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Central brevard humane society

1020 cox road
Cocoa, FL 32926
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User Reviews (18)


    by: hschreiner

    It's great to have a "no kill" shelter that cares for all animals. I adopted my little dog from them and I would encourage anyone to consider a shelter dog vs. buying a purebred. This little fellow is well trained, a great companion, and I just don't understand why the owners gave him up. He is a well balanced, well behaved small dog with a big loving heart. There are many more like him just waiting for loving homes.


    The bring their adoptable pets to Petsmart for easy adoptions


    They need more room so they can take in more animals

  • 2. God Bless this Shelter

    by: rdreams

    \r\n This is a great shelter and very caring. I have made collections for them before and they really are grateful. The staff works very hard to keep these animals in a safe and clean environment.


    Very caring staff


    Needs more Kennels

  • 3. Great place to adopt a pet.

    by: x0xmandax0x

    My Family has adopted 3 dogs and 2 cat's from this shelter. and they have all been wonderful pet. It's so much better to save a life then go to the pet store and spend lots of money. I hope this shelter wins the makeover they could really use it!





  • 4. Great shelter

    by: doxielady

    This is a no kill for space facility and they do a great job. Understanding and compassionate care.


    great staff



  • 5. Wonderful, Caring Staff - but they need a Make-Over

    by: sandytoes1

    This is place truly dedicated to the animals in this world and helping them find loving homes. The compassion they show to everyone can't be matched.\r\n\r\nI've adopted several cats from them and will always recommend them.\r\n\r\nThey do a fantastic job with the limited funding they receive and they really would benefit from a make-over. \r\n\r\n


    Staff is fantastic with animals and people!


    Building is old - but clean.

  • 6. Supporting our local helpers

    by: rmsprad

    Let's hope our community can come together and help our our 4 legged friends! Thanks to the Central Brevard Humane Society for doing all you can for these critters.


    No kill


    Needs improvements

  • 7. We adopted here!

    by: Supastar

    Well we went to multiple shelters and this one was by far the best! The staff was very helpful and knowledgable, and we ended up adopting two wonderful dogs from there! Thanks CBHS!


    Very friendly, clean, honest, helpful, etc.


    Older building, could use a new facility

  • 8. Wonderful Shelter

    by: sciencetchr

    The staff at CBHS are wonderful! I found my best friend at the CBHS 7 years ago. My dog & I attend almost every fundraiser that they have because not only is it a great cause, but it's always a guaranteed good time! I recommend this shelter to everyone looking for a new friend!


    Great, caring staff



  • 9. Honesty

    by: SusanRamon

    Theresa Clifton the Executive Director of The Central Brevard Humane Society joins me for an on air interview every Monday at 3:10 PM ET. We talk about Pets Of The Week as well as have a lively discussion about any Pet Related Topic that is either in the news or questions from my global listeners.\nTheresa and the staff at this shelter has jumped through hoops for anything the animals in this shelter needs as well for anyone that calls them with a pet issue, rather that be a stray cat or dog roaming the streets or someone with to many cats or dogs and require assistants. We face a global problem and that is our pet population has gotten out of control. CBHS strive to continue educating everyone on the benefits of spaying and neutering their pets. Keep up the GREAT work, Tropic Wave Radio supports you. You can hear Theresa on the air every Monday at 3:10 PM on www.tropicwaveradio.net


    The staff at this shelter are the most dedicated I have ever seen



  • 10. CBHS Rocks

    by: waveguy247

    My friend volunteers here and I have taken strays here as well. The fact that they offer a haven in the form of a no kill shelter is great. Let's hope it stays that way!


    No kill...


    Overly courteous staff...

  • 11. Best place for homeless animals

    by: McGuiver

    This is truly an organization that works in a labor of love every day. If ever a facility needed a makeover, it is this organization. Each day they put their heart and soul into their work. The animals are treated as if they belong to the staff and volunteers, not homeless and unwanted. The building is over 50 years old and the only funds that come in are what is donated so a makeover would be such a blessing!


    clean, caring staff, educational, resposible


    old facility, no government subsidy,

  • 12. Love this place!

    by: hayesc

    Although the Central Brevard Humane Society is over 50 years old, they are still young in spirit. I've seen many changes occcur over the past 5 years, modernizing the office and maintenance of the kennels. This organization continues to grow and change to meet the animals' needs.\r\n\r\nSince they operate a crematorium on the premises, when the time comes, people can take their beloved pet for sensitive, loving final arrangements. This is a big comfort!\r\n\r\nI highly recommend this location as an adoption center, too. It is obvious how much they serve the community with the large volunteer staff that helps out.


    Loving care! Knowledgeable Staff!


    Ancient building, with cramped quarters.

  • 13. Full of animal lovers

    by: lbudde

    I volunteer here regularly and the wonderful staff lets me just love on the dogs and get them all riled up in the play area. I am always amazed at the quality of the dogs we get in there. Once they have been there a few days they are all at ease because they know they are being cared for and they no longer have to worry. The whole staff shows how much they care for the animals because everyone is always attached to the animals that have been there a while. The staff always seems to know exactly what each kind of animal needs when it comes in - whether it is a dog, a goat, a horse..a mini-horse (!!) sugar gliders??? They know exactly what to do. I keep coming back every week because this shelter does it right. It is clean, caring, and carefully places all of the critters that are lucky enough to find their way there.


    Full of true animal lovers


    Old building, limited facilities

  • 14. A Compassionate Shelter

    by: marieclark

    The staff are professional and compassionate people who genuinely care for the health and welfare of the animals in their care.


    A no kill shelter with a big heart and low budget.


    Not their fault, but they don't have enough room to take in all the abandoned animals in the area.

  • 15. new adoption

    by: Jenniferserg

    The facility is outdated and in need of cosmetic and well as computer updates. The employee who assisted me in adopting my pet was very helpful but her computer crashed three times and the credit card machine was malfunctioning (shared with the fax). She was the only person working the front desk with the only computer attached to a printer. The supervisor chose lunchtime to conduct an audit of some sort, which left two other customers waiting to adopt. So far I'm very pleased with my new pet.


    plenty of animals for adoption


    outdated facility in need of updates

  • 16. CBHS, a caring place

    by: tiggershrk

    CBHS is a very effective shelter, considering the size and available funding. They work very hard for the animals and have a very customer oriented staff. They are doing great things, and making great strides.


    Clean, efficient, customer-friendly


    lack of funding

  • 17. A great shelter

    by: floridakid

    CBHS is a wonderful shelter. Not only are they a no kill for space shelter but they care for each animal like they were their own. The facility is very clean and a staff member is always on hand to help you. Another great thing is they have an outdoor play pen where you can a take a dog into if you are considering an adoption. This is a great shelter filled with caring people and animals in need of a good home.


    They are a no kill for space shelter.


    They have a very small facility.

  • 18. Friendly staff

    by: silenceisgolden

    This facility is a great place for these stray or unwanted animals. They come into my store every morning and afternoon and get coffee or soda. They are friendly and always in a great mood. I know for a fact that the animals are taken care of. They have a variety of pets to choose from and the love each one.


    great staff


    facility not big enough