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Elm-brook humane society

20950 enterprise avenue
Brookfield, WI 53045
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User Reviews (10)

  • 1. Evasive Staff

    by: Mars007

    It's a very small shelter, but clean and the animals look healthy. The cats have little condos instead of cages. However, many many animals are not accepted as adoptable and many are put down. Before the relocation into the new building, I had been put on the waiting list for a chihuahua puppy. I was never called, and when I called to inquire I was told that they had had "numerous litters" but that they were gone now; they said someone should have called me. A few years later I called about an animal I was interested in and was told to come fill out an application; that they were still available, etc. When I got there, I was told the animal was gone and had been adopted just 5 minutes earlier and again, "someone" should have told me. Once re-located into the new building I was curious about volunteering. I was discouraged however when I was informed that many animals were put down - animals with treatable diseases and animals that were shy/scared. I asked what exactly was the criteria for an animal for it to be considered adoptable versus not adoptable and everyone was very evasive. Diabetes dogs and cats are put down even though it's not a life-threatening illness, etc. I was told that sometimes staff and volunteers foster to keep and animal from being put down before it has a chance, but that there are just too many animals...


    there is no "time limit" for animals


    only certain animals are safe from euthanasia, evasive staff

  • 2. Great place

    by: jaymee76

    The Elm Brook Humane Society is a nice place. Clean, welcoming, and the animals appear very well socialized and well cared for. We adopted a cat several years ago from this shelter, before they moved to their present location. The whole process was expedient yet thorough. They explained all of the circumstances of the cat that we were adopting and gave all the special needs up front. Would highly recommend this shelter.


    clean, friendly staff, very knowledgable staff


    Closed on Sundays and holidays

  • 3. Great staff, great shelter

    by: Wendie7

    In 2001, we stopped at this shelter on the way home from transporting 16 dogs to Wisconsin Humane. The staff at Elmbrook greeted us with a very warm greeting and was more than willing to give us a full tour of the shelter and spent a lot of time talking to us about the ups and downs of animal shelter life down in their area of the state as well as gave us advice on how to improve our dog walk. It was a great hour and a half visit and we felt very welcomed by the staff. Definitely would recommend this shelter to others!


    super friendly staff, very personable, does a great job with the animals



  • 4. Nice

    by: ratqueen

    This is a small shelter but always very clean. They have nice viewing rooms and the staff is helpful. Sometimes they don't have many cats, but still a nice selection of dogs.




    Small shelter

  • 5. Nice shelter

    by: rjm

    Elmbrook is a great shelter. It is small but the staff is great and very caring. The animals are well taken care of, and the shelter is kept very clean.


    Great staff



  • 6. Nice shelter

    by: kitten42

    Elmbrook is a very nice little shelter. The animals are well cared for, and the facility is always very clean.


    Very clean.


    Small facility.

  • 7. Nice shelter

    by: Cory3

    We have been to Elmbrook with our daughter. It is a nice shelter and very clean. The staff was very nice to us as well and we like that they have a good relationship with The Washington County Humane Society.


    Clean place


    Far drive

  • 8. Good shelter

    by: Greg12

    We have gone to this shelter with my daughter. We thought it was very clean and the staff was very nice to us. The cat rooms were neat and they had a nice selection of dogs up for adoption.


    Nice staff


    Far drive

  • 9. Nice shelter

    by: DaleF

    Elmbrook is a very nice shelter. It is always clean and the staff is always friendly. It is small, but the animals are always well cared for. This is a very caring group!


    Nice shelter



  • 10. Nice shelter

    by: cf14

    Elmbrook is a very nice shelter. They are a little small but they have very nice, friendly employees. They have nice cat rooms and spacious dog kennels.


    Very nice looking shelter