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Balmoral Pet Cemetery & Crematory

Rr 7
Gaylordsville, CT 06755

User Reviews (5)

  • 1. A caring, kind place

    by: kate3

    I have been a rodent parent for 13 years, so have gone to Balmoral often as rats and mice don't live more than 3 years or so. Allen always cremates a "family" of my rodents together, ones who were cagemates, and it's wonderful to know that they're together after death as they were in life. He is very kind and caring and always accommodates our wishes. It really is a peaceful setting and I would never go anywhere else.


    kind and caring staff



  • 2. Used service numerous times

    by: molbaygun

    We have used Balmoral several times and as always they have been more than accommodating. They understand what you are going through. We have always had private cremations so that we can "keep" our family together. We are actually lucky to have this service in our area.


    Close to home, friendly, more than willing to please, understanding of your loss



  • 3. Sad neglect

    by: ztT4MP27536129

    This pet cemetary/crematory has suffered severe neglect. The majority of pet memorials on the property are completely overgrown with vegetation. Statues are fading into the encroaching woods. Some pet memorials have been displaced and cast aside, no longer on their plots. Loving pet owners placed their pets and memorials there entrusting care to the owners of this place. The memorial garden, on which the ashes of my pets were scattered years ago, is nothing more than a trash dump with black plastic tubs full of debris and filthy water and overgrown weeds everywhere. The entire place is a disgrace. Buildings on the property, though occupied, are in total disrepair. Not having gone for years, I visited two days ago. Something was sitting atop some bare earth in the hot sun under a tarp, likely awaiting burial for who knows how long. It is a sad, sad situation. If my pets were buried at Balmoral, I would arrange to have them moved pronto. It is a disgrace. Those who buried their precious pets in this location would be sickened at the sight of it.


    Absolutely none.



  • 4. thank you

    by: smproia

    Unfortunately, we had to use this service twice in the last two years. I am glad to have the option of private cremation.





  • 5. the last step

    by: winkman

    You can have a private cremation and the ashes are returned to you in a timely manner with a certificate.


    an alternative to burial at home


    there are none