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Central aroostook humane society

26 cross street
Presque isle, ME 04769
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User Reviews (29)

  • 1. need to upgrade

    by: ChrisCy

    The people at this place are nice and I guess they're making the best of what they have out of the building, but they could do better work. It seems like they're so desperate to adopt any animal out to anyone who walks in the door, doesn't matter if the critter is a good match for the person or if the person will take good care of the critter. No one interviewed me or asked for references, and there wasn't any temperament testing done on the pet I adopted. Nobody ever called to follow up and make sure things were working out, either. I felt more comfortable adopting in Bangor where they were thorough and seemed to care.


    trying hard, dedicated staff


    behind the times, old facility

  • 2. A Caring Shelter

    by: pbarrett

    The C.A.H.S. is a haven for animals who are stray or abandoned. They are lucky if they end up there! The management and staff is excellent and very knowledgeable. They know the personalities of their residents, and do a wonderful job at matching the right people with the right pet.\r\n The shelter is clean and the cages themselves are kept very tidy. The animals are cared for both emotionally and physically. I can't say enough about the Central Aroostook Humane Society!\r\n I think that anyone who is looking for a loving pet for their family should check this humane society out! I have four special pets from there, if that tells you anything!!!!!


    The care each animal receives is wonderful


    The shelter could use more space and a larger budget

  • 3. Excellent Staff

    by: Mainelynn2

    I adopted two cats there about 15 years ago, they came in from the same household and I couldn't seperate them, they are the best cats that I have ever had and I have had a lot of animals. Where I had taken both animals they gave me a discount on the second cat that I adopted which is great, they should be able to do that with everyone that adopts more than one animal at the same time. All in all a very good place.


    Everyone is very helpful, will do just about anything to help you get the right animal for you and the right person for the animal.


    They need to listen a little better.

  • 4. best in Northern Maine

    by: Joe

    The staff at CAHS is outstanding, and very helpful and very knowledgeable. I guess one of the great things about the staff is that they don't pertend to know everything, If you ask a question and they don't know, they will find out and let you know answer. Now as for the shelter, what can I say It's over 25+ years old and it's in great need of repairs \r\n\r\n1. The walls are rotting out near the floor, do the great cleaning job that is done there. \r\n2. The windows leak water in on the floor evey time it rains\r\n3. The Dog kennels need the fencing replaced in the doors. \r\n4. They're fixing things on a daily bases and they do what they can. \r\n5. The are cracks in every floor and thats do to the cold weather we have the frost goes 8 feet into the ground.\r\n6. The air-exchanges, it's old and need to be replaced (it came over on the ark).\r\n7. In the winter on warm day about 35 degrees the water will run down the walls inside the shelter.\r\n\r\nWe live in northern Maine where the pay per hour is still $8.00 (if your lucky) and the average income is about $18,000 a year and the snow is 13 feet and oil is out of sight at $3.60 a gal. Thats why this shelter needs this makeover so bad! The shelter is also a non-profit organization serving 20+ towns in the county. \r\n\r\nBUT even though there are so many thing wrong with the shelter the animal are still in an loving, caring and most of all a safe environment. \r\n\r\nMy hats off to the great staff at the Central Aroostook Humane Society, Keep up the great work guys, HELP is coming soon lets hope!!!!\r\nI'll remember you all in my prayers tonight.


    outstanding service



  • 5. This place really cares about animals

    by: katzmidgy

    The shelter is located in the middle of the largest County in the state of Maine. Pets from several communities end up here -- some turned in because the owners can't keep them, but more often as abandoned pets. The staff and volunteers go above and beyond the call of duty, making sure each animal gets daily attention, a clean place to sleep, plenty of food. But with the rising cost of fuel and electricity, it's becoming more difficult for the staff to provide the quality care these animals deserve. More and more time has to be devoted to raising funds, with less time available to spend with the animals. In addition to the lights and fuel, there's kitty litter, pet food, medicines and more that needs to be purchased regularly. And with the state now requiring a deposit on the adoption of unfixed pets (though it's refunded when the animal is fixed, most folks can't afford the deposit and the spay/neuter fee all at once), more and more kittens are remaining at the shelter until adulthood. The shelter can use all the help it can get.


    caring staff, volunteers


    in need of upgrades

  • 6. Great Service to Central Aroostook County, Maine

    by: LCote

    The shelter is managed by very caring people who do their best to make sure every pet has a happy home. They are helpful for people who want help finding which pet is best for them and answer all questions asked. They give the background info on the animals if they have any. hey have many fund raisers to work to ensure the shelter can continue their services. They promote the animals there to make sure the public knows they are available.


    Every animal treated with utmost respect and care.



