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Delavan Lakes Veterinary Clinic

1107 Ann
Delavan, WI

User Reviews (7)

  • 1. Nice staff, ok prices, grooming is reasonable

    by: jellyfish

    I have been taking my pets here since I moved to WI. Their prices were the cheapest I had found, but I still find it to be more than I would like to pay. The vets are great, and they have some great house cats. The staff is nice and friendly.


    Great vets, nice facility, grooming available, easy to get appts.



  • 2. Very pleased

    by: bette

    I have been very pleased with the doctors at this vet clinic in particular Dr. Hartwig and Dr. Jens. \r\n\r\nDr. Hartwig is a very compassionate individual who has always gone out of her way to explain very thoroughly any medical problems I bring to her about my dog. She listens to and answers all my questions which tend to be numerous. She has even gone so far as to bring out her medical books to show me answers to my questions. I attribute the extra months my dog lived comfortably when stricken with cancer to her loving care and medical knowledge.\r\n\r\nDr.Jens has that gentle way about her that my animals find reassuring.How many vets do you know who will teach you how to express your dogs anal glands? \r\n\r\nI feel very confident that my animals will be taken care of by people who love animals. \r\n\r\nThe staff up front are always very pleasant and friendly to deal with. I realize there will always be that day or time when when things go crazy and everyone feels stressed, but they always pull together in the end. We're all human.\r\n\r\n


    great doctors


    like every other vet-the price

  • 3. modern, clean

    by: gregandcritters

    I have always been pleased with the vets here. Sometimes you have to wait a bit. Nothing unusual.




    sometimes slow

  • 4. nice staff

    by: kitties4

    I like Dr. Hartwig and Dr. Roy at Delavan Lakes. Dr. Hartwig is good with rabbits and other smaller pets. Dr. Roy is my preferred vet for our cats. This clinic keeps up-to-date with the latest information on diseases and vaccines so I am confident that my animals are getting the best and most current care. The staff at the desk are friendly and professinal. Only thing I don't care for is that they have a dog grooming service so there are soooo many dogs. A separate waiting area for cats would be an improvement.


    clean, modern, up-to-date


    too many dogs

  • 5. Delavan Lakes Vet Clinic Cares

    by: lhammon

    I found Delavan Lakes Vet Clinic after my mini rex rabbit needed follow-up care after surgery at an emergency clinic. I am very, very happy that I did! Dr. Chris Hartwig is very knowlegable about rabbits and helped mine regain her health. She also did emergency surgery on our husky (after hours on a Saturday) that saved his life. She even gave me her home phone number and told me to call her at any time if there were any problems or concerns that I had. She is a great vet. I also can't say enough about Dr. Kelly Roy. My mother is elderly and had to have her two senior dogs euthinized within 6 months of each other. During that time, Dr. Roy made check-up calls to my mother and on more than one occasion, stayed after hours to accommodate her. She could not have been more patient, caring, understanding and compassionate. I am grateful to both of these vets. The staff is also very friendly, helpful, and caring.


    Friendly, caring staff. A quality vet on staff that works with exotic pets.



  • 6. In it for the....

    by: zjall4ever

    Vets should be in the business for the animals, not for the money, but too often the latter is the case, and Delavan Lakes Vet is no different. Their prices are higher than other surrounding vets, and when a friend took their cat there because of urinary tract problems, because she couldn't afford it they told her it was best to put him down. Thankfully, she didn't listen, and went to a different vet. Today her cat is happy and healthy.\r\n\r\nA good vet would make payment plans for those families who can not afford the full payment. As any pet owner knows, those bills are anything but cheap. At the service desk they even have a sign that states payment is due at time of service NO EXECPTIONS. To me this shows that the hearts of this staff are not in the right place.


    Friendly and knowledgeable staff


    Don't seem to care about the animals

  • 7. I was Not impressed with oncall Doc

    by: MyHouseofPets

    I lost a pet a couple of years ago who was a prior patient of this clinic. In the most desperate time of my dogs life, she needed a vet immediately. I called this clinic after hours and it took the oncall doctor almost 35 minutes to call me back! During that time I contacted Elkhorn Vet Clinic and they had a live answering service and the doctor called me back within three minutes and as I was walking out the door to take her to Elkhorn Vet, the Delavan Doc called bcak and I told him he took too long...his response "well you have to give us time to call back!" and he wasn't nice about it. Well "emergency" warrants an immediate call back - don't you think? My dalmatian of 15 years was euthanized that night because of a tumor that hermoraged in her sinus. I transferred my pet care to Elkhorn Vet the next day.




    bad on call emergency service