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Animal friends humane society

5225 hamilton-trenton road
Trenton, OH 45067
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User Reviews (11)

  • 1. Very Good!

    by: cox68

    I have got 2 healthy dog's from here.They are very helpfull,Very patient,Honest.I took as many dog's as i liked out for a walk seem's like a hundred.Then i finaly found the one!They were excited for me.Answered all my question's.And i did call back for a couple question's and they got back with me asap.They are great!Thank's





  • 2. I am disgusted with this place

    by: Reptilequeen

    Everytime that I have entered this place I was disgusted by how dirty it is. I dont know if many know this, but they use the gas chamber to put down animals. From insider information, they fill it up with however many press the button and toss the bodies into trash beens. Cats, they just stuff into a huge container, I completely dislike this method of euthanasia. Their veterinarian isnt all that wonderful either. The surgical room is messy and dirty. No wonder they have a large outbreak of parvo and other diseases. One year my brother's boston terrier got out and I helped him look for him. This dog had one really noticable difference from others, his tail had to be surgically removed. I called this human society looking for him, they said nope he wasnt there. After posting flyers and asking around I went to this shelter the following day. Turns out he had been there for THREE DAYS!!! I couldnt believe it, they made us pay a fine and for his stay. I think this place is in much need of better management!!! How can they say they care about animals.


    One of many shelters


    everything else

  • 3. My First Visit

    by: lablover60

    I made my first vist there today, in search of 2 chocolate labs. When I got to the shelter, the staff was very helpful, sending me right to the dogs. But a family came in to see one of them, and another Rescue had tagged the other. A good day in Rescue, 2 are leaving the shelter. It wasn't a wasted trip, I got to meet a dedicated bunch of people. The shelter was very clean, no smells and all of the dogs looked healthy. Bless you for the work you do, and keep up the good work


    A very well run shelter



  • 4. Upgrade coming soon!

    by: wilsonea

    I walk dogs at this shelter the 1st of every month. I adopted my dog Chance from this shelter. They walk the dogs every day, and do perform care and a service to the community. Last time I went the employees seemed much nicer. The main person who runs the shelter really cares about the dogs, and will do anything for them. Garri is the volunteer coordinator and she is amazing. Her and her husband work so hard for that shelter. I wish I could do more. If you can make any donation to the sheltler it would really help them out.


    Do want to help animals, getting an upgraded shelter soon


    Some employees don't say hello and are not friendly

  • 5. Helping animals!

    by: gibs7usa

    This facility educates the public on the necessuty of spaying and neutering which is often misunderstood or overlooked by too many pet owners. Good luck.


    caring and helpful



  • 6. Awesome

    by: MURPHY99

    They have a whole nature trail for the animals. They try to walk their dogs twice everyday and they barley ever put their dogs to sleep.


    The pets are so nice and welll behaved.


    Its a little messey

  • 7. Totally Awsome!

    by: winniecool

    I really love this place and there really nice to there pets, I've been there before and they try to walk all their pets twice a day!


    There cool


    they don't have a lot of supplys

  • 8. A small shelter that has nothing left to work for

    by: bellarosebarger

    I went to the shelter because my dog was misiing and this was the local shelter. I asked the gentelman behind the desk if they had a Black Pomeranian Puppy he said he had no clue and I should just go look. I went into the kennel room and was appauld. I guess because I was already emotional because I could find my dog but I started to tear looking at the habitats for these animals. I even asked my husband if we should offer to have pay to have some of the dogs groomed because they we so matted and dirty that no one would probobly adopt them because they looked awfull. My dog was not there and the gentelman was very nice and started calling around to see if any one had her , and she was vound actually at the police department. Sadly I was happy about that becasue she was in a better situation actually. The bright note is that they are going to have a new facility soon and useually when they have new facilities they get new volunteers and maybe the whole community will get more involved.


    They are helpfull with questions


    Very Dirty and Depressing

  • 9. I love this shelter

    by: Lisa91792

    I love when they bring theyre pets out to petsmart and the dogfest. Theyre shelter is very old and run down though, they need this make over really BAD. they don't have enough room for all the animals. These animals are packed in the smallest cages. :[\r\nI hope they win some money for theyre shelter.


    The shelter pets are clean when brought out to petsmart


    This shelter is very run down and needs a make over BAD

  • 10. Staff has no knowledge, Parvo reaks in lobby...much more

    by: twirlgirl0987

    Every time I enter the Animal Friends building, a chill runs down my spine. I cannot help but feel sorry for the some of animals who live there. When you walk in to the lobby the first thing you smell is the reak of parvo that is in the air. Thats just the beginning. Staff is hardly aware of any of the animals there. You ask about one and they say "Huh? Oh. I didn't know we had that animal..." The cats are kept in small cages and have no contact with other cats which forces them to put that they have no idea if they like other cats or not. The dogs look miserable in the cages, getting hardly any human contact. The few that get walked are the few who are lucky. But there any animal to make it a day there is lucky. We (by we i mean the shelter i volunteer at) just pulled some animals that belonged to a staff member who just died and they about put one of the rabbits down because it "Kicked when you held it." We took it out. We held it. It was fine. The rabbit was about to die and there was no reason. There was a space for it so that wasn't a problem. They just must have felt like it. When you go into the dog kennels you can't hel but almost or even cry for the dogs there. They just get food tossed in their cages and their water poored through the kennel door. When the staff cleans out the kennels and uses a squeege to remove water, etc. the amount of vomit there is disgusting. But is anything done about this, no. Also the staff just lets you roam free and clueless. They also treat you like you are just a little kid who doesn't matter. Most of the staff just tells you the info you need and rolls their eyes and go back to talking to the others. Once I went there and a dog was sitting there with cuts all over and limping. It was in the stray section. One person who was part of the staff walked by and said "I don't know what is wrong with it." How can you not notice the cuts and possible broken bones in that poor dogs body?? They don't notice anything with these animals. Half of the animals they put down are sweet, kind animals. When some of the ones left are dogs or cats who are ready to kill from the training of their past owners. All the people at Animal Friends think they are doing a good thing, when they are just another kill shelter putting hundreds of helpless dogs down a year.


    Large staff


    Small living quarters for animals, sweet and wonderful animals are not given a chance at all to live

  • 11. Look here first for your new adopted friend!

    by: sparkygirl3277

    We have adopted two dogs from this shelter. They do a great job giving potential adopters as much information as they can concerning all of the adoptable dogs and cats! Soon they will have a brand-new larger shelter available (some time in 2008). We are very pleased with both dogs that we adopted from Animal Friends. Thanks to the caring staff & volunteers, we found two great dogs that fit well in our household!


    Have a variety of pets available, puppies, older dogs, lots of cats & kittens too!


    Shelter is currently small & cramped, but they are in the process of building a new one!