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Animal haven of flushing

35-22 prince street
Flushing, NY 11354
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User Reviews (7)

  • 1. A real nice place

    by: DragonMan

    I actually worked here but only for a couple of weeks unfortunately it was only part time and my commute by subway took about as much time as I worked a day,so I moved on to another job but as far as I knew the staff was very caring, that was many years ago but Im sure they still are.


    very caring



  • 2. Animal Haven becomes a kill shelter

    by: Dirtid

    Animal Haven is no longer a no-kill shelter. Read the article: http://www.nydailynews.com/lifestyle/2009/01/31/2009-01-31_animal_haven_shelter_in_crisis.html They accepted hundreds of thousands of dollars, advertising the need to help individual animals. Now under new management, it seems like it is just too much trouble. They would prefer to run a doggy boutique instead. Goodbye Fido, goodbye Buttons! Shame on you!


    was a no-kill shelter


    now kills animals

  • 3. Animal Haven is a living example of why shelters are the way to go...

    by: baileylove

    I am a firm believer in only rescuing and adopting dogs (not buying from breeders and pet stores). The few who have yet to sign onto this belief have this unfound bias that shelter dogs will have social probelms and "issues". Five minutes with the dogs at Animal Haven will entirely change that point of view. These dogs have so much love to give. It's heart warming to spend any amount of time with them. The puppy kisses are a wonderful and welcome reward for my time volunteering at Animal Haven.


    great pets for adoption, knowledgeable staff, great programs



  • 4. Animal Haven Flushing Ny was great!

    by: babixamanda

    My family was looking at many different shelters to adopt a loving dog from and Animal Haven had some of the most well kept and friendly dogs. The people working were very helpful and nice. Deffinetly reccomend stoping by if your looking for a new pet!


    Well kept animals and Helpful service


    inneed of renovation/makeover

  • 5. Great Staff

    by: Goldensnitch07

    A while ago I was considering adoption and the first shelter I visited was Animal Haven. The staff was helpful, and told me all there was to know about the dog we were hoping to adopt. Even though I wasn't able to, I now volunteer at the shelter and have an even better impression of Animal Haven than I did at first glance. Everyone here has a big heart, and genuinely cares about the animals. The staff does their best to make sure that all the misplaced animals we have are adopted.


    Helpful/Knowledgeable Volunteers, No Kill Shelter


    Limited Space

  • 6. I hope Animal Haven has changed since 2004

    by: megthebug

    I adopted my first cat, Nelson, from Animal Haven in 2002. He was 11 when I adopted him, and he lived to be 13. I was a first time "mom" then, 19 years old, in college and very lonely. I loved having Nelson and I still miss him today. My first adoption experience with Animal Haven was great.\n\nMy second was awful. This was in October 2004, a month after I'd lost Nelson. I occasionally volunteered at Animal Haven, and being around other cats helped ease the pain of losing my own. I was grieving and considering adopting another cat. (I ended up adopting Milo from BARC-- Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition in Oct 2004, and Liam from Liberty Humane Society in Dec 2007.) I originally applied for 2 cats at Animal Haven, though. I was denied because I chose not to elect for kidney dialysis for Nelson, who died of kidney failure. As a 19 year old college student, I do not know how Animal Haven expected someone in my position to pay for that. They went on to explain I did not try hard enough to look for funding for his medical problems, and berated me for my decisions about his health. One scathing woman in particular, I believe her name is Marley, gave me the impression I killed my own cat. It was very upsetting as you can imagine, and I did not return to Animal Haven after that. Their "open-floor" policy also makes it difficult for potential adopters to identify a particular cat by name, and I looked for their names on a chart hanging on the wall inside the cattery. I was also yelled at by Marley for this, as this chart-- plenty accessible to me and any other visitor-- was apparently a vet tech log and not to be touched by anyone else. I'm surprised I still remember how awful she made me feel 4 years ago.\n\nI am glad that my role as a cat lover and "mom" did not end that day, but those cruel words and rude treatment could have easily scared away another potential parent for generations of abandoned animals to come. Background checks are important in adoptions, as well as follow up visits. No one should be treated the way I was, and overzealous protection of animals can be counterproductive to a shelter's success. \n


    No Kill



  • 7. Shelter

    by: briannikki

    I volunteer at the Animal Shelter in Soho at 251 Centre Ave in New York, New York has a great store front. It is clean and has plenty of room


    Great Staff and volunteers