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Camp Bow Wow Doggy Daycare & Boarding

710 Trumbull Dr.
Pittsburgh, PA 15205

User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Camp Bow wow North

    by: smitton

    Let me just say that I love camp bow wow as much as my dog does. We have a 1 year old lab/rottie mix who needs a lot of execise and with our schedules it's hard to give her all that she needs. I can truly say that if we didn't have camp to take her to I don't think we would be able to keep her, so thank you camp bow wow for a wonderful safe happy place for my Gilly. P.S. The staff at the North location is the best.


    Good work out for your dog, friendly, caring, clean



  • 2. Camp Bow Wow's groomer, Cara, ruined my dog!

    by: campbowwowsucks

    I took my rough collie into be groomed at Camp Bow Wow Greentree and made specific instructions in an email and upon arrival to the groomer, Cara, that I did NOT want my collie to be cut, that he was just to get a bath, feet trimmed, and the knots cut out from behind his ears and groin area...THAT'S IT! When my husband picked him up 4 hours later, he was in complete horror and shock as to what she did to my once beautiful dog...he didn't even recognize him! She had completely SHAVED his entire neck AND belly, cut his legs and tail as well, all without my consent or even a phone call to let me know that she was having difficulty in grooming him! I later found out that she has only been grooming dogs for two years, so she is obviously very inexperienced at grooming pure bred dogs, but any moron would know that you would never cut a collie! Adding insult to injury, I called the camp owner to complain, and she offered a 25.00 refund to me because Cara had worked so hard (at mutilating my dog) AND said to bring the dog back in and they could SHAVE him completely down so he wouldn't look so hacked up! This is the mentality that you are dealing with there. Do not EVER bring your dog in there to get groomed- they are inexperienced, incompetant, and your dog will be unrecognizable when you pick them up! My family has been traumatized over this incident and must be reminded of their mistake every time I look at my collie. Horrible, horrible people.




    inexperienced, and rude staff, does not listen to their customers, place smells like feces and urine

  • 3. Leo LOVES Camp Bow Wow!!

    by: Linda7

    Camp Bow Wow in Greentree is an extremely well run facility with knowledgeable staff who truly care about animals. They constantly interact with the dogs and get to know each dog as if they were their own. The dogs get along well and are watched during the day. Leo has made lots of friends there - when we're ready to leave in the morning, all I have to say to him is 'Bow Wow' and he runs to the door, tail wagging. It is a great place.


    Clean, fantastic staff, friendly, responsible



  • 4. A good place to take your dog if he can't be home alone.

    by: ginamintas

    My problem with Camp Bow Wow is they make you sign a waiver of liability when you join. It's understandable because your dog may sprain or pull a muscle while playing. However, it's very reasonable to expect your dog will not be attacked while in their care, since they screen all dogs for temperament issues. Unfortunately, my dog was mauled while in their care.\n\nMy dog was attacked by 2 dogs several months ago. His vet bill was about $600. Everyone knows, in the interest of good customer service, you should take care of the expenses in an instance such as this. My dog did NOTHING wrong and was attacked by 2 mean dogs, whom they admitted to me had shown previous signs of aggression! Considering my dog was there almost every day, at $24 a day, you would think they wouldn't hesitate to take care of this.\n\nAt first, they refused to pay for anything. After talking to them many times, and talking to the owner, and letting them know I would go to court over it, they ended up paying HALF of my vet bill. They felt that was excellent customer service. I heartily disagree.\n\nI think the staff, overall, loves animals and they certainly mean well. I think it's a fun (though pricey) experience for dogs. But be aware that on the rare occasion that a dog is attacked, they do their best to get out of reimbursing the owner. And that's just wrong.


    Dogs have fun, get exercise and are looked after while you're at work.


    My dog was attacked there and they didn't want to take responsibility. Also, expensive.

  • 5. Not Great -- Disappointing

    by: corky1999

    My dog went here -- passes the assessment without problems. Then I found out that when he went to day care, he ended up in a crate for over an hour. I take him there to play and they crate him. Supposedly it's for rest. If he's tired, he can lay down in the play room. Besides, I don't take him there for 5 or 6 hours to have him crated. Then I looked into the boarding and found out that when the dogs are fed and the day care closed, everyone leaves AT 7 or 8 pm! They leave the dogs in an industrial park, all alone and go him until 6 or 7 the next morning. Not my dog! I want someone there until 10 or 11 pm. And when they leave, I don't want them half way across town -- I want them somewhere on the premises. I found a place who has my philosophy. Guess what? No crates either!


    Lots of staff available


    Still have the "cage" approach

  • 6. Great place that I'd trust

    by: LaurenS

    Overnight boarding is only $35 a night and that's pretty reasonable, especially for a place that is clean, comfortable, and has really cool staff. This is a big franchise but there's one here in the South Hill of Pittsburgh. The dogs seem happy there. They get to play together in the day. They are evaluated and then it's decided which "play group" they'd be ebst with. In addition, they have daycare services, which are too pricey for someone like me if I were to need daycare services. They also have grooming available on site. The best part about camp bow wow is taht they really support shelter and rescue efforts. They allow dogs from local shelters to hang out there in "foster care" and have a good time, away from their shelter cages, and get public exposure for adoption!


    clean, kind staff, fair prices


    hmmm... none yet