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Cattaraugus shelter

9491 harvey road
Cattaraugus, NY 14719

User Reviews (4)

  • 1. I don't think so. Your lying...

    by: plbarrett

    This is not the SPCA. This is the dog control officer saying she has a shelter. Her name is Mary. If you are supporting the Cattaraugus Shelter, underestand, it is not the SPCA in Cattaraugus County. If you intended on supporting the SPCA, send zootoo and e-mail and let tem know you need to change your shelter affiliation.




    ran by lying person

  • 2. They are desperate for help

    by: swansong82

    This shelter needs our support. They need money to meet daily operating expenses and they need people help to take care of the animals in their care. We cannot in good conscience let a place like this close.


    Very caring individuals



  • 3. awesome

    by: hugz76

    In the area there isn't a better place.





  • 4. Super caring shelter

    by: muskratdottir

    This shelter is a no-kill shelter, and is doing a heroic job in finding homes for a torrent of abandoned, abused, or lost animals. The staff are well trained, and very caring, frequently doing more than is asked of them, in an effort to keep the animals in their care, comfortable and healthy.\r\n\r\nFoster homes are found for those animals that might otherwise crowd, or stretch the resources of the shelter. In those foster homes the animals are given the love that most of them never have had...treated like family members, and educated in acclimating to responsible ownership. When the time comes to place these animals in permanent homes, they go to their new familys as loving pets, ready to interact with their human 'pack'.\r\n\r\nSick and injured animals recieve the best of care at this shelter, and the staff go out of their way to pay extra attention to their more gravely ill charges.\r\n\r\nVolunteers walk the dogs, and do anything they can to contribute to the welfare of the animals. The shelter has volunteers who go into the cat rooms to coax into friendliness, those cats who are frightened and aloof, thereby increasing their chances for adoption but introducing them to loving laps and lots of petting.\r\n\r\nAnimals are frequently taken to specialists concerning health issues not normally handled by local veterinary services, and every effort is taken to make sure that whatever health condition they have, is either controlled or cured, depending on it's nature.\r\n\r\nMany benefits are held throughout the year, to raise money for the shelter...among them a large concert every summer, that brings many bands together to play for free, to raise money for the shelter's ongoing needs.\r\n\r\nAs a no kill shelter, this shelter goes out of their way to make sure that animals in their care are not treated as 'numbers' with no life value. Every single animal is a living soul, to be respected and valued, instead of being thrown needlessly away. Some dogs or cats have been there so long they have become mascots, poster children for the shelter..and they are loved as much as any personal pet, by staff and volunteers alike. \r\n\r\nIn short, this is an excellent facility, well deserving of any monetary help it can snag. It's the hope of the staff and volunteers that in the future, it can do even more for the animals in it's care.


    Caring staff and volunteers, supportive community


    Occasionally finds itself stretched to the limit by large numbers of abandoned, lost or abused animals.