  • 7. Thanks CAHS

    by: chrystalcat

    We are fortunate to have this animal shelter in our area and every time I have been in this place, it has been clean and the animals well taken care of. It is a good feeling to know that the animals are being well cared for and my children enjoy going to visit all the cats that are there at any time. We try to help out with donations as often as we can and support this facility!


    Dedicated volunteers, clean facility.



  • 8. Amazing Work!!!

    by: stefandglo

    Enough can not be said regarding the dedication and care of animals that takes place at this shelter. The staff and volunteers are truly amazing and take each day and bring love and hope into the lives of these homeless animals that are waiting to find their new home. Northern Maine is so blessed to have the Central Aroostook Humane Society and especially the wonderful people who work there.





  • 9. Amazing Shelter

    by: kazuki89

    This is a wonderful, clean shelter with staff who are intelligent, helpful and friendly. I highly recommend adopting from this shelter because the animals are clean, healthy and well cared for; and because the staff will do everything they can to make the process go smoothly and easily.


    Clean, well organized, Intelligent and helpful staff


    Could use some minor repairs and more space for animals.

  • 10. All the Blessing in the world to this shelter.

    by: claysiegene

    The people and staff at this shelter are awesome. The do everything in their power to take the best of care of the animals they bring in and adopt out. They go beyond was is required to help you and the animals. In a case they can not help they will recommend who can.


    Friendly animal LOVING staff.



  • 11. Our local animal shelter!!

    by: MaineWolf

    I have seen our local animal shelter and it is where I got my kitty "Harley" from! Harley is so loving and affectionate! I am glad I adopted her and I love her a lot! The staff is very helpful when it comes to picking a home for a certain type of home as well!! They can tell if you a pet gets along well with others or not, what type of home they came from, and if they are friendly or not! Harley is a wonderful kitty!! She is a tortoiseshell color!! Our shelter could use more room since it seems like there are so many people either neglecting their pets, or simply dropping them off and saying they are strays! Our shelter gets overcrowded and is in need of some slight repairs!! I think our shelter really Deserves to win this makeover!! I love pets and if I could, I would adopt all of them!! But I can't!! But from time to time I do enjoy going in just to look and see what they have! I pray this shelter wins this makeover becasue it well deserved and needed!! Local donations barely help becasue it seems like others aren't as caring as I am! I love animals and wish I could help the shelter!! Harley has been a blessing for me since I have fibromyalgia and suffer from pain, she comes and wants attention and helps ease the pain some! I owe this all to our local shelter for having Harley there! Thank you Presque Isle Animal Shelter! Harley has filled my life with happiness!!!


    The staff are very friendly!!




    by: jesse11

    I love the place because it is so clean and sanitary! Unlike some of the other shelters I've been to! I would visit but I am only 16 and I don't have my license. Thats a bummer! I have 7 pets of my own but they live on our farm about a mile away! They have a really clean place and I think the animals don't need a home becuase it's so darn clean and sanitary!\r\n I love all the service and staff there. They are friendly and know the animals by heart and I think that is pretty A-mazing! Well I think the shelter is clean and all the animals are well groomed and fed.


    Very clean and healthy looking!


    Nothing really

  • 13. Santa Paws

    by: Korrin

    I took my dog Toby to have his picture taken with Santa!! It was a great set-up and they had treats for the dogs and also had snacks for the owners. It didn't take very long to get Toby in for his photos and the person taking the pictures and the actual Santa we're great with the dogs. They weren't in a hurry and waited for the dogs to settle down so they could take a really good photo of the dog. The staff was very friendly with people and dogs and talkative. It's nice to see people working with the animals who you can tell really care about the animals, and only want to see what's best for that animal. I adopted Toby from this shelter almost 2 years ago, and the staff was great to work with. I even feel comfortable taking Toby in for visits, just so they can see how he's doing!!


    Friendly Staff


    The entry area is a little to small

  • 14. a shelter

    by: Junkyardbug

    a kind and loveing shelter that cleans out cages every day. When i volenter here i go into the mothers room and help shannan


    a small but nice shelter


    we alwas run out of space

  • 15. This shelter Rocks!!!

    by: redraven

    Warm inviting atmosphere. The shelter is clean and the animal are treated respectfully and lovingly. They do a great job at the CAHS!!!!


    clean shelter, friendly staff and great place to visit


    small and needing repairs

  • 16. Awesome Job!!!

    by: JenniRae

    When you walk into the Central Aroostook Humane Society you feel the love the staff offers the animals. You see Betsy nuzzling and kissing, Sharon talking to all the kitties and making sure they all have attention, Crystal is always creating poster with shelter information, making the shelter look nice and caring for the dogs. Erin is always busy where she is needed running around 100 mph to get every thing done. This shelter has a group of dedicated volunteers that devote their time and skills to the shelter. When your in the shelter there is a sense of community and love. It would be great for CAHS to win this makeover so the appearance can matches the feelings, philosophies and the quality of care that the staff and volunteer provide!


