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Forest Park

1415 N. 13th St.
Saint Louis, MO

User Reviews (14)

  • 1. The park

    by: kerriboberrie

    My guys love going to Forest Park and running around. Many other pet owners there-so it is pet friendly.


    Many other pet owners walking distant



  • 2. Great place to walk and have lunch with your dog

    by: ttmaclean

    I love this park! I used to live nearby and would walk my dog there daily. Now that I live farther away, we make it an outing and then have lunch at the Boat House. Usually we put our name in right when we get there because the wait is long. Then we take a walk nearby. It's a great day to sit on their patio and watch the gondolas on the lake while enjoying lunch with your pooch. They provide water bowls and treats. Fun family and dog outing!!


    You can take your dog to the boat house in the summer


    The wait is usually pretty long for the Boat House

  • 3. Huge, beautiful, wonderful park, great for dog walks too

    by: rememberingromeo

    Forest Park is so large, and has so much within its bounds. It is a great and treasured landmark of St. Louis. So many events are hosted here. Families are welcome. Pets are welcome too. Definitely a great place for a walk or run with your dog - a treat for both.


    extensive and truly beautiful grounds, great experiences and memories are made here, a place to share with your pet



  • 4. Beautiful Park!

    by: JKLK

    Beautiful and huge park. Has the wonderful St. Louis Zoo, beautiful Jewel Box and the Muny Opera. Bike path, you'll see folks running and riding bikes with their dogs right along side.


    Great Park



  • 5. Great Park

    by: chadcarroll

    I always enjoy going to Forest Park. They have lots of great things to do. Several venues are within the Park which also enable doing things at night.


    Large, Lots of things to do, Non-busy Roads


    A lot of activity throughout the day, a lot of animals

  • 6. Let's Go for a WALK NOW

    by: chrisbr

    A great place for a walk with your dog. If your dog is shy, avoid weekends and seek out some of the out-of-the-way places along the many paths.


    Variety of nature, Lots of other dogs to smell


    Some dogs are off leash, can be very busy on weekends

  • 7. Great Place for Dogs and People

    by: lvorst

    The jewel of St. Louis! The dogs love walking here and seeing the other dogs. And even without the dogs (although why would I do that) Forest Park is a good place to exercise and enjoy nature.


    Huge park, plenty of room for everyone


    Wish there was an off leash enclosure for dogs

  • 8. Beautiful Park

    by: Honeybee1114

    This is a beautiful park for walking pets but it can also be intimidating with some of the other park goers.


    Very pretty for picture taking.


    Parking and sometimes feeling safe.

  • 9. Very Nice Park

    by: STLSALV59

    Beautiful park in St. Louis. A lot of things to do there.


    Nice big park


    no fenced in dog area

  • 10. Great Park

    by: SunnyRanch1

    Sometimes it's difficult to find parking, very pet and family friendly park


    Great place to meet dog lovers



  • 11. Great variety

    by: gaknott

    This is a great place to go walking with your dog. Our dogs love to schnuffle around near the ponds and romp in the tall grass near the ice skating rink. The horses at the police station also make for a good time (at a distance, of course). Drinking fountains at dog height are a nice new addition in the summer, as well.


    Lots of water, varied vegetation, lots of animals


    Limited areas suitable for off-leash time

  • 12. People/pets and zoo

    by: DorothyG

    Not just a place to walk your dogs. You can golf, play tennis, go to the zoo or ride your bike on the trails. Its soo big the dogs have a great time.


    very large / different parts of the park to go to


    have to keep on leash at all times

  • 13. Forest Park in St. Louis is beautiful.

    by: dawnt

    This park is great- it is very large,has trails, lots of side streets. There are many great sites to see while walking your dog- the World's Fair Pavilion, the Muny, History Museum, Golf course, Science Museum,etc. The only thing missing is an official dog park where dogs can run free and interact with each other. This park is one of my favorites though and my dog loves it too even if he has to be on a leash!


    Huge park, lots of trails, in the city, beautiful atmosphere


    no "dog park" fenced in area

  • 14. Love this park.

    by: rhancock

    I love forest park so much. If I lived closer, I would take my dogs there more often, but its kind of a drive.