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Fm humane society

1201 28th avenue north
Fargo, ND 58102
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User Reviews (12)

  • 1. simon

    by: monicap

    When I adopted Simon from the Fmhs 21/2 years ago the volunteers were helpful and seemed to have a passion for the animals. Simon was $125.00, but when i brought proof that I had him spayed I received $75.00 back. It was $50.00 well spent. After reading all the negative reviews on this facility I feel sad for the animals and anger towards the management. I think its time someone steps up to the plate and sends some heads arollin. Shape up fmhs, make us proud not ashamed.


    volunteers who care



  • 2. My expirience

    by: Yogimiester

    They don't do crap if you report anything to them. People I know have reported some things to them, and they just say, well, call the sheriff. then they don't really care afterwards. They seem like a strictly dog and cat place, too.


    They seem like a good shelter


    They don't do anything if you report animal abuse or neglect.

  • 3. as best they can

    by: jillfrederick

    The Humane Society has its heart in the right place, but for as much money as it seems to have and the kind of publicity it receives, it doesn't seem to accomplish as much as it might. I have found them difficult to get hold of; people don't return phone calls. And when I have, they have not been very helpful, though I understand that their mission may not allow for animal rescue beyond culling the pounds. Their work is important; I'd just like to see more of it.


    they help save animals


    they lack meaningful outreach

  • 4. FM Humane Society Facility

    by: DebraMeow

    I have been inside the FM Humane Society (FMHS)facility twice in the last 2 years, and have adopted one cat through them when she was available at Petsmart. FMHS no longer provides cats to the Fargo Petsmart, and adoptable cats are now IMPORTED from the Detroit Lakes area and displayed at the Fargo Petsmart. This does nothing to help the Fargo area animals that need permanent homes, as for each one of these DL cats that gets a home, that is one less home available for a homeless Fargo cat. I was peeved that I could not try to visit with the cats through their cages. The one room that housed kittens had overflowing litterboxes and wreaked of the smell of ammonia. I have a multiple cat household and my house has never smelt that bad. The person at the front desk could not be found when I walked in, and also didn't seem to want to be bothered with any questions about their facility or animals. This person was definitely not front office personality! When I read in the local paper that Jordahl homes donated proceeds from the sale of one of their built homes to FMHS, I really wished that this builder had built the humane society a new facility that could house many more animals than the current facility. I keep hearing and reading how a new shelter is "coming", but I am still waiting to see that happen. My understanding is that the politics of the FMHS Board of Directors is to blame for not implementing a plan for a new building. Fargo should have an animal shelter that is the showcase for the upper Midwest instead of this silly, little building with room for less than 15 dogs and maybe 20 cats? The Fargo community should be outraged that there isn't a quality facility for homeless and unwanted pets. The FMHS does fine work for the few animals it can place, but there are plenty more animals in this area that need new homes. Also, this sized community need some sort of shelter for re-homing very adoptable animals whose owners either move into a place (like a nursing home) that doesn't allow animals, or move from the area and can't take their animals with them. There are special circumstances that occur in which pet owners who really love their animals must give them up--such as a job loss, a death in the family, or some other catastrophic event. Fargo really doesn't have a place to take such animals. If you take such an animal to one of the 3 area pounds, there is no guarantee that a rescue group can take it in and it won't be euthanized. I moved from a community in Alaska that had a city run animal shelter that ran in the black and actually made money for the city. It had an associated non-profit for non-capital expenses of the shelter like expensive vet services for certain animals, and to buy cat and dog toys. This animal shelter took in all kinds of animals from chickens to horses, pocket pets like hamsters, reptiles, ferrets, and of course, cats and dogs. I use this animal shelter as my comparison yardstick for other animal shelters, and the FMHS really comes up short.


    Now open on Saturdays


    Way too small facility for a community of 90,000+ people

  • 5. I hope things have changed..

    by: itspaulas

    I have not been to the FM Humane Society for several years and it was because of my last visit that I have not returned. When I went in there was a small office that you could see into because there was a childs gate at the door. Inside were simply beautiful (Saint Bernard, I THINK) pups. When I mentioned how insane it was that the litter was brought in to be adopted out, the young lady working there informed me quite quickly that was indeed NOT the case...but instead, she bred them and she sold them. So, parents come in the door with kids...kids love puppies...then they get to go back and see the older, stray/abandoned dogs that are available and guess what I think small kids are going to beg for? I just found it totally disgraceful and an injustice to the ones that had a time limit hanging over their heads in the back. I truly hope that has changed and that there are people working there for the sake of the animals and not for the sake of having their own pet store at no cost.


    Some animals stand a chance of being adopted


    Too small

  • 6. I didn't find them very helpful when I needed them

    by: mfqz

    Didn't seem to get much concern or help when I called them about a neglected dog in the area or when I had kittens abandoned at my house. Thought their attitude was apathetic at best.\r\n\r\nI have heard some positive things from other people so perhaps my incidents were isolated.


    I think they mean well but probably have limited resources


    They either are overwhelmed or desensitived to animal neglect

  • 7. love it!

    by: KrisT

    I love the humane society here in Fargo. My wife and I will sometimes just stop by there to visit. We got our dog Marley from the Humane Society and I am so glad we did!





  • 8. Good place to get a pet

    by: 3happycats

    I know several people who have gotten pets from the FM Humane Society. They say they are very helpful. They really are careful who gets the animals. I am a volunteer at MinnKota Paaws and know that we get vouchers from them to do the spay/neuters on the pets they adopt out. Like any other shelter, I am sure it is hard to staff and that a lot of the work is done by wonderful volunteers. All in all, I think they are doing a good job.


    a place to get a pet that you know needs a home


    more expensive then some other places

  • 9. Costs..

    by: ajswanny

    I know that it is expensive to run a shelter, there is no question about that, but if we want to try to get these animals into homes and such, we need to make it accesible, and cost effective. It would be much better to put the funds to make sure that none of these lost and abandoned animals are not killed. Kudos to the volunteers that continue to spend their time walking, socializing and just spending time with these animals.


    Rescues animals


    High cost, short hours

  • 10. love it!

    by: AmandaTeske

    People complain about the hours and the prices....you know what, running a place like the humane society isn't cheap. Heat, lights, vet bills, food, etc. It all adds up. I think that the FM Humane Society is providing a great service to the animals in need of rescue/shelter. My husband and I adopted our dog Marley from this facility. I couldn't be happier! We have a wonderful dog, who was cared for in this wonderful facility! Thumbs up!





  • 11. Ways to help everyone.

    by: WandaLou

    I know that it takes a lot of money to help & take care of these animals until they find a home. When the prices are so high to adopt a pet it makes it hard to find people who are willing to pay for them. Some people have a hard time coming up with the money to adopt a pet. It takes money for the new owners to care for their new pet and if the prices were down I think it would help. There are many ways to get help on donations. Cash is nice but donating cans, food, blankets, towls, toys, litter boxes, & so on can help a great deal. More advertising on ways to help your local shelter.


    Cares about the animals.


    High priced

  • 12. good intentions

    by: Voluptas

    good organization, but the hours aren't good for people to be able to come in and get a new member of their family, prices are high, and i think they rely too much on volunteers to "socialize with their animals" (even turn away wannabe volunteers).


    they save animals


    they aren't a "no kill shelter"