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Animal emergency clinic of danbury

22 newtown road
Danbury, CT 06810
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User Reviews (23)

  • 1. Saved my cat's life twice!

    by: ENO612

    My cat has had two separate asthma attacks. Each time I was terrified she might not make it. The caring staff nursed her back to health, and I am so so thankful. It's expensive but it is completely worth it.


    Always there, fast, reliable, clearly care about animals



  • 2. Not impressed

    by: sherri1019

    I have been here on a few occasions with one of my dogs who had allergic reactions to vaccines and bee stings. I will never go again. The place is dirty and the staff from the front desk to the vet were rude and condescending. All they were concerned about was making sure I knew what the bill would be. Now I use Katonah Bedford in NY for emergencies.


    open at night


    rude staff, dirty, expensive

  • 3. not rccomended

    by: Ralph1

    The first time I went there was to pts my beloved Boxer.I was so full of grief I didn't notice anything.The second time I went after my current Boxer loosened up his stitches from a tumor removal.The guy was pretty gruff and I was charged about a hundred dollars a stitch,and it was a sloppy job. Someone at our shelter suggested a different place,hopefully I won't need it.


    open late hours


    not the friendliest staff,very expensive

  • 4. really depressing place

    by: amgfnyc

    I had to take one of my dogs here late one night when she was unable to stop urinating. I was very very concerned because she has Cushing's Disease, as well as several other conditions. I took her to the Emergency Clinic, and they could not have been more unfriendly, particularly the vet herself. She never once acknowledged my concern, or tried to make me feel more comfortable, and she basically just told me to wait until morning and call my regular vet. This after I had driven nearly an hour to get to the emergency clinic. I decided then and there never to go back to this vet, and in the future to go to another emergency clinic that was recommended to me.


    open when everyone else is closed


    no bedside manner

  • 5. THE BEST

    by: JABanimallover

    This clinic saved the life of my dog and one of my rabbits.\r\n\r\nWe brought our dog to this clinic on a Saturday night a few months ago. He had been diagnosed with kidney disease but inspite of the medication was not eating and had become extremely weak. The first blood panel revealed levels consistent with a diagnosis of kidney disease, but he wasn't satisfied that the results told the entire story. Then my dog vomited in his presence, further confirming his inclination to do more blood work to see if he might have Addison's disease. The second blood panel indicated that this was, in fact, the problem. They kept our dog over the weekend f or intravenous feeding and told us to take him directly to a veterinarian on Monday morning for a test specificly for Addision's. I have since learned that this is an easy disease to miss. I feel very grateful to all the veterinarians and staff who made a difference in my dog's life. The clinic's diagnosis was confirmed and our dog is now being treated for the disease and doing very well. \r\n\r\nThey also saved my rabbit's life a few years ago. My rabbit, who was several years old at the time, was failing fast. I brought him to the clinic where he was diagnosed with a urinary tract obstruction. I don't remember the specific procedure, but the blockage was removed and after a short stay in the clinic, where he was on intravenous fluids and observed round the clock, he came home to live happily for several more years.


    Extremely competent and caring



  • 6. Such reassurance knowing they're "there"

    by: evi

    this is by far, the best insurance policy Danbury has to offer. If youre facing a dogs serious accident or illness, you want the best and after hours, you really want the best. This is the place....Love knowing they're "there"..


    available when reg vet hours are over


    pricey, but you get what you pay for

  • 7. A good resource

    by: jcrussell96

    We have taken our pets here on several "emergency" occasions. One time was in the middle of the night when our dog was paralyzed and they could not have been more kind and caring to our dog (& us). The vet staff is very knowledgeable and they have the medical equipment necessary for emergencies. Our neighbor's dog was treated successfully here after being hit by a car. A good place to go if your animal is in need.


    Helpful & knowledgeable vets & techs, good in emergencies


    Office staff can be abrupt


    by: WERNER






  • 9. So glad they are here

    by: twosibes

    I have a few pets, so I have definitely had to make a few visits to the animal emergency clinic in Danbury. Everyone has been so helpful, and done a great job in providing my pets with excellent care. Each staff member has been so nice and accommodating and has provided excellent service when we were in need. We are so lucky to have this place nearby for emergencies when the vets' offices are closed.


