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Barnegat animal clinic llc

530 north main street
Barnegat, NJ 08005
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. We love Dr. Behan!!!!

    by: JimmyThy

    We've had Dr. Behan from Day 1 of our journey with Atka, who is now over 5 years old. Atka came from a unique situation where his breeder was a homeopathic and holistic breeder. His diet was also unusual in that it consisted of kibble supplemented with raw chicken / beef. Being schooled in the western perspective of medicine did not deter Dr. Behan one bit, and he went the extra mile to do some online research on holistic and homeopathic therapies (we were not familiar with these concepts -- it was just Atka's breeder who was) to help us make our own decision in how to treat Atka. He even found us a holistic vet nearby for the specific type of vaccination we were looking for at the time. He has always given us honest answers to everything, and has taken the time to explain whatever we needed to understand in detail. Let me tell how how incredible this was to do this! I am a doctor's worst nightmare. I need to know every single little detail about every procedure, and why it's being done, what the pros and cons are, what the alternatives are, and the science behind it all. If Dr. Behan didn't have an answer to one of my questions right then, he would always research it on his own and call us at home afterward to share his findings with us. This became even more poignant when we got our 2nd dog, Nuka, who wound up having a liver disease called HMD (Hepatic Microvascular Dysplasia). Basically, the portal triads in her liver were not formed perfectly, resulting in decreased liver function. Dr. Behan not only discovered this issue with her, but did everything possible to ensure that Nuka got the best care available: from finding a good specialist, to following up with Cornell on the biopsies and getting more thoughts from them, to bringing our case to conventions he attended so that he could tap into the brains of other internal veterinary specialists there, to advising us on all aspects of her care afterward. With a situation as complex as Nuka's, do you think I drilled Dr. Behan with questions galore? You bet I did. And he fell nothing short of amazing with his support. The rest of the staff at the clinic are bar none. You never feel like a number, and you're always greeted with a smile and a cookie (if you're not human, that is). Both our dogs absolutely LOVE going to Barnegat Animal Clinic, and we'd never think of going anywhere else!


    Genuinely compassionate people who go the extra mile for you and your pets. Echoing others' sentiments, they don't try to take advantage of you and sell you medicines, tests, or food to just make money.



  • 2. Dr. Wurst is the BEST!

    by: mtolypetsupply

    I have used Dr. Wurst and his Facility since 1990. I have *never* encountered a better veterinarian than Dr.Wurst, and he employs associates that are almost as good as is he.\r\n\r\nWhen I have had pets that have had illnesses/injuries, he has always been honest about treatment and prognosis, always looking out for the best for the animal patient, not looking for how to make a fast dollar from a distraught pet parent. If the prognosis is good, Dr. Wurst is up on the latest techniques, and willing to go the extra mile to make sure your pet makes a full recovery. However, if an animal must be euthanized, there is grace, dignity and respect in the event.\r\n\r\nStacy is the vet assistant I'd always want around in a challenging situation. She has an awesome manner with the animals, and is just as good with their owners.\r\n\r\nThanks, BAC, for all you do!


    Staff extremely knowledgeable, affordable, kind, compassionate


    Often booked weeks in advance for wellness visits

  • 3. Vet

    by: Laylasmom

    We took Layla here when we first adopted her, everyone was very nice and helpful. They did not try to sell us a bunch of stuff we did not need and were very caring.


    Close by, wonderful people