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Arboretum View Animal Hospital

2551 Warrenville Road
Downers Grove, IL 60515
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User Reviews (9)


    by: cass4616

    This is a letter written by my sister to the doctor. Dr. William Barclay, I wanted to take a moment to explain to you what exactly I did not like about your service. I was unable to communicate with you on the telephone, not only because of your interruptions, but you hung up on me. Your conduct was that of a child, and extremely unprofessional. Therefore , I am forced to resort to a letter. If you would like to know more about how I feel, I advise you research reviews on your vet. You should find it under there. Perhaps you have succeeded in Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, but had you had a course on compassion and customer service, you clearly would have failed miserably. You have truly been an embarrassment to your clinic and yourself. Even though I am highly convinced by your behavior and attitude that you do not have any interest in what exactly happened to my cat, nor myself, however I do believe that you should be informed in case this situation happens in the future. Hopefully you will tell your next clients what they are about to see before sending them home with a cat bleeding out their intestines and dying. This will spare them the hurtful, terrible image I have to see for the rest of my life. After three days of home nursing care, my cat was clearly dying and suffering. After a lot of thinking, I knew in my heart her chances were slim, and the humane thing to do was put her out of her misery. Desperate, I came to your clinic, where your receptionists were very kind and considerate of my needs. This is, in my opinion, the only thing you have going for you. After the exam and your advise to do the “humane” thing and let her live, I was very hopeful of her health. I was under the impression that her chances of survival were good, and with the right nursing care, she could live. With your experience and being that you are a veterinarian, I decided the best thing to do is to take an experts advise. As much as it hurts me to recap the events, I would like you to know exactly what happened to her, in detail, so you know exactly what I had to watch. Not only what I had to watch, but what this helpless kitten had to go through because you advised me that euthanizing her was not humane. When I arrived home, I took Jackie out of her crate to find that it was filled with blood. Not only did I take her out, I took a large stream of blood coming from her backside with me. Watching her body contract with pain, I cradled her in my arms to comfort her. As much as I did not want to see her suffer, which I explained to you, I knew I had to stay with her until the end, whether it be five minutes, or five hours. She wiggled out of my arms and fell on the floor several times, wincing in pain. Not only did more blood come from her, but urine and stool also. I laid on the floor with Jackie, with her blood, the whole time, telling her it was O.K to go, and that the pain will be over soon. After each set of approximately 3 minutes, she would squirm over from side to side, stand up, walk about two steps and fall to the ground. She was trying very hard to breath. I could not sob loud enough to cover the sounds of her screaming. I say screaming and not howling, because the noise was so loud, and had a raspy pitch- a noise I had never heard before and will hear forever. It started right before she gasped for her last 5 minutes of life. Her last gasp was followed by 15 minutes of her paws stretching in all directions, and her body twitching. I laid with her helpless and hopeless, knowing there was nothing I could do to make her feel better. She was going to die, and she was going to die a very slowly, painful death. As much as I was devastated to see her go, I couldn’t have hoped for anything better for her then to die- to be put out of this discomfort and pain, this misery. This misery was not worth the tiny chance she had at living. Since she has passed, I have tried so hard to remember her when she was healthy. Waking me up every hour of the night with her purrs, her manic episodes where she would run around the house in the midnight hours, the way my sister and I laughed at how much she ate, how determined she was to climb to the top of the screen door with her paws, and most of all the way she would snuggle to her other companion cat. Instead, I cannot get the image, the hours, and the nightmare of what she had gone through out of my mind. Her last hours of her life were spent terribly wrong, and I cannot blame myself more. Instead of euthanizing, which I had planned, I let you explain to me that her extremely little chance of survival, was well worth her suffering, and euthanizing her in her state would not be humane. After she had passed, I received a phone call from you, which I believe was much more abusive- as you put it- than the phone call you had from my Aunt. She had simply called for an explanation. A concerned phone call from a client, asking for that is not what I, or many other people consider abuse. Instead of admitting you had made a bad judgment call, which people do- I should know, I made a bad judgment call to trust youyou instead defended yourself with an inaccurate conclusion, diagnosing 10 kittens in our rescue group with leukemia, thus Jackie was bound to die too. This statement only made you seem extremely ignorant, proving you did not listen to what I had told you during the exam at all. I read that you had graduated from the New York State College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University. Surely that taught you that to diagnose 10 kittens over the phone without a physical exam, is impossible. You must not have gotten that message How you were able to diagnose kittens you have never once been in contact with is beyond me. After you choose not hear my Aunt out and address her concerns, you told her she is not to set foot in your vet, and hung up on her. The fact that my Aunt had informed you of the pain I was in having watched my kitten suffer and bleed to death, you completely disregarded my emotions. Showing no ounce of concern or compassion, you instead felt the need to call me and inform me that you “had received a terrible phone call, and were abused”. I calmly told you that I did not know what transpired in the phone call with my aunt, and that my intentions were only to end my kittens suffering. You explained to me that Jackie was indeed a very sick cat and her chances were low, reassuring the point that she should have been euthanized. Somewhere between interrupting me and attacking me, you said with sarcasm, “I am sorry we were trying to give this cat a chance”, like I was in the wrong for wanting to end her misery. Ignoring the fact that I was grieving, you cruely informed me that myself and my rescue group are not welcomed in your vet. This confused me because you had told my Aunt “Your niece can come back because she was a nice girl.” Clearly I had showed no disrespect to you or your staff, and why I am not allowed back- or anyone from you rescue group, blows my mind. I was shocked, and before I knew it, you hung up on me, with no condolences for my loss. I am extremely disappointed that I was treated with such disrespect, even after you were aware I had just lost my companion. You telling me that I was no longer welcomed in your vet was not necessary. I will never come back to you to care for my animals, and will make sure I inform the dozens of families that adopt from of our rescue group the situation I went through, and the disrespect you showed me and my family.