    The staff is amazing, works as a team and is committed to the animals and communities they serve!


    Building is old and outdated.

  • 17. Smells nice!

    by: kira55

    The animals are loved and the place is kept clean to entice adopters. Don't you want to find your next best buddy here?


    Great people


    Not big enough

  • 18. Home before home

    by: GodsDaughter

    This is a great shelter! I have gotten my cat and my dog from here.\r\nThe staff is very friendly and helpful.\r\nI'm amazed at all they do there for the pets that are brought in.You can tell the animals love the shelter workers and that the shelter workers love the animals and want to give the best care they can and find them an awesome home.


    Excellent care, Knowledgeable staff


    Shelter to small

  • 19. Great nonprofit organization

    by: Betsy

    I am actually the manager not the owner of this shelter.I have been with this nonprofit shelter since 2000. I started out as a kennel tech and I have to say that we really do survive on alot of donations from the public who are the greatest supporters of this shelter. We see on an average 1000 cats, 400- 500 dogs, and many other small critters per year. Being nonprofit we sure could use a makeover for this shelter. So help us out and support the Central Aroostook Humane Society.


    Great group of board members who have the animals best intrest at heart


    The shelter is in need of repairs

  • 20. Wonderful Place

    by: CAA04769

    Th staff is great always helpful. Keep up the great work. They treat the animals like thier own.


    great place


    Needs more room

  • 21. Great Animal Shelter

    by: ChelseaMae

    This animal shelter is very clean and smells good not like other animal shelters. They have a very nice and helpful staff. This is a good shelter to volunteer at because they are nice and it's clean because of the people there and they care so much about any animal.


    There is a great staff and it's very clean.


    They need new kennels.

  • 22. Awesome Shelter

    by: Jenn4

    My daughter and I have volunteered at the shelter and enjoyed it very much. They really care about the animals. It is a very clean place thanks to everyone who helps out. Keep up the good work!


    The staff at the shelter are great, its a great place to volunteer


    They really need some new kennels

  • 23. Buddy the rescue

    by: Carol1

    A great place. They take the time to know the animals. Very knowledgeable and if they don't have the answer they will find it. If they get special cases they take the time to find the right home. Like my rescue Buddy have had him for 4 years now. He was an very abused case 8 years old at the time we got him. Got a call from them knowing that I had had an abused Dachshund before and work with training dogs. We went and picked him up. He fit right in with our pack and has had the easy life since. Just wish the Shelter had a bigger and better place so maybe they could help more animals.\r\n\r\nCarol


    Very helpful


    not big enough

  • 24. Awsome shelter!

    by: karenc

    This a relatively small shelter in the country. The employees and volunteers treat all of the animals as if they were their own. It's not the same as a forever home, but the fabulous staff make every animal feel loved. The animals are healthy and clean...I would never hesitate to adopt from them again.


    Friendly, helpful staff



  • 25. I like this place

    by: nancyanna

    This place is very well kept up, and the people ther are friendly and pleasent


    Very clean


    None,due to it being friendly place

  • 26. Delilah the Shelter Kitty from CAHS

    by: tips07

    The Central Aroostook Humane Society has a wonderful atmosphere. The staff are all wonderful people who truly care about the animals. I go to the CAHS weekly to play with the cats and walk dogs for a philanthropy hours for the sorority I'm involved in. I currently only have one kitty, but she is a shelter kitty from CAHS. I plan on adopting more animals in the future and they will all come from CAHS.


    friendly staff, wonderful with animals, quick to help, can volunteer anytime


    took a few weeks to get my cat fixed, wasn't there fault though.

  • 27. AWSOME PLACE!!!

    by: Amandaandalex

    I think this place is the best, The know what they are doing and are always helpful. They love the animals they are taking care of very much and the animals seem very happy. The place always smells good and looks nice too. Thank- you guys for all you do for the poor animals that dont have a home.




    Not enough space to house all the animals.

  • 28. Friendly Shelter

    by: zeus

    Everyone is very nice and helpful. The shelter is always clean and smells great, But the shelter really needs to be bigger to accomadate for all the animals.


    Very friendly staff and clean


    Old building, Not enough room for all the animals

  • 29. What a nice shelter

    by: zoe

    The shelter smells great and the staff is friendly and knows their animals. They are really a great bunch who work hard for the betterment of the lives of the animals. \r\n\r\nNice to see people happy with their jobs, it shows.


    Awesome, friendly service


    Not enough room for all that needs to be done