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Delta county animal shelter

P.o. box 158
Wells, MI 49894
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User Reviews (9)

  • 1. Great Facility

    by: mcat1986

    I have adopted an animal from here and i also had to take 2 of my older cats here. They are great people, they let me know when my cats got adopted. They try their best with what they got to work with.


    they try to help you out


    you have to see animals in that place

  • 2. Great

    by: soccerdoggirl

    I think that Delta County Animal Shelter is wonderful. It is far enough off the highway, that the dogs and cats can't really hear the sounds. Their staff service is wonderful and they are very clean. There are many volunteers, me being one of them, which helps them very much. They could not do it on their own. They do need help, which is why they NEED the makeover. With a makeover, they could get more kennels, improve the kennels, get more cat cages, overall, they could make the whole building a great deal larger.


    Great service, Good conditions


    Not so great adoption rate, but that's not their fault

  • 3. Thank You Guys

    by: clind

    I hope you guys get the points you need...I'm going to keep clicking away! I got Felix from this shelter, and it was a great experience. I have been to many shelters, and this one, by far, was the best all-around!





  • 4. Wonderful Shelter

    by: laurat55

    The staff and volunteers go above and beyond... very caring!!


    Great Staff and Volunteers!!


    not enough room at times

  • 5. Great Shelter

    by: JakeandFancy

    They do the best with what they have, and do a wonderful job to help the animals. I used to volunteer but haven't been able to make it out often with working full time and going to school full time and having two beagles at home to take care of. Both of my dogs are shelter dogs and one of them came from here. He was well taken care of, and super friendly. He spent almost two months there and is a very sociable dog!


    Great Staff


    Kind of small kennels

  • 6. Great Shelter

    by: yoopertoast

    This shelter is wonderful. The full time workers and volunteers keep the place in tip top shape. Everyone takes wonderful care of the animals. Many great cats and dogs go through the place and I strongly feel that the animals experience at the shelter is a pleasant one!! I am very happy to be volunteering at such a wonderful shelter. Through my college years and on, I have volunteered at many shelters and the Delta County Animal Shelter has been the best one so far!!!


    They take great care of the animals


    Could use more cat kennels

  • 7. Keep up the good work.

    by: bcoo

    I hope you find the funding you need to make your group more effective. It sounds like you are doing a great job of helping the pets in your care.


    Great supporters!!



  • 8. Our Local Shelter

    by: upmom

    Our shelter works hard to maintain a loving home atmosphere for these homeless animals but lack of funding makes this very hard. They need better outdoor areas for proper exercising and roomier kennels.I wish we could institute and enforce better laws for spaying and neutering of pets also. There are so many unwanted pets because of peoples laziness and stupidity regarding this matter. I realize money is a factor in this problem but when you take on a pet a person knows that this is a responsibility they will need to address also. I also see a lot of pets go through the shelter system because people adopt them and then change their minds because the animal is to rowdy....can't train them...get tired of them. The shelter needs better resources to be able to screen the adopting "parents" better to decide if they are truly people who want this pet or are just taking them for a trial run. I know these animals have feelings too and to be brought into a new home and feel love and then be returned and rejected is hard for them.


    The people that work here are very dedicated to our homeless animals.


    The staff here needs more finances and more volunteers to provide the quality of care these homeless animals need and deserve.

  • 9. Shelter overview

    by: JennaN

    The shelter needs bigger kennels and a room when people can socialize with the animals in a comfortable atmosphere. Trees in the outside yard would help and grass. The animals deserve to be comfortable!


    Friendly and helpful staff


    dog kennels too small