    Always helpful


    Expensive because it's emergency care

  • 10. A comfort to know they are nearby.

    by: lawguy

    Although I never want to be making that emergency run at some God-awful hour, it is a relief knowing the AEC is nearby & has a knowledgeable & dependable staff of medical providers to help your beloved pet.


    Caring staff & always available


    None that I can see

  • 11. Good to have close by

    by: JaneHiller

    When the need arises, it's comforting to know that we have a good emergency clinic nearby. I've only had to visit it a couple times, but the staff was attentive and took care of the issue quickly and efficeintly.





  • 12. emergency care

    by: winkman

    Even though the price can be high, they offer a wonderful service when emergency care is needed.


    open all night as well as weekends



  • 13. Life savers

    by: Manja

    This is a good emergency clinic, and they provide a critical service to the community.


    helpful staff, great hours


    can be a long wait

  • 14. Glad they are there.

    by: DeboraFitzgerald

    I hope to never have to use them again, but I am so glad that they were there when I needed them. they have a competent staff and are open all night. They were helpful on the phone. Very expensive, but I was able to have needed meds administered and to take home what I needed for my dog. The place could use new furniture and equipment and money toward a cleaning service.


    Open in the wee hours. Competent staff.


    Could use some more dough to clean the place and update equipment and furniture.

  • 15. What would we do without them?

    by: oxywyrm

    Great service, open late nights when no other vet is. It's great to know they're there when we need them!


    Always there when you need them



  • 16. A Godsend!

    by: mocat4

    Unfortunately we've had to rely on the service of the good folks at the Emergency clinic of Danbury on two occasions. Once with a newly spayed cat who pulled out her stitches and once at 1:00 in the morning when our other cat got underfoot and suffered a leg injury. These folks were very helpful and stabilized both our cats until we could see our regular vet the next day. It gives us such a welcome peace of mind to know that regardless of the late hour we have someone to turn to in an emergency!


    On call all hours of the night, friendly caring staff.


    Service can be expensive.

  • 17. Really helpful

    by: scs061107

    Luckily I've never needed to bring an animal into the clinic for emergency care, but I have had to call them to find out if my pet needed emergency care during non-business hours that my vet was closed. They gave me instructions on what to do for my dog since she didn't need emergency care. It was so nice to know that I could call them back if I had any questions. Very compassionate group.


    There when you need them



  • 18. Thank you, AEC of Danbury!

    by: Vmm86

    I've taken my dog here for emergency care before. The care my dog received was excellent. But what I remember the most is that I couple arrived while I was there with my dog in the middle of the night. The couple brought with them a very old little dog who was oviously in a very serious amount of pain from cancer and needed to be euthanized. It was the saddest thing I had ever seen. The staff at the Animal Emergency Clinic were so sensitive and caring to the devistated couple, and I appreciated that. I'm thankful that if another emergency situation ever arises, my dog will be well cared for.


    Emergency care available


    I don't know of any.

  • 19. Great place when you need them

    by: pamelasb3

    A reliable place to bring your pets for care...they will ensure your pet gets the right care, treatment and they will treat both the owner and the pet with dignity.


    Trustworthy place when you need them!


    Everything worthwhile has it's price!

  • 20. Professional, Compassionate Care

    by: smproia

    I have been here a few times through volunteer work and with my own pets, and I have always found staff to be compassionate and caring to animals and their owners.


    caring, dedicated staff



  • 21. glad to have them near

    by: ketcher

    When my cat need emergency treatment during an asthma attack, these folks stabilized him and treated him overnight. Great to know there's always after-hours care available.


    when you need them, they're there


    early pick-up time!

  • 22. Thank god they are there

    by: barrod221

    I am thrilled that we have an overnight clinic in the area - a short drive away. Almost all my experiences for rescued and owned animals has been positive. However, I have heard that it really depends which vet you get. Not everyone has good bedside manner.


    Happy to have them in the area


    Many different vets - some good ....

  • 23. Kudos fro AEC

    by: Dogrescuer

    The Animal Emergency Clinic has helped me and my animals many times. When I had called to say my dog needed emergent care, they gave me complete medical directions as to what to do until I got the Clinic. They were also there waiting for me when I arrived.\r\n\r\nAll staff was very knowledgeable, caring and informative. When I had to leave my dog, I called several times during the night and they could not have been more helpful and caring.\r\n\r\nDogrescuer\r\nDAWS


    open when other vets are closed, kind staff, knowledgeable vets