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Companion animal care vet

2558 niagara falls boulevard
Wheatfield, NY 14304

User Reviews (10)

  • 1. care at companion care

    by: garyharms

    I have taken a few of my cats to Companion Care and have found the staff( I have dealt with many of them now) to be highly professional and especially courteous. I had to have a pet put down there about a year ago and I was treated with such sensitivity and empathy that I can only applaud them. I especially have high regards for Dr. Teresa Janda, she is great with our companions but she is also great with people. I feel secure in trusting care this staff.


    excellent service


    I have no cons

  • 2. Not Professional

    by: fabiab

    I was treated very rudely by this vet. Keep in mind this is an animal doctor and his priority should be the treatment and care of our pets. His priority was not to maintain my pets good health but rather to be rude to me . I would not recommend this clinic, the staff does not portray as being happy. I thought maybe that was due to having a long day. I suspect it is just not a nice place to be. The vet was rude, and not interested in my pets welfare.





  • 3. 3 years now

    by: RoxyL

    I have been taking Gypsy to them for 3 years and had been to 3 other vets first that just were in the business for the money. The people Companion Care truly love animals and will go the extra mile for your family. My whole family has changed to them as there vet. I dont know were that other person that said there prices are high goes but I travel 25 min because they are cheaper and the care you get is so worth it any ways.


    They treat you and your pet as family.


    25 min drive for me.

  • 4. Smoky and Dr Downey's Precious Gift to Us

    by: pumpjack

    I was to have my "Momo" neutered on 4-1-09. Stacy called me to confirm on 3-31 and I told her whant I told the girl that originally made my appt that Smoky had a problem with the right side of his face. He looked like the Beast from the tv show "Beauty & the Beast" w/ Linda Hamilton & Ron Perlman. Stacy said that Dr Downey wouldn't be able to do the neutering until he saw Momo because his face may cause a problem with the anesthesia so she made an appointment for the next day at 4:30pm. My friend Debbie and I took Momo to his appointment and we were taken into the examing room in a few minutes. The girl weighed him in and he weighed 7.5 pounds which she said was good because it's a pound per age. So far so good. Then Dr Downey came in. He looked at Momo's face and said that Momo had cancer and there was nothing we could do for him so I okayed putting him to sleep but it was killing me. I couldn't heardly stand up, Debbie had to sit me down in chair. I was clutching Smoky's blue collar because that's what I had left of him. When I last saw him he looked at me like why are you leaving me here. Dr Downey asked if I wanted to take him home afterwards and I said no. When Deb and I left we were going to the Erie County SPCA because I was seeing if by chance my Sheltie puppy was there but he wasn't. On the way home Dr Downey called my cell and I thought he was calling to say that it was done and it was peaceful for Momo. He told me that Momo was still alive. He said that he wanted to run some tests on Momo because he felt Momo was to young to be having this. He said that the tests would cost another $80 and I told him I didn't have it at the moment. He said that he would keep Momo for the night and not charge me for it and for me to call him in the morning. I discussed it with my husband and family matters and we wanted to save our Smoky. I called him and he ran a feline leukemia and aids test and said that they came back negative which was good. He wanted to do a biopsy on his mouth and send it somewhere to be checked so we said okay and we were told he could go home later that day. We went to pick him up at 3pm and he was meowing because he was so happy to see us as we were him. Dr Downey showed us pictures in a medical journal with pictures of cats like Momo. He said that he may have a type of cancer that can be treated 8-9 months with medicine but he couldn't guarantee anything. He said he was unsure about doing this because he didn't want to put us through the agony again like I went through the day before. I told him I understood but I must do whatever I can for my Momo. He called on the following and told my husband that the results came back and that Smoky has a type of cancer that he can't even pronounce and Smoky will die from this disease eventually. My husband came and told me what the doctor said and I cried all over again, why was this happening to my Momo! I called Dr Downey the next day and he was busy with patients but Michelle said that she'd give him my message. I was antsy and kept calling but he was with patients. I think the girls in his office were getting annoyed with me but they never said it. Dr Downey called me at 8:30pm after the office had closed and he apologized for putting me through the agony all over again. I asked him how long does Smoky have before I have to bring him in to be put to sleep and this time my husband wants him cremated and he is going to bring him home where he needs to be. Dr Downey said that as long as Momo is eating and acting normally then don't fret over it. He said that I could bring him in for a steroid shot and that will help his breathing and may help shrink his face somewhat. We didn't hesitate, we took him the very next day. On the way there we had Smoky out of his carrier and he was meowing and wanting to be held so I drove with him in one hand and the steering wheel in the other and then he'd go over to my husband. We kept telling him he was going for a ride and then he was going to go back home and he did! Smoky is still his loveable self and eating and playing with his pal Jack our Sheltie who's 10 months old. Hopefully he can last through the 6 weeks of the shot and then we'll give him another one. It may be cruel but I want to keep him as long as I can. Dr Downey has been wonderful throughout this ordeal with us that whenever we call him with a question he'll come on the phone or he'll give one of his staff the answer and then they tell us. I have never met a man such as Dr Downey in my whole life. We need doctors that treat people the way he treats his patients. I am going to change my other pets vet to Dr Downey so they can experience his care too! Dr Downey is a God send!!!!!!!!


    Having their own pets at the hospital is something you don't see very often!


    That they aren't open 24 hours for emergency care!

  • 5. Supportive and helpful people

    by: themusicgrove

    What can I say, Dr. Downey was such a great help to us! He was there every step of the way when we had to make the heartbreaking decision to put our Jake to sleep earlier this year. Everyone there was understanding, and Dr. Downey was very gentle with Jake. We even received a heartfelt sympathy card in the mail a few days later. Dr. Downey and staff are really great, and it's a great facility too. You won't be disappointed!


    clean, friendly and understanding staff, reasonably priced


    none that i can think of

  • 6. Vet makes his staff write these reviews!

    by: Bubba6166

    I know for a fact that Dr Downey makes his staff write many of these reviews. Beware.




    sneaky vet

  • 7. Doctor Downey really cares about his patients

    by: ztT4MP20046112

    Doctor Downey operated on Contessa for cancer and actually called to check up on her. He was wonderful. I have four dogs and each one seems to feel comfortable with him when we come to the office. He is very laid back and makes even the most stressed out owner relax.


    The whole place is very clean and pleasing to the eye. Doctor Downey is wonderful with our dogs.


    A little expensive and no billing plan

  • 8. I'm glad I switched to Campanion Care

    by: pammyj3

    I recently switched to companion care vet. I'm so glad I did. This place is great. Dr's Downey and Spence are the best vet's my animal's have ever been to. \r\nThey are very gentle and explain everything very well. The prices are alot lower than the other vet I used to take my four-legged children to!\r\nThe staff is amazing, they greeted Zoey at the door, called her by her name before I told her who I was and before her picture was taken for her file! They made her feel at ease.\r\nThe office is very clean and comfortable. I can't say enough great things about companion care.


    Everyone is so nice and knowledgable, the office is clean and comfortable.



  • 9. Dr Downey

    by: mydoggies

    Really liked the place and Dr. Downey. was a help to Hunter . However prices were way to high and Dr. Downey did not even know what they are charging for his services.


    Dr. Downey was very nice and explained everything


    high prices

  • 10. Super Vet!

    by: BichonBaby

    I used to work with Dr. Downey, he is a very intelligent and compassionate man with a great sense of humor. I would recommend him as a vet to ANYONE who was looking!


    see review