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Brooke county animal shelter

1801 allegheny street
Follansbee, WV 26037
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User Reviews (16)

  • 1. very loving shelter

    by: CASSANDR

    This shelter has the most loving staff & give so much to the animals in there care!! They try every day to made a difference. They really are in need of a makeover! The animals always come first.


    very clean


    old & in need of repair

  • 2. please help them!

    by: sipos17

    I adopted my dog Jack from this shelter in October. I can tell the staff treated him wonderfully because he is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. It's obvious that everyone there loves the animals they take care of. Unfortunately, this shelter really needs some help. They lack the funding necessary to give the best possible care to the animals. Please help them!


    VERY helpful staff


    poor conditions due to lack of funding

  • 3. Let's all try to support this shelter...(please read on)

    by: ZerothFolax

    Recently I found this shelter on here...and I must say the people that contacted me from this shelter are some of the nicest people you could ever find. They are not the closest shelter to me but they appear to be the friendliest of those close to me...I know that most of the shelters around here have very very limited finances...sometimes its not enough but they make do with what they have and do not complain but are greatful for what they do have...as you can tell they have lots of animals in need of a good home (the pics) and they are all so adorable...I understand that some people may not be able to adopt for whatever reason...mine is we are only allowed so many animals without another doctor excuse to house another, so if you can't adopt...just make them your affiliation shelter or stop by and offer to help or make some sort of donation. anything is better than nothing. with cute animal faces such as those how can you possibly say no. LOL...I will write another review after I visit this shelter which I hope will be very shortly.





  • 4. great shelter! dedicated volunteers!

    by: thetempest20

    I see volunteers from this shelter all the time at petsmart. They really try to find good homes for unwanted pets. I wish there were more like them!


    awesome volunteers



  • 5. BCAS

    by: JackieKP

    I have been to the Brooke County Animal Shelter several times, not only to adopt but also to donate and the staff is the best of the best. They work harder than any group of people I've ever come across. Their love for the animals showes in the job they do.


    Great staff


    old shelter in need of replacing

  • 6. Saving animals

    by: sherman

    This is a small, rural shelter that is doing the best it can to save lives. Thank you to everyone who works and volunteers at this shelter.


    saving lives


    dogs kept outside

  • 7. My Bad Experiance

    by: Chels

    I was there a few months ago, and where they keep the cats is horrible. We need this makeover more then anyone. I recently tried to take a pitbull into there ficillites and they turned him down. They said they would have to put him to sleep but he has no behavior problems. The only thing wrong with him is that he was born a Pitbull.


    They have a loving staff.


    Not very clean environment.

  • 8. Great people

    by: kippee

    We adopted our little girl from the shelter in October, when they were at the PetExpo in Pittsburgh. The staff was outstanding. They gave us a good background on our dog, before we even considered her, and made some suggestions with how to handle her. They allowed us to take her outside, for a walk, with no time limits, and unaccompanied, so we could see if there was a bond. She was well cared for when we adopted her, and you could tell the staff loved each dog and knew each dog's personality.


    wonderful, caring staff



  • 9. great

    by: carrrly






  • 10. Wonderful Shelter

    by: livinlovinit

    The people at this shelter are honest caring people. They truly seem to never stop working. A few years ago my husband was laid off from work and decided to volunteer at the shelter. He was shocked at the amount of work and knowledge that takes place on a daily basis to keep the shelter running smoothly. Everyone working of volunteering there had so much compassion for the animals. The building is in very poor shape but the employees work around all the obstacles so as no animal is left behind or lacking whatever care it needs. Thanks to those folks for their care and dedication.


    Great location, Great People, Great Animals


    Old building, small not enough room

  • 11. Helpful Shelter

    by: savetheanimals910

    In all, I love the shelter. It is really committed to helping the animals!


    I love the fact that the staff invited me to volunteer and encouraged me. They really are persistent on helping the animals.


    I seriously can't think of any.

  • 12. lending a helping hand!

    by: Lbowman

    I have worked at the shelter for about four years. i am the weekend supervisor and the staff works there butts off to clean the shelter. we just keep falling behind because the shelter is so old and falling apart


    Great staff with great animals


    old shelter

  • 13. Great Place

    by: krum65

    I have only been to the Brooke County animal shelter a couple of times. My girlfriend's sister works there and it seems that the staff does many things to take care of the animals, and keep the place running smoothly.


    Great people.


    Not enough people want to adopt pets.

  • 14. My Favorite Animal Shelter

    by: bobo409

    During my numerous visits to the shelter, I have always been pleased to see the positive attitude of the staff members. The workers of the Brooke County Animal Shelter put a lot of time and dedication into making the shelter a successful establishment. The animals are under excellent care. They receive optimal treatment. I have volunteered at the shelter, cleaning dishes and laundry, and I was amazed to see just how much work is put into running an animal shelter. During the eight-hour day, the staff members worked, with the exception of two fifteen-minute breaks, the entire time they were there. I feel this is a wonderful shelter with a wonderful staff. :-)


    The staff is extremely friendly and helpful.


    The building is, unfortunately, too small.

  • 15. Amazing Shelter

    by: sar18

    The Staff is SOOO friendly and SOOO helpful. There really isn't a better place around here. It's nice to go to a shelter where the people involved care about the animals and aren't just going through the motions!!!


    The people, the environment, cleanliness, everything really...


    Maybe it's location...

  • 16. The Best kept shelter

    by: penny

    They work there tails off to have a clean and sanitery building every day. And there always on the phone trying to see if one of the recuse would want some really cute pups or kitties.And they really do PLAY with them, and give kissis & hugs


    great staff that truely care about there animals


    a very old and in much need of repairs shelter