    Friendly staff


    Horrible doctor

  • 2. Great service

    by: cocoloco2

    We took our dog there. She was diagnosed with cancer and didn't make it. They were very helpful thru that difficult time. We know that Coco got the best care.


    Very caring



  • 3. GREAT!!!!

    by: swinckowski

    Arboretum View saved Cleo's life! She went in there with a very bad sickness. They found out she had pnemonia and that she may not make it. A week later she came right out of there as if nothing had ever happened! I thank the staff for saving her life and keeping her comfortable while she was there!!!!!! We got to visit her for just a short while each day but I know the staff there gave her lots of love!!!! Thank you Arboretum View for saving Cleo's life!!!!


    Awesome people!!!!


    I had to bring my pet here for a bad reason!

  • 4. the best!

    by: dmt683

    These wonderful vets and other staff saved our puppy from pneumonia back in 2006. They were up front and admitted that it was about a 50/50 chance but they worked some magic and then some and kept her going and got her nursed back to health. Every single staffer we encountered from the doctors down to the front desk associates and techs were absolutely great to deal with. All were friendly kind compassionate caring and very impassioned in their duties. Thanks again Arboretum View... we love you guys...... so does Cleo!!!!!!


    amazing emergency care! plus more!



  • 5. Great vets, lots of services, but expensive

    by: pmillerzoo

    Your pets will get great care - there are many specialty vets to fit almost any need. They have state of the art technology and services. If you have the money to spend on your pet, I highly recommend this vet. However, if you are like many of us with kids and other priorities, this vet can get quite expensive. You will have access to most diagnostic tests and treatments you will need, but it WILL cost you. Though I felt we received top notch care there, we simply could not afford it.


    Vets with many specialties



  • 6. Wonderful Vet and Emergency Service!!

    by: jenniferzla

    I use AVAH as my primary vet and have had to use them for emergency service too. I have been so happy with everything they have done to help my pets. I would recommend them to anyone.


    They are open 24 hrs, very friendly, full-service vet


    Really don't know

  • 7. Fantastic Vets

    by: Bellacat3

    The customer service at this hospital is the best I've ever experienced. You can usually get an appointment the same day that you call them. Most of the vets specialize and are available for consults. This is the only hospital in the western suburbs that takes the client's concerns into account and acts on them.\r\n\r\nFor example, I had to put my cat down in 2005 due to inappropriate elimination. I had put up with it for years but finally reached the breaking point. I tried medication and behavioral therapy without any improvement. My vet refused to put the cat down but the vet at Arboretum View did. I will always be grateful that Arboretum made the process as guilt-free as possible. It was the right decision for my situation and the vet supported me. They even made a donation in my cat's name to the vet school in U of I in Urbana.


    experienced and knowledgeable vets, excellent customer service, clean facility, emergency care


    the price - yikes, they are now corporate

  • 8. Great Caring place

    by: InLoveWithPetRescue

    I've had to take several of my animals in, and they're very quick and prompt with helping you. The staff is knowledgable, and they have experienced staff on service 24/7 so you're never left witht he feeling of having a "night shift doc" that doesn't know what he's doing. They even have a few vets well versed in exotics, and the vet techs are very comforting when your pet is going in for a visit. They're a bit pricey but I think it's worth it.


    quick service. nice staff and workers


    exspensive but worth it

  • 9. arberetium view animal hospital, 5+ stars!

    by: schindig3

    My pit bull tore a ligament in her knee and I took her to arberetium view animal hospital. I was so scared and so was my dog. Luckily Arberetium View was wonderful and understanding for both me and my dog. She had surgery there and had to stay a few days. They did a great job and the follow-up was wonderful! I now take my dog there for yearly check-ups too. I highly recommend their services, so does my dog who can run and play again!


    Very nice, knowledgeable, understanding