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Angels for animals

4750 state route 165
Canfield, OH 44406

User Reviews (9)

  • 1. Nothing but the best!

    by: hopeanne74

    I have just adopted my SEVENTH animal in 12 years from Angels for Animals. When I was married my husband and I adopted 2 cats and 3 dogs in just 3 years. Only one of them was a gift for someone else. One cat and one dog was older so they passed away after only a couple years but we expected that. The other cat and dog are still going strong! My ex has them and I visit them frequently. Call it joint custody. I now have a new kitty I just adopted and I will only go to Angels to adopt my pets. I have had others but they were already my pets from other people giving them to me for various reasons. I love Angels for Animals so much because no matter where they are located they have never changed their policy or love for animals and owners. I have been with them since they were in a little chicken coop. They give the best knowledge they can about each pet, they give a health exam, vaccines, flea control, ect with each pet. They gave me a 5 lb. bag of food and coupons with my adoption and toys. Their pets are microchipped and you get one yr. free membership. Their facility is clean, neat and full of love for each animal. I know it looks like they make a lot of money but if you think about all they put into each animal that you see just for health care and all they do for the animals we don't see then we would be amazed at how they stay in business. I only returned one animal in all these years, which was within the two week return period they give you if you want a partial refund of your adoption cost. You can return the animal throughout it's lifetime but after two weeks there is no monetary refund. I only returned the dog because I was having problems with my landlord and not because of the dog. They were gracious enough to give me my refund and I still adopted another pet later down the road. I could go on but there's not enough room. This is the best shelter in my area.


    Good selection of animals and clean


    Not easy to get in contact with someone

  • 2. Angels Have Angels

    by: bpearce

    I was number ten on the waiting list for my choice of a prison dog from Angels and thought I did not have a chance. So I chose a prison dog from our local shelter and was further up on the waiting list. The call for both dogs came the same day, but the call from our local shelter came first. Angels was very happy that I had taken one of these difficult adoptions, no matter what shelter was involved. I wish our local shelter had a wonderful facility too.


    Beautiful, clean building with large kennels


    Not enough kennels

  • 3. Two Friends Furever and Alotta Satisfaction

    by: SnoogNMonster

    My husband and I found both of our dogs at Angels, at different times, and we're completely infatuated with both of them. Snoog and Monster (nicknames to protect their privacy!) were, at the time of adoption, Socrates and Brooks. We've renamed them and they have become like children to us. I can't imagine our lives without them, and Angels made it possible.


    Everything but the distance!


    it's over a hour drive from where we live

  • 4. Fantastic place - Tree of Marie

    by: EugeniaCatsNRaz

    On my first trip to Angels for Animals I was speechless. I went for my first visit shortly after the dedication for the Tree of Marie. I cried when I saw how beautiful it is and how much love went in to the shelter.\r\n\r\nFor those who have never visited, go to the web site to get a small idea. The Tree of Marie was made possible by a caring persons donation. it is a giant, supersized over 2 story cat tree made to look like a living tree.\r\n\r\nThis is a no kill facility for cats and dogs. I am proud to say I am a sponsor. Although it takes me over an hour to drive to Canfield, I try to visit at least 4 times a year. \r\n\r\nThis shelter could stand as a model for every shelter in the country.


    amazing work



  • 5. On the newsletter list

    by: 2LabsSue

    I'm basing my review on the newsletter I receive from them. I donated to them at a benefit walk in Newcastle once and got on the mailing list. They have a beautiful newsletter with great articles about pet safety and health. They are affiliated with other shelters that they have mentored as they were starting out. Way to go!


    great newsletter



  • 6. Great place!!!!!

    by: mary8949

    I know that Angels is a great place. It's too far away for me to volunteer. My aunt adopted a maine coon from Angels and he is so precious. I highly recommend Angels.


    Very safe, healthy place



  • 7. From A Foster Mom

    by: emtphto

    I have been fostering cats from Angels for nearly two years now. Its a great concept that lets both cats and dogs go home with families to save their lives, as opposed to being euthanized when there is simply too many bodies and not enough room. It's a sad concept, but reality. As a foster home, it's almost a trial run if the animal is going to work out -- you can always adopt the animal you foster. If not, the cat or dog simply goes back to the shelter when there is room or if, for whatever reason, you can no longer foster the animal(s).\r\nNot a single animal leaves their facility without being first either spayed or neutered. Props on that! And they also have you come back for a follow-up appointment.\r\nIt can be a bit frustrating for some that Angels' policy on adopting is so strict ... but in the long run, it really is for the animals' safety and well-being. Once a cat or dog is saved, they want to keep the animal safe. I've gotten 2 of my 4 cats from Angels ... and all 4 were strays at one time or another.


    Lots of helpful staff, very clean facility


    Too many animals to choose from

  • 8. My heart will always be at AFA

    by: PennyOnTheFloor

    I volunteered here during my high school years and got to see first-hand the adoption process at Angels and their care for animals. They do an excellent job as a shelter in providing homes for homeless animals.


    lots of space for animals, excellent care


    there are still too many homeless animals :-(

  • 9. CUDo's to angel for animals and my new best friend Cujo

    by: debby48

    It started my me going to their site online, and I saw this dog who was named jess .Well i filled out my application and faxed it wow the next day I got a phone call saying to come see the dog. Well i went to look at jess but another couple was taking her so I saw the dog in the cage with her (that angels for animals personel wanted me to see), she matched this dog named chris up with me, which i didnt know that I was going to adopt jess coz she was so cute in her picture. Well the lady whos name is Debbie she asked me if id look at chris and i went into the room and she brought this dog to me, wow the dog was scared and when it was in the cage with jess it was shaking and whinning and jess took the bed and wouldnt let him on it, so he was scared to death. In the room chris would sit on my lap then i put him on my beaus and he didnt like that until my beau got down on the floor and called him .He seemed scared of men, the people there said he was taken out of a abusive home and it showed. He came to my beau on the floor and my beau said this is the one I want, come on honey look at him, and well yeah i did and i kept thinking but but jess is so cute and fluffy and already being taken. So i said ok chris your coming home with us, On the way home chris just shook and was so so scared and wouldnt bark or anything, i thought it was weird a dog that dont bark but the next day someone knocked on our door and boom chris ran to the door barking that was a great sound to hear coz i was worried. But he didnt come to the name of Chris so i changed it to Cujo which he really knows his name now, its been 8 months and they have been the best 8 months ever, Cujo is a very very awesome loyal dog, I wouldnt trade him for any other dog ever.I am so thankful to the lady Debbie that handpicked my application to this dog. If she hadnt done that I probally wouldnt be sitting her today with the love of my life dog. Im telling you the truth angels for animals really do care about the dogs and who they go home with. I paid something like $125.00 but it was well spent. I have a new best friend and as i said I wouldnt sell him for any amount of money ever... The people there that i met were very pleasant and answered all our questions. One word for all of them was Polite, they were all polite which is rare today. The place was clean it did not reek of animal smells, i was impressed with the whole thing and so so happy as you can tell by my writting. OKay im rambling but I just want to say adopting cujo from angels for animals was one of the best things i ever done in my life, i have a great companion and new best buddy thanks to Debbie hand picking me to Cujo she was very caring enough to pick me to be with cujo when she could of gave me any dog but cujo and I belong together and it shows in my life.. blessings....


    A great place to find a pet


    bad thing is I cant take all the animals home with me.