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Carbon county friends of animals

900 walnut avenue
Jim torpe, PA 18229

User Reviews (10)

  • 1. great Place

    by: lnapolitano2009

    I love this place. They do so much for the animals in our community. They need help! They can use more room for the animals and they can use more people to care and volunteer. They have never turned down and animal in need and more people in the community need to stand up and help!!!


    They are very caring and they help any animals they can


    it is a very small facility

  • 2. Need more funds to match employees big hearts!

    by: SnushKid

    The Carbon county friend of animals are such great people- they just work so hard for their animals. They really just need more funding and the public more behind them so they can do as much as they would like. I highly suggest if you live in Carbon county you go to them for your new family member, or if you can, donate to help their funds. Great shelter!


    knolegeable staff, great help, very friendly


    need more room, more funds

  • 3. They're the best!

    by: ztT4MP13035209

    The shelter staff works extremely hard to take care of all the needy cats. They receive no government funding and rely entirely on contributions. I adopted a cat from them 3 years ago; she was in excellent condition and is a very loving and sweet cat. Staff toils diligently and creatively to secure funding; they engage in many fund-raising activities.


    diligence and compassion



  • 4. The Animals are so lucky to have the CCFOA!!

    by: susiek420

    I love this Shelter and i pray that it keeps getting the funds to stay open. My heart would be broken if it ever had to shut down.


    We have 2 cats from the CCFOA and they are wonderful. The volunteers workt to match your personality with the pets


    Overcrowded!! More Adopters are needed!!!

  • 5. They Need Your Help!

    by: Marthamewart

    I've gotten 2 of my kitties here and wish I could take more home! The people at this shelter work so hard to take as many kitties as possible and give them good forever homes and it is EXTREMELY difficult because they must rely on fundraisers and other donations. They struggle terribly to keep this shelter going and do a wonderful job despite the constant struggle. Please help any way you can--they deserve it!


    They work so hard to help all the kitties they can!


    None that I can think of!

  • 6. CCFA..Very helpful and knowledgeable staff

    by: chris3btine77

    I found a stray cat out front of my home. She was in grave condition. Dehydrated, one eye missing and crusted over, could barely walk. I caught her w/ a blanket and put her in a box. I then alled CCFA and asked if they would help her. They said they were overcapacitated but, would check with the manager and call back. They called back in five minutes and I was on my way. Unfortunately the cat was beyond help she was dying. They told me I did the right thing and they took the cat to their Vet to have her put down. It was very upseting because I love cats and have one of my own. I am happy that this cat is no longer on the streets and did not have to die alone and in pain. RIP BC.\r\n\r\nThank You CCFA


    Clean, knowledgeable staff, very caring



  • 7. A wonderful place to get a loving family member!

    by: marthajanecanary

    I love to go to the shelter to visit all the kitties. They are well cared for and loved. Each one receives grade A medical attention and clean blankets and toys. The shelter offers discounts on spay/neuter as well as rabies clinics. They will go so far as to help you with other issues as well...as long as they are able to do so. You can't go wrong at this shelter.\n\nThe only downfall is that this shelter is not government funded and relies solely on donations and fundraisers. On more than one occasion the shelter feared it would have to close its doors. However, somehow they have been managing. \n\nWhat a wonderful gift it would be to win a makeover for this well-deserved no kill shelter. The kitties would be so happy!


    Local, friendly, animals well cared for, knowledgeable...


    doesn't receive government funding...runs on donations

  • 8. Top Notch Shelter Caring, Helpful, Hard Working

    by: labs118

    This shelter Is Tops!!! Works Devotedly On fund Raisers To Keep The doors open. I reached out to a lot of People for Help In Dec. 2006 & This is the only Shelter who contacted me back to try & help me out of a Bad situation With my Brothers dog. I immediately asked to be on the email list for fundraisers. Can't let a Shelter like this close there doors!!! We need more like This & need to do whatever we can to help.





  • 9. Like the energizer bunny.....they keep on going!

    by: kathyhanas

    What a first class operation. I had served on their board and have recently moved from PA to MA. They are STILL the #1 organization that I support. Faced with the possibility of having to close their doors due to insufficient funds the volunteers said NO and are working VERY hard to keep this shelter open! Any help any of the animal lovers of America can send their way ....if only by particiapating in this effort for them to earn a shelter makeover....is a blessing.


    Dedicated volunteers and staff that won't let their doors close.


    No federal funding....fundraising is all the have to support them.

  • 10. Good, Loving Place for Cats Waiting for Homes

    by: Missy19

    I would definitely go back there to adopt another cat. They are healthy and well cared for.


    Very caring, helpful caretakers


    Needs money to continue their work