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Barron Vet Clinic

1686 13 1/2 Ave
Barron, WI 548012

User Reviews (20)

  • 1. Good place to vet your pet....

    by: cyria

    Our Abby recently had to have major surgery. I was able to request a tech to be with her during and after her procedure. I received updates by phone. Knowing my pets history, Abby was hydrated and antibiotic by injection was given, instead of pills. This worked out well. Abby will be recovering for some time. Dr. Keilly takes her time with a person. Explains options and really listens to what you say. She cares about you and your pet. Has an excellent bedside manner. She will confer with a specialist if needed. Dr. Keilly is a huge asset to the clinic


    Professional staff,clean facility, excellent care



  • 2. Extra Concer

    by: wandajohansen

    I had both of my kitties neutered at Barron Vet Clinic. They both developed infections in their sutures, which I am guessing was an allergy based problem, but the Vet on call met me at the clinic and helped me take care of them on a Saturday.


    Quick call back about a problem



  • 3. Caring in life and death

    by: Nattree

    When we had to put our almost 14 year old dog to sleep, the Barron VC staff was very supportive. They made sure that we knew exactly what was going to happen and gave us the time we needed to say good-bye. However, that wasn't the end of the story. A few days after Quincy was put down, we received a sympathy card signed by the Barron VC staff along with a touching poem that they had attached some of Quincy's fur to. I can't begin to tell you what that meant to my family and me. It is this thoughtfulness and caring that will keep us going to Barron VC for many more years.


    Staff cares for pets and their humans, willing to work with you on affordable treatments and payment options


    distance from residence

  • 4. Great Service

    by: GregandRoxanne

    Always get in when we need to and quickly when a emergency comes up . We are comfortable with them and so are the animals of ours. Very helpful and they have a caring attitude.


    Very helpful,very concerned


    We walked out of the clinic with no complaints

  • 5. Won't be going back.

    by: Meg2201

    What I didn't like most about Barron Vet Clinic is that they only suggest using products that they sell. For example they sell Frontline, so guess what they push? FRONTLINE ! Well ticks are becoming resistant to FRONTLINE. I went to another vet who had a VARIETY of products and actually suggested a product that would actually help my dog ! Promeris is a great product for ticks and fleas. I live in a dense wooded area where we run into alot of ticks. Frontline did absolutely nothing on them. Barron VC also likes to push Iams and Eukanuba as premium pet foods. Well I've already writtten about Iams and Eukanuba as not being a great company. They do terrible research on animals and many shelters/clinics have banned Iams and Eukanuba ! I really found the staff to be very informal and not that personable.


    good with animals


    push products

  • 6. Good Vet

    by: dbrown8201

    We had to find a new vet after the clinic we went to closed. They have a very caring and friendly staff! The only downside is that we have to drive to another town to get there.


    Helpful vets


    Out of town for us

  • 7. A Trusting Place

    by: colebai99

    I take my four dogs to Barron Vet Clinic and with each visit, I have always found the staff to be friendly, curteous, and cheerful. The Vets are very professional and kind to my pets. Once we made an emergency visit without calling first and everyone was great at seeing Tyler immediately. Of course, I hope not to have to make too many visits, in that my dogs remain healthy, but it is nice and reassuring to know that if I need anything in regards to vet services, Barron Vet Clinic will be there to give their best service to my beloved pets and give me the best information and advice. Tyler was just there the other day for a nail trim. He is such a character especially when it comes to trimming his nails. I have given up trying to do this myself. The staff was great, Tyler went through his usual antics but the ladies persevered and the nails were nicely trimmed.


    Helpful, cheerful, professional



  • 8. Good clinic

    by: shelbykellam

    I have been going to this vet clinic for years now and they have always been kind, helpful, and caring. The only negative thing is that they are a bit overpriced but I guess you get what you pay for.


    friendly, helpful, caring


    a bit overpriced

  • 9. Staff is wonderful!

    by: spaul418

    I've been taking my pets to this vet for three years after having a bad experience at another clinic. The staff is friendly and caring, and are there to answer any and all questions that you may have. I wouldn't dream of using another vet clinic, even though I have to drive twenty minutes to get there now!


    Staff is wonderful, place is excellent



  • 10. Wonderful Place

    by: fshngalebw

    Our kids followed Dr. Helene Keilly when she transferred to BVC from Rice Lake. She has been there with us through the sadness of death and the joy of a new puppy. She is a caring vet who takes the time to truly listen and always explains things in terms I can understand (pros & cons). The girls all give her a paws up salute!


