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Cedar creek pet resort

3473 hwy 60
Jackson, WI 53037
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User Reviews (7)


    by: Arnoldo

    Our dog has dependancy issues- had problems taking him to other groomers in the past. Took him into Cedar Creek- they took the time to learn about him and what we were looking for as far as grooming. We were pleasantly surprised when we came to pick him up- he really enjoyed the time at CC- you could tell by the smile on his face and his actions- his bouncy little "happy walk"- and that was before he saw us! He looked GREAT! Was a wonderful experience!


    Care, Listening to our concerns, price,



  • 2. Fantastic

    by: Purplemarlin

    I took my 'Teddy Bear' dog to Cedar Creek after a disastrous experience at a local groomer. For a dog who really hates being left some place other than home, after his grooming he sure was not in a hurry to leave. Becka brought him out & he was happy as could be, just strutting along. And that was without him seeing my husband or myself. I had to actually look twice when he was brought out to believe that was my dog! Katie did a fantastic job of cutting him - he looked so nice. A month later even the Vet's assistant, who is very familiar with my dog, commented on what a nice cut he had. It is quite a drive for us to Cedar Creek, but well worth it. It is a good feeling in picking your dog up from the groomers to have him 'happy & content' along with looking fantastic. Recently purchased a basset from Jackie. Not only is she a healthy, beautiful dog but Jackie is great in taking the time to answer any & all questions, sharing her knowledge of dogs. She has been extremely helpful in questions of spaying, heartworm medications, nutrition, etc. It is extremely nice to have someone with extensive experience with dogs who is willing to take the time to answer my questions, no matter how mundane they are. If you love your dog as much as I love my dogs, I strongly reccomend Cedar Creek Pet Resort. Jackie & her staff are friendly, helpful & go out of their way to make the owner & their pets feel comfortable & welcome. A Great Group of Gals!


    Knowledgable, courteous, friendly staff


    Living NE of Fond du Lac, quite a drive but well worth the trip

  • 3. Okay Place

    by: granbarb

    I didn't care for the kennels the dogs were kept in...seemed very cold. The staff was okay.


    Nice area



  • 4. Good value

    by: SBJ

    My experience has been limited to getting my dogs nails trimmed there several years ago. It was a good deal at the time. Staff were not flexible in my request to do it on the floor, they insisted he be up on the table which terrorized him. Otherwise, they were helpful.


    Nice facility


    I have had limited contact so hard to say.

  • 5. Disliked Facility

    by: drwagner78

    Taking my Golden Retriever to Cedar Creek Pet Resort was a very disappointing experience. The front desk employee scheduled the grooming appointment for 9:00 in the morning and didn't actually get to my dog until around 2:00 in the afternoon. So from 9 until 2, she sat in a very small kennel with all these other dogs around her barking and whimpering. She probably was wondering what did I do to deserve being locked up in this nut house for 5 hours. Plus, I was told when they were finished and she was ready to go, that I would be called to come pick her up. Well, when 4:00 rolled around, I called them and they weren't even sure which dog I was calling about. They had to put me on hold to check. When the lady returned to the phone she advised me that I should wait until 5:00 to pick her up because she wasn't completely dry yet. So finally at 5:00, I went to get my pooch. Then upon payment the bill was $25 higher than what I was quoted over the phone. The groomer told me this was due to matting of the fur, which was a load of bologna. Even though she is a long haired dog, she was always brushed and her coat was well cared for. I had to fight with the staff to have them remove the extra charge. This is apparently how they feel they can treat new customers. It was a very stressful day for both me and my dog. We were glad to get out of there and will never return.


    Grooming was decent


    Poor service and false claims

  • 6. Dog didn't like it!

    by: LuvRLab

    We brought our lab here about 5 or 6 years ago. We were on vacation and she stayed there for 6 days. When we picked her up, she was very soft & smelled wonderful from her bath, but she had lost about 10 lbs. This was our first time leaving her anywhere while we were gone. After getting her home, we realized she had chewed up her back leg (we guessed from being nervous or bored). There was dried blood and "cuts" on her leg. The staff said nothing about this to us. We decided a couple years later to try an overnight stay for her there. Thought we'd give it one more chance, thinking maybe it was our dog suffering from separation anxiety. Well, the next day we picked her up and were told that the dog in the kennel next to her was able to reach his paw into her kennel & stole her favorite plastic toy and proceeded to shred it up, so we were leaving without her toy. As we were talking to the staff, she was standing by the door, wanting to go home! Only good thing was how soft she was and how good she smelled from her bath, but she won't ever stay there again.


    smelled great @ pick-up time!


    didn't get attention she needed

  • 7. groomer

    by: lwaszak

    Friendly and courteous staff. My dogs come home looking and smelling wonderful. Will groom so-called "bully breeds" (who are actually very well behaved), which some other groomers won't.


    professional, customer-oriented staff