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Fayette spca

215 rankin airshaft road
Uniontown, PA 15401

User Reviews (14)

  • 1. about the pets

    by: ericaaaa

    alright. i went into the shelter not long ago. I was interested in one of the older dogs that was there. It was a male i would say about a year old if not older. They didn't know much about him or have a general idea of what he was. After i got all the information i could het about him i asked how much the adpotion fee would be. To my suprise he was $150. I understand that they mostly all their shots and some have been spayed or nuetured but why so much? Most people don't have that much to spend on a dog. This is why we have so many dogs and puppies still living in the shelter. I also understand they need to buy supplies for these animals. I can remeber when they cost only $30 for a mixed breed and $60 for a pure breed. Why has the price changed? I mean why spend so much money on a dog that no one wants? I'm not trying to be rude by saying this but its true. I think it should just go back to what it was. When the cost was low and you had to take it to the vet within 48 hours. I think if it went back to this less aniamls would have to sit in the shelter and wish for someone to give them the love and affection they need.




    cost and lost of aniamls

  • 2. Adopting a kitten

    by: amyglass

    I recently adopted a kitten I named Roxy. She is a black calico. The staff made sure I knew when low cost shots and spay was being offered by the SPCA, so I could get my kitten everything she needed. I got my kitten in July and by September they made sure she had everything she needed! They truly are dedicated to each and every animal. They are exeptional group of people.


    Dedicated to all the animals


    Needs more funding

  • 3. KILL SHELTER!!!

    by: ztT4MP12794004

    this is kill shelter! DO NOT DONATE!


    Friendly staff considering



  • 4. It's not the Shelter...It's the County!

    by: wildspirit1973

    I worked/volunteered at the Fayette County SPCA from age 13-18.......I left for college and when I graduated, I worked there for another 9 months.......I will be honest, there were some WONDERFUL people that gave their all for the animals of Fayette County & there still is! Let's face it, look at the area......Most of the people don't believe in spaying & neutering, let alone taking a sick animal to a vet! Don't get me started......ANYWAY, Please....Please.....Help them.....Help in anyway you can....volunteer, walk a dog, foster an animal, fund-raise.....donate......Nobody has the right to stand back and say, "Do this, Do that"......UNTIL you have walked a day in the SPCA Worker's shoes! Believe me......it's not an easy walk!


    Lots of Caring People!


    Need More Help!

  • 5. A facility worth supporting

    by: ScottNDavid

    One of the better facilities in Fayette COunty


    Caring staff



  • 6. Hard Past experience

    by: fronczelsdogs

    Just a shelter that the board doesn't know what's going on. hold grudges and not sure they care about the animals


    caring workers


    no comentment

  • 7. tough job

    by: tinman200388

    this place is so political and it will never change. The workers try but the change over never helps.




    need guidience

  • 8. clean

    by: BlackLab

    The Fayette SPCA Have one of the cleanist facilitys i know





  • 9. Community support needed

    by: strixnstones

    The Fayette SPCA is one of the few things that has not changed since I was a child. When I was young I adopted dogs there and now that I am an adult with a child - the place remains largely unchanged. More support from the county, area municipalities and especially the citizens is needed to make the shelter into what the animals really deserve.\r\n\r\nWe've had infrastructure improvements, an upswing of jobs and income - yet the lowest denominator of our society has been ignored. This has to change. These animals need supported - more so than the alleged "no-kill" shelters. As small as the Fayette SPCA is, the kennels for both dogs and cats are larger than those other agencies - plus they house other animals and not simply cats and dogs.


    clean, caring, animals well treated


    small, need more volunteers

  • 10. Working hard

    by: tfronczek

    I give anybody who works at a shelter alot of credit. It is a lot of stress trying to do your best and this group works hard to take care of every animal they come in contact with. Unfortunately they also deal with abuse cases and neglect cases and I admire anyone who can try to remedy those situations. They do a great job and need to continue the hard work.


    hard working, puts animals first



  • 11. Good Effort

    by: mamamagnum

    The effort you put forth for the animals is commendable. More community support is needed.


    Helping animals



  • 12. Hours

    by: 5doglady

    I have dropped papers off several times and have never seen anyone around . I also called to donate an electric dryer and never recieved a call back. When the dogs are tied outside they have no supervision. I have spent over a half hour outside with them and noone came out to check on them. Regardless I will still support them. They need to place ads for the help they need and donations they are in need of blankets, papers, etc. The public will come through.


    Help animals


    Need more staff

  • 13. wonderful place to volunteer

    by: punkiepie9650

    I think that the fayette s.p.c.a is a wonderful organization to volunteer for. They treat the animals like there own kids, and they also try to make sure that every animal finds a happy and healthy home.


    great staff and wonder cute pets


    needs more room

  • 14. Wonderful, Caring facility

    by: Kimessig

    Our county is one of the poorest in the state of Pennsylvania and unfortunately, animals are the last priority. Working with the resources they have, the Fayette SPCA does a magnificent job! They try their best to keep a good environment for all the homeless animals and to find them all loving, caring homes. So please, if you live in the area and can supply some time and donations, please do so ... every little bit helps!


    Does everything they can to help homeless pets


    None that I've found