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Everhart Animal Hospital

5149 Everhart Road
Corpus Christi, TX 78411

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. My Dog Caught Fleas At Everhart Animal Hospital

    by: mccflo99

    I initially set an appointment here because my dog had a limp. The day of the appointment, she had stopped limping but I took her in anyway just for a checkup. I sure wish I hadn't now. An hour or two after her arriving home from her appointment at Everhart Animal Hospital, my dog started itching feverishly and nipping at her coat. When I called and told the receptionist that my dog had contracted fleas at their location, she said she would have a manager call me back. When the manager called me back, she immediately started trying to sell me flea products. I said that I didn't feel I should have to pay for a treatment for something she picked up at their location. Then the manager denied that my dog had picked up fleas there. I explained to her that my dog has never had fleas, is an inside dog, and that we went to her location and came straight home so there was nowhere else she could have caught fleas. Especially considering the fact that a mere hour or two after coming home from their location, she started itching and nipping. She was non-empathetic, and continued to try and sell me flea treatments and emphasize that there was no way I could prove that she got the fleas there. I'm really disappointed by this, especially considering that the vet, Dr. P was very nice when i went in, and I felt like I had found a perfect place for my dog. However, after this mess, I just can't go back knowing that my dog may end up contracting random infections in their facility, costing me additional money and making my poor dog miserable.


    Dr P was nice.


    My Dog Caught Fleas At Everhart Animal Hospital

  • 2. Wouldn't go anywhere else

    by: apriljns

    I've been taking my animals to Everhart Animal Hospital for over 25 years. I've grown up with him as our vet... he's almost like family. I can't imagine taking my zoo anywhere else.\r\nThe staff is always friendly and quickly become friends... he is accomodating if you have an unscheduled emergency. He is compassionate if you have to make hard decisions.\r\nHe genuinely loves animals and does everything he can for each and every one.\r\nThere are always at least two animals living in the clinic, including recently deceased Jughead, whom Garett gave new legs after he was paralyzed by a car. Dr. Garett built him a cart. Once Jughead was hooked up, he tore around the office like a puppy.\r\nHe cares for all animals, cats, dogs and even has a sense of humor when a dog shows some distaste in his company.


    Everything, Dr. Garett is a wonderful Vet


    location, traffic is a bear

  • 3. Awesome Pet Care

    by: tgrndprix

    \r\n The staff at Everhart Animal hospital has always been very kind and helpful. It is always a pleasure to atke my pets to Dr. Garrett.Keep up the good work.


    Staff is very friendly and helpful



  • 4. Dr Garrett and staff are the best

    by: lynrichmar

    \r\n Dr garrett and staff have kept my large pet family healthy and happy. The staff is always helpful and pleasant to work with.


    Great staff -Kind caring and very knowlegable