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Ann Gafke's Teacher's Pet

325 East Dripping Springs Rd.
Columbia, MO 65202

User Reviews (10)

  • 1. Story Time

    by: nondorf

    Ann has a story for everthing. It is part of her charm. She is completely willing to work with you individually after class or before class or during the week... I have a dog with a few bad habits and she has spent so much time after class making sure I know how to handle then in different situations. Class isn't what you would expect- a mix of work with the dog and education for the owners. Plus you HAVE to do the "homework" if you want results. Overall, her trust building exercises and general relationship building work with your dog really do work. A very friendly place.


    experience, thoroughness, patience, lots of individual work


    far-ish away

  • 2. Time-tested experience!

    by: cpenn

    I'm taking my puppy to her and all the people I've known that went to her said she's incredible. I can say she's got a great amount of expertise and really cares about the animals. She knows her breeds and genuinely wants to help!


    Very caring trainer


    Location a bit far for me but sure it's better to have space around!

  • 3. Not a treat for my dog

    by: lovescats44

    We took our dog to Ann Gafke for training. I was very impressed by the behavior of Ann's dogs. They are well-trained. However, my own dog did not respond well to Ann at all. My dog really just didn't like her. That made training very difficult. It was not a very good experience for us.


    Nice class sizes


    very far from our home

  • 4. A good experience for my dogs and family

    by: wardk

    I took my dogs here for basic training. I quickly learned that I was being trained as much as my dog was. I have a pit bull and it is a great place for your dog to get socialized with other dogs and it is a safe environment where there are people to intervene if a dog happens to get aggressive. The staff are informed about dog psychology and teach basic skills to more advanced things such as agility training. The price was reasonable and if your family signs up, all dogs can go for the monthly rate. It was a good experience and I would recommend it to anyone with a new dog or an old one that has some issues that you want resolved.


    They trained my family well


    Too far away from where I live now

  • 5. older dogs

    by: alisa65010

    We took two older dogs to Ann's. We should have opted for private lessons. My husband and I did a poor job of socializing these guys when they were young and trying to work with them in a big class setting -- just didn't cut it. Living way south of Columbia, it was difficult to make it to class and it was very stressful for our guys. The classes ARE run well and the staff are great -- it just didn't work out for us.


    upbeat group


    way north of town

  • 6. YEAH

    by: stephielulu

    ya this place is awesome its a great place to bring yuor pets





  • 7. Helpful, but chaotic

    by: ANAYALA

    The staff seemed very knowledgeable and passionate, however, there were too many things going on at the same time. I felt like they were trying to do way to many things for a staff of three...


    Very knowledgeable



  • 8. Not bad

    by: Love4Mizzou

    I had a pretty good experience with Ann Gafke. The training is more about teaching owners how to work with their dogs than having the dogs learn everything right there, which is exactly what is required for a dog to really learn. Class teaches the owner, then the owner teaches the dog. She also sold me a leather leash that I absolutely love.


    Knowledgeable, evening classes, reasonable cost



  • 9. Terrific Training

    by: edlisa2j

    Yukon is the second dog I've trained with Ann and it's all been invaluable. We also participate in the drill team performance group. The entire Gafke family is involved in the school and each one is an excellent trainer. I love the fact that they are available 24/7 for private consultation. Sometime I think they were more determined than I was in training my dog. I couldn't have trained this Malamute without their encouragement and support.


    Personable, Availability for 1-on-1 training, value


    location, size of facility

  • 10. She knows what she is talking about!

    by: CindyRK

    I took my last dog and then my new puppy to Anne Gafke's Teachers Pets and I must say they know their stuff. I followed their advice when working with Bella and she is such a better dog for it. They are great for puppies and beginners but also do lots of advanced training as well. I would have kept my puppy in class if circumstances had not kept me from being able to go. I still work with her at home using the things I learned. Above all, it was great socialization for her and she had a lot of fun there. If you live in the area, I recommend Anne Gafke over anyone else.


    Knowledgeable, helps with all training aspects