shelter is a grest place to talk about. the great thing about it is that no matter how full they are they still go out and pick up unwanted animals and give them homes.no matter what time it is they rescue animals in need,i myself like the animal shelter.


    i love it


    some mean people

  • 9. Shelter works hard

    by: 3crzybbz

    I think what this shelter is doing is great! They have the capacity to hold a lot of dogs and there's even more in foster homes. The problem is they just need more space and more people working in the back. When I adopted my dog from there, it was not very clean. They had one person cleaning a bunch of cages. Almost every dog had a mess in it's cage and no bedding, some had newspaper. It was very sad to see all those dogs living in those conditions. I think they also should rethink their adoption process because they turn away a lot of good homes for some minor reasons. Again, I think they are a good shelter with good intentions, but maybe they need to rethink some policies and hire more kennel workers!


    They're doing great things in finding so many dogs homes.


    Messy, adoption process

  • 10. Help is here!

    by: polyphemus

    No one wants to call animal control for a homeless animnal for fear they might be put to sleep. Franklin Country animal control will do it's best to care for an animal they called out to deal with. That give me a little more peace about a difficult situation.


    Helpful staff


    They are located far from my house

  • 11. They do their best

    by: lindseymay01

    The staff tries their best. The shelter is one of the largest ones. They go above and beyond to try and get the dogs adopted to responsible homes. They utilize the shelter, foster homes, and another boarding kennel because they do not have enough space. They host a very large adoption event in which they invite other groups to as well the first and third Sunday of every month. Like I said they do what they can with a very over populated city of strays and people just dumping their animals.


    the staff does what they can for the animals.


    over capacity

  • 12. Not enough of everything

    by: gpeyton2001

    Franklin County Animal Shelter is a big shelter. But they have to be since they get in way too many dogs a day. With the number of dogs picked up, they do what they can to find them all a home or a rescue/shelter to help.\n\nI know the staff can be overwhelmed. But when you are dealing with so many dogs in one day, it can just get to you.\n\nFranklin County Animal shelter has improved from many years ago. They are doing better than about 50% of the shelters in Ohio.


    Big shelter


    too many dogs

  • 13. Check them out

    by: beaglemutz

    The largest shelter in the state. Lisa and her staff do an unbelievable job in a crowded older building. They work well with other shelters and rescues and have great volunteers. There are nice fenced meet and greet areas in the back for people to bring current pets to meet potential family additions. Adoption fees are reasonable and they have a great website.


    great committed staff


    building is old and needs replaced

  • 14. Hard working Shelter

    by: peytonplace2001

    Franklin county animal shelter works hard to try and get as many dogs into homes as possible. They work with rescues and other shelters. For taking in the number of dogs daily, it is very hard work. Hats off to you guys.


    hard working staff, great PR,


    too many dogs