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Bucks county spca

P.o. box 277 1665 street rd.
Lahaska, PA 18931
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Warning

    by: catzrus

    I ‘m writing this to warn other people who want to take their pet there, thinking it will get adopted. 2 wks. ago I called shelter to see if they could take my 2 cats in for adoption, as it was getting harder for me to care for them due to financial hardship. Employee told me they had room for them and to bring them in. When I got there I asked same employee how long they would keep them & she said, “indefinitely, there’s no time limit.” She said, “people are looking for all types of cats-old, young, & certain colors.”I asked her if they would get medical care & she said yes, “as long as it doesn’t cost 1,000’s of dollars.” I told her how bad I felt having to give them up. She said, “There are only 3 reasons they’ll get put to sleep-aggressiveness, spraying, or Feline Leukemia.” When I asked really? She responded, “I swear to God.” I felt so much better because my cats were neutered, friendly, and non-aggressive. Then she told me to sign the release form saying they could dispose of animal at their discretion. When I asked her what that meant, she still said “if they had to put animal to sleep due to those 3 reasons.” I asked her if I could call to see how they were doing and she told me to call in a week. 6 days later I called to check on them and was told my one cat “was adjusting but unfortunately the other cat was put to sleep.” When I asked why, she said “the cat looked older than I told them and there was a behavior issue “but she didn’t know what it was.” Let me just tell you my cat was the most gentle, friendly, affectionate cat you’d ever meet. And when I took him to the vet 2 yrs. ago he said he was a young cat. I suspect that their often given reason of “behavior issues” is a created excuse for freeing up more space at the facility based on talking to several other people since then who had the same experience. I told them I would be in the next day to take back my other cat & they told me there was a $35.00 fee. I picked up my other cat, so he wouldn’t meet the same fate, and paid the fee. I spoke to the shelter manager to complain about my cat getting put to sleep, even though I was promised he wouldn’t. She told me it was her decision that “he looked geriatric, was underweight and non-adoptable.” When I started crying & saying what a great cat he was she agreed & replied, “we have a lot of great cats here”. She also told me they were overrun with cats right now. So, my cat didn’t even get to be seen by a vet - his fate was decided by the shelter manager-so sad & unfair. She said she would talk to the employee (who lied to me) & she told me she was sorry. I told her to tell my cat! I am heartbroken that my beloved cat was put to sleep-that’s not why I brought him there. I thought he would get a better home. I am also angry that I was lied to. If they had been honest with me-I never would have left him there. I think if people were told there’s a chance their pet will be put to sleep, they would reconsider. Also, the day I picked up my other cat, I realized he was sick. I had to take him to the vet which cost me $70.00. He contracted kennel-cough there & required antibiotics. Very ironic for me since the reason I gave my pets up was that I couldn’t afford them anymore. My family was nice enough to pay the bills for me. I urge everyone to reconsider when taking your pet there for adoption. It’s not a no-kill shelter. I would also urge anyone looking for a pet to please adopt there and save an animal. They run strictly on donations & do a lot of good work there. Unfortunately for me it was a traumatic experience!




    They killed my cat despite assurances they wouldn't

  • 2. Great Shelter

    by: flicka

    This place is always so nice and clean. Their staff is very knowledgeable and always looking to help educate people. Great place to adopt from.


    Great staff



  • 3. nice place

    by: kancylarzkl

    it seems like a great place, and they're doing construction to make it even better!