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Animal adoption associates

P.o. box 2104
Chicago, IL 60690
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User Reviews (3)

  • 1. Good experience

    by: jo22471

    After reading the reviews on this agency I was not even going to bother.....I kept looking at that puppy face online and decided to ask a few more questions. I found out that the puppy i was interested in was not being kept at a shelter but being fostered in a volunteer's home. I decided to make an appointment to meet the puppy's and this woman's home was very clean and the puppies were well taken care of. I gave my deposit that day and picked my puppy up a few days later after he was neutered. I can not tell you how glad I am I gave it a chance....Duncan is such sweetheart - we are very happy to have each other!!!


    Good response!



  • 2. Not a nice place

    by: samaLaLa

    My family and I adopted our first dog from this place. We traveled pretty far to come see the dog and when we got there we were almost not let in. It was in this old house with all this clutter on the lawn and porch. We had to wait outside for almost half an hour before being let in. When you go inside the house is pure chaos. There are animals everywhere, which is to be expected, but I literally had a cat jump from some high stand onto my shoulder. It had a very bad smell in there and the place was very dirty. The small dogs and large dogs are forced to eat together so the small dogs end up only getting scraps of food that are left over. We love our dog so much, but going to this place will literally make you want to get all of the animals out of there to a better place. There were 2 elderly ladies running it, and so many animals that there was no way that all of the animals could have gotten the attention they deserved. The lady told weird stories about having the animals in the room when she would bathe and they would eat fruit off the ledge of her tub. This place was not sanitary at all. I would like people to continue to go to this shelter only for the reason that I want those poor animals to get out of that terrible house. I would say that the place should be shut down, but then the animals would probably all go to kill shelters, and I guess this place is better than that. Please adopt animals out of this place and send them to nicer homes!


    No kill shelter


    Terrible service, uncleanly

  • 3. Terrible

    by: nsanch21

    After reading the previous negative reviews I still decided to give this place a shot because I really wanted this dog. We showed up to this old house that had clutter all over the porch. An elderly lady answered the door and stated she was not expecting so many people to show up at 1pm which is when visiting hours start. We asked if she would take our info in the hallway as it was very cold outside. We stepped into a an even more cluttered foyer and living room. The house smelled and the place was dirty. There was a dirty water bowl for the dogs to drink out of. The whole place looked very unsanitary. These are no conditions to live much less house animals. There were 3 other couples there to look at dogs. The lady looked so flustered and was so disorganized she did not what to do. She asked us to come back and scribbled my number and name on notebook. Keep in mind this place has no application process so I don't know how they determine who is a good applicant to adopt. The dog was priced at $400! I thought this was crazy since most shelters have an adoption fee of $150-$300. I am wondering is she just collects dogs to make money or what. If she can't even organize the "shelter", and visiting hrs, how can she make sure the needs of the animals are being met, shots, spaying, etc. I am going to try to find out who to report her to. Maybe her intentions are good but she needs serious help in making this a legit place to adopt. I was very disturbed for all the animals living there!




    Where to begin....