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Beaver county humane society

P.o. box 63 route 18
Monaca, PA 15061
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User Reviews (17)

  • 1. more volunteers

    by: CathyBeaver

    the staff may be in need of a day off? i'm sure that going into an animal shelter every day can be depressing, as well as rewarding. maybe when they seemed to not be interested in the job at hand, they had just euthanized an animal? volunteers are the helping hand to these animals.


    volunteer more


    never been

  • 2. Can't say anything bad

    by: hollymarierocks

    I have dealt with the humane society very much and it isn't the greatest place and I hate to see a dog sent there.\r\n\r\nVery sad :o(


    They try... not too hard but they do try!


    Not clean, not nice, not enough room

  • 3. A+++++

    by: sheldean

    The staff is knowledgeable, caring and very much devoted to thewelfare of the animals. They do a great job of teaching and counseling potential adopters. The vet on staff is excellent. But the one drawback is that the shelter stays at its present location on a day-to-day basis as the property it sits on is being sold as part of a bankrupcy. Property is bought for a new shelter, but the money to build just isn't there yet. They desperately need funds for a new, larger, modern shelter.


    Great staff


    Too small--new shelter desperately needed!

  • 4. Ups and Downs

    by: lillygirl6

    The animals are taken care of, but they can't move around in their cages. The Humane Society also has very little money, so their sanitation is, well...like how hobos live.


    The people who work there take care of the animals very well.


    The animals live in their own waste!! The cages are WAY too small as well.

  • 5. Be more friendly!

    by: mikescheers

    We visited the Beaver humane society to enter the pet photo contest and to give a donation. The employees weren't very friendly. We felt like we were trespassing when we walked through the door. The employee asked us as soon as we walked through the door what we were there for instead of how may we help you or just hi. We felt like we were being watched when we were looking at the dogs. The whole experience was uncomfortable and I don't think I will be back anytime soon.


    plenty of workers,lots of merchandise for sale, clean


    Small holding areas for pets

  • 6. Great shelter, great people.

    by: billiezal

    This is my hometown shelter, even though I have moved out of state, they are my favorite. They have always been good to the animals.


    Freindly staff, clean shelter.



  • 7. Wonderful local shelter!

    by: laq4683

    My family has always gotten their pets here and we've always had good expierences! We've gotten a dog and 4 cats from this humane society and they were wonderful pets for our family!




    Was trying to find new location

  • 8. Dedicated to helping all animals

    by: maq333

    I have only been to Beaver Humane Society once. Very impressed with the very dedicated staff. I have read many stories about some of their rescues. Great group of people, truly out to help the animals.


    Great group of people - big hearts



  • 9. A well trained staff

    by: ztT4MP34237016

    Anytime me or one of my family have looked into getting a pet we have always gone here first. The animals here are well cared for and the staff is excellent in helping you to make that important choice. This is a great place to adopt the next addition to your family.


    Very well kept grounds


    very well kept animals

  • 10. Saving the animals

    by: lambrhondal

    Your group of workers sound great and like so many of us need better facilities to help even more of those wonderful little furbabies. Keep up the good work and good luck in getting a better facility.


    Caring for the animals



  • 11. Our local animal shelter

    by: lullie

    Our local shelter is the Beaver County Humane Society. I think they do a wonderful job taking care of the animals there. I wish I could adopt all the dogs, but I do what I can...I donate, I drop off newspapers and blankets, and I support them 100%!


    They take care of the animals.


    That the animals have to be there in the first place.

  • 12. Good work!

    by: hdevine

    I recently had to call the Beaver County Humane Officers for a case that I came across in my travels as a Realtor. I was very impressed with the response time. They already knew all about the situation and were on top of everything. \r\n\r\nKeep up the good work.


    good work


    not enough staff, volunteers and money!

  • 13. great

    by: pp16259

    I visited about a year ago, the shelter is a nice place and the workers were very helpful.





  • 14. Help is needed

    by: ametcalf

    I am an animal lover and it breaks my heart that this shelter doesn't have a place to call home yet. Get all your friends involved and have them log on to this site so we can get our shelter a makeover...and a new home


    Friendly Atmosphere



  • 15. needs funds

    by: kacky

    All of my pets came from this society. But they need a new home and I hope that happens soon. there isn't enough good places for unwanted animals. This one needs to stay and keep up the good work.




    they don't have a vet that the public can use. Used to.

  • 16. Beaver County Review

    by: tarman68

    great local shelter, but they have to find a new home and hopefully a good one.\r\n


    great local shelter


    they have to find a new home

  • 17. Fantastic, dedicated staff!

    by: guinnie

    I recently adopted a kitten from this shelter, and it has been the most positive, wonderful experience imaginable! The staff is courteous, knowledgable, and dedicated to the animals. They take incredible care of the animals and provide great information to the public. The best part is that they have an on-site vet who takes care of all the medical issues the animals may face.


    On-site vet


    The place is small. They need more room so they can help more animals.