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Almost home adoptions

7713 w. 92nd avenue
Westminster, CO 80021
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User Reviews (6)

  • 1. Very nice shelter

    by: Calerina

    I got my kitten carlisle from here. All the kittens they had were healthy, no upper respiratory infections to be found, which is AMAZING. The place was clean, there was plenty of food for everybody, and all the cats and kittens seemed very well cared for. Carlisle is a great cat and I am so glad I went here from Denver to look for a kitten!!


    Healthy cats


    you want them all

  • 2. Great shelter run by truly caring people

    by: mchaskins

    I love this shelter. Last year, when I found a pregnant stray cat, they took care of the birth of her kittens, found a foster home for her while the kittens were babies, found homes for the kittens once they were weaned, and made sure she was spayed so she wouldn't get preggers again. Once her kittens were all in good homes, I adopted her myself. Almost Home helped us save her and her kittens. They are a real blessing and I am grateful to have met them. Addy (short for Aditi) and my other kitty Danu get along great. Addy doesn't have to be cold or alone anymore. Thank you Almost Home for the work you do!!


    no-kill shelter, animals roam around



  • 3. A great place

    by: chaconwife

    Almost Home Adoptions is a small but beautiful place. I adopted my kitty Baby from them about 2 yrs ago. It was more like a home than a shelter. The cats roam free. You could tell that they were all loved and well taken care of. It was also very clean and the staff were wonderful.


    They perform a community service by rescuing cats and help them find loving homes



  • 4. Wonderful People

    by: marmotsgrl

    This is where we adopted our sweet little Missy. She has developed such a wonderful personality. We love her so much!\r\nThis is a great place to get a cat. They are really trying to do what they can for stray cats. I would go there again and I will if I can talk my husband into a kitten.


    They have KITTIES!!


    Needs a little more air flow.

  • 5. This Shelter Really Loves Kitties

    by: kitdance

    I volunteer for this shelter, and I'm very impressed with how much they do to help these kitties. The staff is very knowledgeable about the needs of cats (feeding, kitten care, vet needs, socialization, community resources, etc.) and educates everybody who comes in with questions or wants to adopt. They are careful to screen potential adopters to ensure that the kitties go to good homes, and with a volunteer-only staff, they keep the place very clean and still rescue and adopt out many cats. It's also a cage-free environment, so the kitties are in open rooms where they can play, feel comfortable, and interact with people and other cats. It's nice to see a shelter that keeps kitties alive, healthy, and happy.


    No-kill, cage-free, loves the kitties and takes great care of them


    Need more staff to help out (volunteers, anyone?)

  • 6. I will adopt from them again and again

    by: DrBJ

    This is a non-profit shelter that first fosters the cats/kittens and then brings them to the store-front shelter. The cats are in rooms by age and not caged. Allowing the cats to run free means the right one will find its human, is not scared when visitors are around, and can intergrate into multi-cat homes with ease. My little one had no problems integrating into our multi-cat home and continues to be calm and loving. I will adopt another from Almost Home without hesitation.


    Cats have been fostered and are not caged