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Farm sanctuary

3150 aikens rd
Watkins glen, NY 14891

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Heart & Soul

    by: DawnLight

    I was going to attend one of their seminars this summer, but was unable to go. I was very disappointed. I will go next time! \n\nI have read the book, "Farm Sanctuary" by Gene Bauer, the founder of Farm Sanctuary. I consider it my "bible" of the evolution of saving and providing sanctuary for farm animals. The reading is powerful, from the very small beginnings in a back yard to Farm Sanctuary in Watkins Glen, NY. \n\nFrom day one, it took courage and determination to do the work they do. And they need to walk a fine line sometimes. Not to be deemed fanatics. And they are careful not to push being vegan.\n\nHowever, many people naturally come to be vegans and/or entertain the thought, after learning al about Factory Farming. \n\nReading about Farm Sanctuary and all the animals amplifies that all animals are sentient beings. And they have individual personalities just like humans. And *intelligence.\n\nA most beautiful place and beautiful book. \n\nTrue angels. \n\nThank you Farm Sanctuary for your magnificent work to have Prop. 2 passed in CA this 2008 election!


    Substantial gains for farm animals



  • 2. I love farm sanctuary

    by: gall44

    I wish there were more organizations like this around the country. What they do is amazing and all of us pet lover should support them however we can.





  • 3. Beautiful Retreat in the rolling hills

    by: NYBA

    I visited the farm a few years ago and was so impressed with the care the animals recieve--they are treated very well and allowed to do what animals do.\r\nI loved the farm and I love the message they are spreading. If you've never gone before it is worth the trip. You will rethink the way you feel about animals that are used for consumption by humans and maybe the farm can change your mind for the better that animals should not be eaten


    Gorgeous location, their mission itself



  • 4. Heaven on Earth for farm animals

    by: papap

    We have belonged to this organization for years--have stayed at their bed and breakfast in New York several times. All of the farm animals there have such a sad story about the cruelty that was evoked on them at factory farms and neglectful owners. I think we humans sometimes forget that farm animals experience feelings and emotions the same way our domesticated pets do. You really get an education when you visit this place. I highly reccommend it. Its a beautiful area to sightsee too.


    Caring staff



  • 5. the best

    by: Polla

    I love what these guys do. And now they have a bed and breakfast so you can take a weekend or a few days and hang out with all the rescues! They get 4 stars from Charity Navigator.


    LOVE this place!


    None - Zero

  • 6. Animal heaven!

    by: wckerr

    It is generally agreed that this is the best farm animal sanctuary in the US. Farm Sanctuary has been the leader in the fight for better treatment of farm animals in the US. The Sanctuaries (one in NY and one in CA) are likely the best run, and the the events, staff and programs are tops. A visit to either of these sanctuaries is definitely worth the trip.\n\nMost people's only relationship with farm animals is on a plate. Few understand that these animals are often as warm, playful and cuddly as the family dog. It is a wonderful experience to get up close and personal with these wonderful beings.


    wonderful sanctuary