    Friendly, helpful staff


    Can be very busy

  • 11. Very Caring Staff

    by: wilburblack

    Tozey lived with us for 20 years. He was our friend. He was loving, full of purrs, talkative, jealous, demanding, funny, stubborn and completely one of a kind. He viewed himself as a lion and because of that, got himself in a good deal of physical trouble. When he first met Dr Keily, he was very afaid of Vets in general. I believe Dr Keily took care of him for the last 12 years of his life. At the Barron Vet Clinic, they took the time to fuss with him, talk to him, and pet him. It turned things around and he now loved going to the vet. It became a social outing and they always made him feel better. The true mark of a good facility, is when you have to make the decision to let your friend go. Tozey's passing was sweet and gentle. I knew it was time and was prepared. The tears the staff shed says everything. I would like to add that the staff listens to the owner. I know my animals and I feel I can speak for them. It is nice to be heard.


    These folks love their patients....humans should have such good care



  • 12. Thanks Barron Vet Clinic!

    by: Amy135

    Barron Vet Clinic has been SO helpful in the transformation the Humane Society of Barron County has undergone in the past 9 months. They have gone above and beyond the call of duty and never are too busy to help us. Also a HUGE thank you for the donated spay/neuters recently done in Jan/Feb. Adopting out animals that are already fixed is so much easier. Thanks again!!


    Several DVMs on staff - help always available



  • 13. Great place

    by: Jerry54822

    I have taken my cats here for the past 6 years and love it. THey care so much about animals, They alsway answer all my questions and take time to keep me informed. They also have great prices for shots and altering pets.


    Great staff, good hours, affordable



  • 14. How much to you love your pet?

    by: LuS

    A few years ago our dog was sick. I took her in twice. They gave her antibiotics but she didn't improve. Then on a Sunday, she got very ill. I called the clinic but our vet was on vacation. The one on call wasn't too interested in our problems. He didn't know what he could do. Told us to bring her in the morning. She didn't last the night. They had misdiagnosed her from the start. We were devastated. We have since adopted another dog. I will never take another animal back there.


    It was close to home


    Nobody cared

  • 15. Great and Caring Vet Clinic!

    by: HSBarron

    The Barron Vet Clinic has been a HUGE asset to the animal shelter over the last several months. They are SO great about helping us with any animals that may need vet care or answering questions we may have. They always find time to squeeze in a shelter animal in need and are just great all around. They even have staff who are active volunteers at the shelter and it's just a great relationship all the way around. Thanks Barron Vet!


    very knowledgable, great staff, very shelter friendly



  • 16. Great Clinic

    by: catlover85

    I've used the Barron Vet Clinic for the past 7 years and would recommened it to everyone. I've taken my last 5 cats there and the service is wonderful. They helped my Mama cat with a broken leg and spayed 4 of my kitties. Never had a problem with anything. They gave me lots of information about cats. They only thing that is bad is that you have to drop an animal off to be spayed the morning of the surgery between 7 and 9. I have to work at 5 am and had no other way to get the cat to the vet. So other then that I love this place. \r\nI have even tried taking my cats to another vet in RL and I didn't like them. The people at Barron are so friendly and caring I will never go any where else.


    Great staff, friendly


    dropping off animals for spaying

  • 17. A really great clinic!

    by: aliciadoud

    I've been using Barron Vet Clinic for many years for my pets. The staff are all very friendly and professional, and the facility is always very clean. If something is very seriously wrong with any of my pets, I will ONLY take them to Barron because I really trust them! Thanks, Barron Vet, for the great service! :)


    Really nice staff, very clean facility, very knowledgable


    Kind of expensive compared to other local clinics

  • 18. Great Vet Clinic!

    by: Wendie7

    I've been using Barron Vet Clinic for the last several years for my two dogs who seem to be very accident prone. The staff there is great - super friendly and nice, while still very professional. They are great about handling all sorts of issues large and small and also great with the aftercare - calling a few days later to see how things are going. If my dogs enjoyed the experience itself, they'd give it eight paws up!


    Caring friendly staff, easy to get appointment


    A bit more expensive than others

  • 19. I love this vet clinic!

    by: krazy4mycats

    I love this clinic. They take very good care of cats, whether they need a shave, their shots and boosters, or just need a yearly checkup, the staff is always there for us! I want to work here when I am 16, and that's not that far away! I love this clinic!


    Knowledgeable people, very frinedly, clean enviroment, and a great overal experience!


    Seems a bit expensive, but then again, aren't all things good in life not free?

  • 20. This is the most caring clinic ever

    by: TJ54805

    This clinic is the best I had to put my dog to sleep a month and half ago and they showed so much care and shead a few tears with me. I would recommend this clinic to anyone in the area. They have a fairly new building and is alway so clean when I take my pets there.


    They are very caring and knowledgeable


    I cant think of one thing wrong with this clinic