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Cats exclusive, inc.

6350 w. atlantic blvd
Margate, FL 33063
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User Reviews (10)

  • 1. THE BEST place to adopt a kitty!

    by: smarymorgan

    Cats Exclusive is a great place to find a best friend for life or to get your best friend vaccinated and/or spayed or neutered. The staff is not only helpful but patient. You can take all the time you want to bond with your future kitty and make sure he or she is the one for you. For people who have never owned a cat before, the staff is happy to provide all the info you need, including necessary supplies and what behavior you might expect from your new family member.


    Great selection of cats, clean, staff helpful



  • 2. Awesome

    by: amarquardt

    This small shelter is staffed by people who truly care about the animals under their care. They don't try to stick you with a cat that won't be happy with you and actually tell you if they think a cat will be too high maintenance. I got my two year old tabby from them and she is everything they promised. I don't get depressed going in there like I did at the Humane Society (the Humane Society has their cats in roughly 2'X2' enclosures). The cats are either free to roam or in large cages where they have room to play. Every time I've been in there, it has been clean and all the cats are independent and well cared for. My hat is off to these people for their love and dedication.


    Friendly, knowelegable staff


    Small selection of animals

  • 3. Awesome place to adopt a cat!

    by: NancyConradCooney

    I adopted one of our cats from this shelter about 6 weeks ago. He is such a sweetie and everyone who meets him comments on what a great cat he is. The staff at the shelter knows the personality of every cat very well-in fact, I had gone to the shelter to look at another cat, but when I explained that I had 3 other cats, a dog and 2 kids at home-they told me the cat I eventually adopted would be a great match for my household-a d they are absolutely right! I would recommend this shelter to anyone looking for a cat, and when the time comes to give another cat a home-we will go there first!


    They really know theri cats-temperment, history and health status



  • 4. A wonderful place to be

    by: mrussel

    With the amount of cats that this shelter has, it's immaculate on how spotless it is. they're always nice when i visit down in FL. would highly recommend this organization to anyone.


    Very welcoming staff



  • 5. Wonderful Organization

    by: mae1087

    Cats Exclusive is wonderful! They provide low cost services to cat owners and rescues! The staff members have a positive attitude and are enthusiastic and passionate about their work! Aside from their medical services, they also have beautiful, loving kitties for adoption! I would highly recommend Cats Exclusive to anyone considering adoption, or proving routine veterinary care to their own cats.


    Affordable care for cats!


    They deserve a larger space!

  • 6. Awesome shelter! Wonderful service!

    by: edw127

    This is one of few shelter's I've been to where I could feel a sense of warmth and comfort. The cats are obviously happy, and the staff is extremely caring. We adopted one cat and we've been extremely happy with him! The folks at Cat's Exclusive do a great job!!


    Sweet, caring staff, clean facility, sincere shelter



  • 7. Excellent cat shelter

    by: Jubban

    I got Pigglett from here about 6 months ago. She was on the end of an upper respiratory infection and she was confined to a dedicated quarentine room. I opted to take her home with me the last day of her treatment, and they gave me instructions on how to dose the last of her medicine (a pill). She has been doing great ever since then. No problems at all, and she is a wonderful cat! The cats are able to socialize around (provided they are not sick), and there is a separate play area in the front for kittens. This place is very well organized, cleaner than every other shelter I've seen, and has a very nice, caring staff. Cats are animals, not things to have, and Cats Exclusive will not simply send a cat home to anyone who might neglect it. They do a great job in every aspect!


    Since it is a non-profit shelter AND vet clinic, you can adopt a cat at a very low price who is in GREAT condition.



  • 8. Wonderful place!

    by: pookmyster

    A wonderful place. I got my little girl, Jingle, here, and she is so wonderful. I'm glad to know all the kitties I couldn't take with me will have a nice home until they find their "forever" homes.


    no kill, friendly kitties and staff


    not enough volunteers to play withe the kitties

  • 9. Learning about Cats

    by: ztT4MP82993225

    They are very organized. Knowledgeable and super-loving with cats. I left mine over night because I live a bit far and he was neutered, besides being vaccinated. Everything went well, they gave me instructions to take care of him and then they called to follow up on his well-being. I am very happy with Cats Exclusive and they deserve to be recognized as VERY humane and loving.


    Very clean and you can feel the love for animals in the air.


    No cons.

  • 10. AMAZING

    by: lbigl

    This shelter is amazing, they care soo much about cats!!