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All dogs n cats

805 nifong blvd e
Columbia, MO
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User Reviews (14)

  • 1. Great Place

    by: Alexandria526

    I love this place! The employees work well with my small dog who gets really fidgety when she is getting her nails trimmed or bathed. The services are really affordable as well. I would definitely recommend this place to everyone!


    Friendly service, walk-ins welcome



  • 2. It's great... sometimes

    by: momofjake

    They always do a fine job, but some of them do a great job! My dog hates people touching his feet, but they have gotten him used to having his nails trimmed there and he is much better! Some of their groomers don't trim his nails very close, though, and that requires more frequent visits. Some use some yummy smelling body sprays on him at no charge! Even though their hours say they are open until 6, you won't be greeted with a smile if you come in at 5:30, even for a 10 minute service.


    good with the pets


    service varies depending on who is working

  • 3. too bad my dog isn't a "show dog"

    by: msjasmine138

    I have taken my dog here a couple of times. I think that they are pretty snotty. The first time I took Harper (a bichon) there, the guy at the desk said "He doesn't really look quite like a bichon should look. His nose is too long, and his hair isn't as curly as it should be, and have you noticed that his tail doesn't curl back much?" Now, I do know the AKC descriptions for this breed and am very well aware that Harper wouldn't win any dog shows, but I didn't want a show dog, I wanted a lovable pet. Harper is very much a lovable pet. They didn't seem too interested in my personal opinion of how I wanted him to be groomed and they weren't consistent. He looked good the first time so I ignored the rude comments and took him back a couple more times, but the grooming was not done as well. The cut was very uneven. I also took my mom's dog there on the last time. Her dog is intact, and they suggested that he would be easier to groom if he had been neutered. I very much didn't appreciate their unsolicited "advice." And to make things worse, they have a tip line on the receipt and make you pay before they bring your dog out to you.


    I guess they know how to groom for "show dogs"


    very rude, judging staff

  • 4. I LOVE this place!

    by: TristaHeller

    I love All Dogs N Cats. They are kind and compassionate, and you can tell they geninuely like the animals they take care of. They are also reasonably priced.


    Convenient, much easier than doing it yourself.


    My dog doesn't always enjoy it.

  • 5. And, they have a mobile service, too!

    by: JillMcR

    My neighbor has "Aunt" Mary come to her house the third Wednesday of each month to groom her three dogs. They all look awesome & smell great, too!


    They come to your house



  • 6. Skip it

    by: PuppyFashionista

    I took Esme there one time to get her nails trimmed, and won't go back. When she came out, her nails were SHARP and a couple of them had been left uncut. I even said something to the person up front, and they did not remedy it. I ended up having to redo several of them at home and round off the edges on all of them.


    convenient location


    leaves nails too sharp and unconvenient drop off times

  • 7. My dog grooming place

    by: ashleynichols

    They took such a great job on the shedless treatment for my dog


    Staff very nice and helpful, Love the bright colors and retail items,


    Need sizes for bigger dogs

  • 8. Haven't been in a while

    by: dogsrsuper

    I haven't been here years. I only went a couple times when you could still do the self-serve dog wash. I think they stopped doing that a couple years ago. I have heard good things from other people that have their dogs groomed here though.


    used to be a good place for self-serve dog washes


    no more self-serve washes

  • 9. We love them!

    by: Yodaboo

    Bailey is like a bull in a china shop, but they never complain and make her beautiful. She has to go every eight weeks because her hair grows so fast. We love Rose. Bailey seems to love it there. I drop her off by 7:45 and pick her up after work. Always very clean, staff very pleasant.




    I have to pay...oh well...it is well worth it!

  • 10. Nice staff, quality service

    by: Christopher1

    All Dogs N Cats is a great. They have a clean, attractive reception area. The staff is polite and helpful. The groomers are experienced and capable. I would recommend their services to anyone.


    Experienced friendly staff


    Can't think of any!

  • 11. Awesome

    by: jaydeluver2

    My dog went their today and she looks awesome. They are great cutters and always make her smell better. They dont always cvut her nails back the way we want her to. They always give her a themed hankerchif.


    They always give the dogs a little hancerchif



  • 12. CUTE BOY!

    by: AmandaCMHS

    I absolutley LOVE going in! They are a great polite staff! They have the cutest pet shop up front and I always end up walking out with a new toy or outfit! Can't say enough great things about it!


    They all do a great job and have the cutest products!



  • 13. Nice job

    by: csullivan

    They are friendly to my dog and me. They do a nice job for a reasonable price.


    Even do drop ins



  • 14. Usually a good job for a good price

    by: jeanerz13

    I take Jasmine to get a bath and have her nails trimmed about once every three months. They usually do a pretty good job. The last time I went, I picked Jasmine up afterwards and as I was leaving I noticed her nails didn't look trimmed at all. I went back and asked about it (expecting to hear they couldn't trim them any shorter or something). However, the guy who actually worked on her said "yeah they do look kind of long" and took her to the back to shorten them up a little. No extra charge; didn't keep me waiting around forever to fix it. If you want to get your dog's nails trimmed, you might as well have him/her bathed as well. I think it is like $15 just to get the nails trimmed, but if you get the whole bath/grooming package, it's about $30 (for my dog, larger dogs may cost more). Unfortunately, you have to drop the animal off between 7 and 9 am for grooming. I would prefer to be able to drop her off later in the day on a weekend, but at least it works well for taking Jasmine to the groomer before work and picking her up during lunch. When I get home from picking Jasmine up from the groomer, she always drinks A LOT of water. I assume this is because she gets nervous. I have never actually gone back to watch them work (I don't know if that would even be allowed), but I expect it is just the way Jasmine is, and nothing that the groomer does to her. Also, every time I pick Jasmine up from the groomer, they have put a bandanna around her neck, so if you like dressing up your dog (I don't), this is a good way to collect bandannas!


    good customer service, reasonable prices for overall grooming


    small drop off window