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Animal care and control-manhattan

326 e. 110th street
New york , NY 10029

User Reviews (13)



    Ive adopted two bunnys from them and they were really knowledgebale. YOu can tell people really care about the animals there.


    They try to save alot of animals


    High kill

  • 2. provides a much needed service

    by: aurora

    nycacc provides the city with a great service - picking up and caring for the stray animals of the city. luckily the aspca does humane law or they'd be even more overwhelmed. i've always found them to be helpful and responsive.


    every city needs animal control


    overburdened, like everyone else

  • 3. Rough Job

    by: CitySue

    This facility is overwhelmed with pets, not just in Manhattan but in the all of NY. They try hard and utilize rescues to help but it is a daunting task.


    Keep Trying


    Too many animals

  • 4. Best Around

    by: strbright21

    i volunteered at this shelter to walk the dogs, the was so surprised how clean the shelter was and how much the staff REALLY cared about all the animals! It was really inspiring and can't wait to go back!! PLEASE ADOPT A PUPPY!!!


    The staff loves the animals!


    the fact they don't all have homes!

  • 5. I almost cried

    by: sevencats

    I recently brought over bags of litter and cases of food to CACC. It is in such a desolate, forgotten, im poverished neighborhood that these animals have no chance of walk in adoptions. It's the end of the line. Some small private groups pull ceryain breeds and foster them but they need help desperately!


    they do their best


    they have no money or space

  • 6. Staff who cares

    by: dfairbank

    They need help, it is so crowded here. They do the best they can, neighborhood surrender a lot of pitbulls. They take excellent care of their animals.


    People know what they are doing



  • 7. Great people who care

    by: guitargirl

    We went there when we were looking for a dog to adopt and saw a fantastic little pitt bull unfortunately with a cough. She was a real love bug and the volunteer who worked with us was great as well. We eventually adopted from another organization but they are well worth a visit if you are looking for an animal. Well caredfor animals but as usual the facility is underfunded.


    the Staff



  • 8. Great bunny adoption facility

    by: lildebuf

    I adopted my bunny from this center, and thought the staff were excellent. The buns were very well taken care of, given time to exercise outside of their cages regularly, and are in a very clean facility. Adopting my boy changed my life - won't you support this center?


    Friendly staff, clean facility


    Too many pets are dumped here

  • 9. So Sad

    by: leha3215

    They do the best they can with all the animals they receive. It is just too overwhelming.


    help the animals of NYC


    too many animals

  • 10. Sad

    by: aussiejodi

    I went to the Manhattan AC & C for the first time last week to rescue dogs. While the people there are doing what they can to get animals out alive the place is cold and sterile and just plain depressing. The staff that dealt with us didn't seem excited or happy that we were taking dogs from them. In fact one lady insinuated that she wanted us to leave a dog there so she could use it for an senior citizens event. That disturbed me as the place was jammed with dogs and she thought it was ok to keep the dog there taking up a cage space when others are dying and this one was going to rescue. In the short time we were there we also saw several dogs being turned in, which was upsetting.


    Working to get animals into rescue


    Gloomy, depressing, jammed with animals


    by: NYCACC

    This shelter is amazing. With an intake of over 43,000 a year, this shelter needs the most help! Won't you help NYC's Pets?





  • 12. awful but at least they try

    by: erica9207

    even though this is a kill shelter the workers really try their hardest to get the animals adopted and dont get any credit for it =[


    they do try to get the animals homes


    they kill!!

  • 13. Hard working shelter.

    by: MrSoul

    In a city that needs so much help with the unwanted animal and stray population, this shelter works its hardest to serve the animals and the community. Last time I volunteered help wash some dogs there for a big adoption drive drive in Central Park, am escaped cow was brought in to the shelter (imagine that!). This shelter truly works hard to help any kind of animal that is brought to their doorstep. It is an asset to the city, and can use all the help it can get. A truly worthy cause.


    In a city that needs help with an ever-growing unwanted pet/stray population.


    Very busy at times. Not no-kill.